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the search for self will never be satisfied. but keep looking.

so much of the first half of our lives are spent exhaustively in search of self. the problem of self is that even though it can hypothetically be completely searched it can never be truly found. but the task throughout the journey is not what you discover but the journey itself.
i read recently that "You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You find yourself by coming into the present."
but i disagree. i think that self is located not in the present alone but the conglomeration of the experiences we encounter through in the past.
throughout my high school career i was told that i was not going to make it to college. i admit my grades were something to be desired, and my guidance counselors encouraged me to go to a vocational school, if i go on to a school at all. at first i resented them but then i started to believe what they were saying. i began to believe that i couldn't make it in college, and that i should accept the fact that intellectual…


ANCHOR&BRAILLE is the name i am going to put my acoustic stuff out under. since the new anberlin record is coming out early '07 i am going to put out the first record (self titled) out on toothandnail in late spring '07.
i am going to finish up the last 4 songs this december with producer aaron marsh (copeland). i put up a couple songs on and . please let me know what you guys think, as i could not be happier with how these demo's turned out.

imagine, encourage, inspire...

so i have been doing modesty for three years. in all this time i have told you to keep a journal, keep reading, inspire others, etc. but not once have i asked you to start a blog of your own.
so this is your project this week. start an online journal.
one of the the greatest teachers is failure, and to spread knowledge of shortcomings could help encourage others to not fall in the same trap, or stay away from whatever it was insnarred you. and its not just failure. you have the power to inspire. it doesnt matter who you are, what you did or have not done, or how many friends you think you might have, or not have. you touch someones life, whether you see it or not.

its very easy to start a blog. first go to or or im sure there are seveal thousand by now.

on its quite self explanitory, and in three steps you can be sharing your thoughts with the world.
once you post your first blog post, please comment on this entry because i want to read whatever it is th…

if pictures said but a few words...