New, easy, quick! Extend your life by 7 years!

The average person watches about 3 hours a day. Some statistics say as much as 5! (

But for the sake of the median, as most of us don't watch every day, lets say simply 2 hours of television a day.

2 hours X 7 days= 14 hours a week

14 X 4 weeks in a month= 56 hours a month

56 X 12 months = 672 hours a year (6,720 hours every decade)

672 hours a year divided by 24 hours a day = 26.8 continuous days a year we spend in front of the television!

That is almost one entire month of every year, 24 hours a day, of TV watching every year!

Think of what trade or craft you could master if you spent learning, lets say cooking or auto mechanics, if we studied it 24 hours a day for a whole month!

1 month X 85 years old (modern medicine is allowing our current generations to live longer on average) = 85 months

85 divided by 12 months = I will spend 7.1 continuous years of my life watching TV.

7.1 = Don't we have anything better to do with our lives than this?

'cellf' absorbed

don’t look unless you want to be taken back a little. the crazy thing is your probably within one foot of it and it is absorbing you. slowly.

so many things in life that i want to learn. if i could implant some microchip in my brain and instantly learn kung fu, spanish, how to cook breakfast, and a full knowledge of architecture i would. but learning takes time, and anyone will tell you that to really master something you must practice for 10,000 hours. i don’t have that much time, i just need more time. we can find time, perhaps its that we don't really want to look in depth where our time is actually going.

curiosity is the beginning of learning, you have to be somewhat interested in a topic for you to fully explore it. sir issac newton holed up on in his room on a summer break from college in his early twenties with a prism and changed our entire thinking on light and color. imagine if he had access to internet radio and the app store, would we even know his name?


“All of man’s (or woman's) misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room”- Blaise Pascal

all alike

i daydream of planting people on an island with like-minded souls, it sounds odd but randomly enough i think about it a lot especially when i am watching the news. you know those people, their extremists in their belief to where whatever it is they are ‘standing up for’ has become more of a lifestyle for them rather than a simple opinion or a complex philosophy. and it is not one thing in particular, its republicans and democrats, its pro mother nature and anti establishment, it’s the super religious and the acute atheist’s. just out there. just so obsessed that no one else is allowed an opinion or another view opposing his or hers.
so my daydream consists of putting all people of one particular extremist view on an island together for just a year or so and let them see what happens. think about it, what if you put all the anarchists together, no social rules, no laws, no religion, and just let them live. they would instantaneously believe that they had found true freedom and libera…

Rob Sato


king... of an island of one.

its amazing how easy that we as humans can justify whatever we want to revolve around this ever changing universe called ‘us’. i have watched over the years as men and woman of all ages have tunneled their way so deep into the caverns of their own selfishness that they end up lost and suddenly have the need to blame God or others, without taking a step back to see what got them there.

the breathtaking irony is that we as people know when we are wrong, we know when they have reached a place where we have isolated themselves from humanity , right, and wrong, and yet feel comfortably numb to remain there. the course in correcting this colossal mistake is not easily corrected because selfishness and pride are can be easily chalked up to individuality and ambition.

have you ever lied to others so much that you actually started to believe it? have you ever repeated a story so many times that it became a true mythological tale in your own life? i have. because for whatever innate reason we…