Saturday, December 20, 2003

You wont believe me. I spent almost an hour on my dads computer on the piece "heaven is...", and then all of a sudden with no warning my dell computer went into "hibernation", knocked me offline and ruined my journalistic brilliance and is damned forever in the hell (where all lost college term papers rest) known as shutdown-abyss.

I want to be more of a man of my word. im so tired of people saying one thing and doing another. The peak came within this last week. One of my friends 3 times told me one thing and then didn't inform me he was doing the opposite. Because of those faulty words I lost 200$, a Christmas present, and made me look like a fool because I in turn told others my plans... and failed. Let your YES be YES and your NO mean NO.

then last night I told Dorian I would meet him at old exit 23, and he calls me from the exit. I had made other plans and could not meet him. Then it hit me I had said one thing and did another, I realized then I am a hypocrite and should listen to my own advice. Let your YES be YES and NO be NO.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i understand it is taking me some time to write the next piece, but i want this to be good; i am writing the correlation between socialism and Christianity entitled "heaven is the only communist society." please be patient, i have not forgotten about you dear friends.

Friday, December 05, 2003


"ours- here is the light
doves- man who told everything
duncan sheik- she walks away
radiohead- true love waits (among many other)
jimmy eat world- no sensitivity
coldplay- sparks
u2- sunday bloody sunday
pete yorn- strange condition
sparta- collapse
238- modern day prayer
travis- writing to reach you
get up kids- anne arbour
jimmy eat world- ten"

thanks freshness, and people wonder why we get along so well, just look at that tape. ladies and gentlemen one of my few close friends dorian.

Monday, December 01, 2003

its 'make this mixed tape' time.

if you want to submit your own mixed tape just write me. it has to be good though, no twisted sister or james taylor. write me at
if you want to make this mixed tape for me i wont mind, i don't have a good computer or I would compile them myself.

name of group/album/song
1. The verve/urban hymns/bitter sweet symphony/1
2. The strokes/is this it/last night/7
3. depeche mode/violator/personal Jesus/3
4.flaming lips/the soft bulletin/race for the prize/13
5.morrisey/maladjusted/alma matters/2
6.cursive/ugly organ/driftwood/7
7.ours/distorted lullibies/sometimes/4
8.marrs volta-deloused I the coratorium/?/3
9.belle & sebastion/tigermilk/?/5
10. bob dylan/highway 61 revisited/like a rolling stone
11.johnny cash/ring of fire/ring of fire/1
12.elvis costello/best of/allison/1
13. outcast/the love below/prototype/7
A series of painful events happened to my good friend Anne Marie tucker and here is what she wrote...

"....This random insurance lady when I was on the phone with her said, mother Teresa once said, 'God said he doesn't give us anything we cant handle but why does he have so much trust in me?'"

how amazing is that? So simple yet so true. Thanks Anne Marie.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Blithedale Romance", -the wood-path chpt. XI

"Not long after the preceding incident, in order to get the ache of too constant labor out of my bones, and to relieve my spirit of the irksomeness of a settled routine, I took a holiday. It was my purpose to spend it, all alone, from breakfast time till twilight, in the deepest wood seclusion that lay anywhere around us. Though fond of society, I was so constituted as to need these occasional retirements, even in a life like that of Blithedale, which was itself characterized by a remoteness from the world. Unless renewed by a yet farther withdrawal towards the inner circle of self-communion, I lost the better part of my individuality. My thoughts became of little worth, and my sensibilities grew as arid as a tuft of moss (a thing whose life is in the shade, the rain, or the noontide dew) crumbling in the sunshine, after long expectance of a shower. So, with my heart full of drowsy pleasure, and cautious not to dissipate my mood by previous intercourse with any one, I hurried away, and was soon pacing a wood-path, arched overhead with boughs, and dusky brown beneath my feet."

Solitude, i am not sure why i adore it so. the feeling of being by myself, able to think through situations or imagine new possibilites for my life. i think people like the TV/Fastfood lifestyle, where everything happens so fast, they have no time to think, dream, or know themselves.
Aristotle said "The unexamined life is not worth living,"now im not saying sucide is an option if you dont spend an hour a week by yourself, but i am saying take some time. If any of you dont have a journal i really encourage you to write in one. your kids can learn from it, you can learn from your acomplishments, and make sure you dont make the same mistakes. so go to barnes and nobel and buy a 4$ blank book and start. Di Vinci, Van Gogh, Joan of Arc, etc. all kept journals, now its your turn.
-stephen christian

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

"the status quo is not an option"
-professor ucf
"i like the idea behind the writers guild a LOT -- perhaps i'll contribute
something dazzlingly intelligent someday. meanwhile, october 27th's post
brought a smile. i, too, once played and lived and dreamed in cardboard
boxes. i was just thinking of it, actually -- thinking of how much i miss
it, and that even though i might still be able to squeeze into a
refrigerator box, it wouldn't be the same...all of the preconceived notions
i once had of life would come flooding back, and it would be too painful to
face how greatly the real Me differs from the Me that i imagined i would be.

thanks emily for your contribution, it was dazzlingly intelligent.

in reply to sasha

you're very right to reach the conclusion of not judging a religion by its
followers. there are plenty of things in my life that contradict what i believe. i
doubt you've read any existentialist philosophy at 16 (most people don't seem to get
into it till their college years), but you really might enjoy kierkegaard. he
delves into Christianity specifically, but he explores the seeming problems of what
he knows and what he believes. he torments himself with knowing about life and how
he can't use reason to establish what Christianity says is truth. he talks heavily
about taking a leap of faith to believe what he can't prove. as a Christian, and as
someone who likes to question what i believe, i identify with this a lot.

anyways, back to what you wrote...
you are very mature to not believe what someone tells you to believe. i think
that's a dangerous thing, and leads to what you said in the line "person who doesn't
understand what its really about and completely changes the religions values and
beliefs." but i do encourage you to figure out what you do believe. if you don't
have a reason to figure out what you do believe, you have no real way to know what
you don't believe. i heard a great line from one of our country's early presidents:
"if you don't stand for something, then you will fall for anything." it's kind of
a scary thing to do this step of life because you will find parts of your life that
don't line up with what you believe. that is really something that is hard to deal
with. how do you deal with that? i'm still working on that myself.

I am a human and I fail. this is a statement to say that I, stephen christian, am not perfect. I am no super hero or saint. instead I am here to acknowledge that I am a failure, like every other human being. I am the least of these, and have made more than my share of idiotic choices in my lifetime. I try to be a man of character but alas, can not say that with any sincerity. but I refuse to quit trying. I now know what it feels like to need Gods grace and mercy, and I would hope that each reader would not think themselves better than to need Gods grace, or think that they are better than anyone else. some have said that I have acted "holier than though", and if I have in the past than I am sorry, for I know that I am no better than anyone else in this world, and am not worthy to wash the lowest of the lows feet. the difference between me and others is though I feel as though my back is scar'ed by others slander, and my face covered in the dirt in which I have made my bed, I will stand and fight another day. and if through my failures I can teach others to avoid the snares I have so eloquently stepped in then my broken ankles are not in vain. each of us will fall one day or another ("for all have sinned and fallen short...") but that is the beauty of mercy, it is new every morning. and though tonight I feel like casting my life to the cruelty of mans words, tomorrow I will take up my weapons and fight another day. carry on dear friends, when life throws arrows, when days seem long and discouraging, carry on. dont be among those cold and timid souls who know no failure because they never tried. if everyone who ever failed simply gave up we would have no pastors, no priests, no clerics, no monks, no nuns, no saints, no temples, no mosque, no holy men, no teachers, no guides, and no need for the understanding of grace. you are not alone in failure, we have all tasted its bitter bread, but know this; you are also not alone in trying to regain your step, and placing your feet on solid ground once again.
"I still play with cardboard boxes."
"...I don't think that I can rightfully call myself any religion. I
don't know enough about any religion to say that I belong to it, or agree
with it. I am not going to simply belief in a pantheon of gods because my
parents do. Nor am I going to belief in a single Christian God because a
guy at school handed me a pamphlet telling me I'm going to hell if I don't.

I like the idea of a God, in a way. I think Jesus was a great leader and a
truly supernatural person. I don't agree with the vast majority of the
churches here though. I've been to most of them. One preached hate against
gay people... I don't understand how they can justify that when they're
supposed to "love thy neighbor." One of our Catholic priests got taken out
of the church for misconduct. It goes on and on.

I imagine I can't judge a religion by its followers though. If I did that,
every religion on the face of the planet would be out. Every religion has
its person who doesn't understand what its really about and completely
changes the religions values and beliefs.

Sometimes I wonder what good it will do me if I figure out what I belief.
Will it get me somewhere in life? The afterlife? Is there an afterlife? I
tell myself, "Yes. I think there is. There has to be." But why does there
have to be? This is where every religion requires a leap of faith, and I'm
afraid to take that leap. But I will.

I was going somewhere with all that. I think I was going to say, "I admire
people who have made that leap of faith." Something like that. Even if I
don't agree with the faith they leaped to, I admire them. That's more than
I have been able to do. Religions are beautiful things. All of them have
their own ceremonies(A word I've never been able to spell), their writings,
leaders... And all of them have done great things. Like Buddhism, its so
well thought out. Yet contradictory. They say its to make people think,
which I really like. People need to think more. Not be sheep, not follow
everyone, just because they won't be alone."

- I cant believe your 16 sasha. These are the most mature thoughts on religion I have seen for a girl your age. I have a grandiose pseudo-intellectual theological reply but im sure there are others who read this board who wish to reply to you before I do. thank you for your honesty, and open mind.
"I was going looking at your information on and came across your Modesty
Writer's Guild and decided to read it. One entry put slight pings in my heart
because I know how terrible the feeling can be of just feeling useless and that
you're not putting anything worthwhile out to the world. I've come to find out
though that even the world may not see the impact of your being, the many people
around you do. Many people that I haven't talked to in several years can still
string tales about me and things I have done that have escaped my memory long ago.
Some of their memories are so detailed that they probably could have told you what
color my socks were that day (probably white but that really has nothing to do with
anything). I just thought it was somewhat amusing that they are there telling these
detailed stories about me, the quiet kid in the back of class who the kids all loved
to turn their backs to. The kid who never thought he would ever be remember in any
sorta way and just drift away from everyone's subconscious. Then there is his
bringing a bigger impact on them than any of the "popular" kids who was so well
loved. Life can have a twisted sense of humor sometimes (mostly horrible puns and
dead baby jokes). I just learned that I really don't care if the universe doesn't
know my name as long as it crosses the lips of a few of the several people I really
care about. That maybe one day when they are busy in their important lives they stop
to think about me for just a sec and smile because it was such an enjoyable memory.
I found this quote one day that said something along the lines of -- what is our
purpose in life but to help and make others' easier. I believe that so whole
heartedly. It's not so much about my impact on others but the fact that I just made
things easier for them, that I helped them and made their life just that much
better. Even if they never realize how much you did, you know you did and you can be
content with yourself knowing that you did play Superman on a smaller scale. All you
can really do is just enjoy what you have at the moment and help make others just
enjoyable, there's really not too much to it than that. I get mocked because I'm all
about the little things in life. I'm happier bout getting a bracelet made by a
friend then a new Jetta in my drive way. With this you just seem to see things so
much more closely, you see those moments around you and they don't go whurring by in
a blur like they do if your too busy trying to figure out the big picture. But there is no such thing as not leaving a mark, you always are, everytime your eyes open and you come in contact with another human being, you
are marking them. I always thought the phrase action speaks louder than words kind
of amusing. I mean what are words but just products of the action of writing or
speaking. Sorry, wondering thoughts. But please just keep writing and doing whatever
you do, because, well, you're really good at it. Thank you for marking me.

Just another name,

Few of us write great novels; all of us live them.
~Mignon McLaughlin

(thanks michael for everything i didnt post also)

Monday, November 24, 2003

"Hey Stephen,

I've found that G.K. Chesterton quote that I couldn't think of while we were doing
the interview in Cincinnati. I had to dig through some old Ravi tapes and found it
in his message on New Age mysticism.

" The problem with Christianity is not that is has been tried and found wanting, but
that it has been found difficult and left untried." -G.K. Chesterton

Thanks again for the interview, hope all is well. (feel free to add me to your email
list on philosophy, etc. I eat it up.)


thanks chris that is so powerful, i want everyone to see it

"I was already in bed, but it didn’t take much convincing for me to leave its warmth
and to join yours. The temperature outside screamed single digits while our hearts
longed for double. That’s why you called. And that’s why I got out of bed. I
waited for your knock to confirm the reservation. But you had none and neither did
I. The snow wasn’t planned; it simply happened and so did we. Your gentle knock on
the door beat through my entire being. A deep breath and a turn of the handle, my
heart was awakened.

I stepped outside, but it no longer felt cold for your smile had removed the chill
from the air. Instead only laughter and snowflakes remained. Together we made
fresh footprints in the snow as we walked to the park. While the world around us
slept, our hearts were alive. We sled down the hills, threw balls of snow, and made
angels underneath the night’s sky. That’s when I offered you to taste the falling winter.
You were skeptical, but I assured you that it would be fine. So your city lips touched snow
for the first time. And then they touched mine. "

my favorite part is when you said "your city lips", very descriptive. much like hawthorne in 'a blithdale romance'. try clarifying the timeline, also think of other activities because not many people sled at night. i like it though!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

"She walked in with a well thought out scarf and a hat to cover the war torn mascara running down her cheek. I knew she was there but was not about to let the silence of the past few weeks dictate my feelings now. It was an error of communication, a battle scar stapled to the side of time, it was coming to ahead, tonight. Her angle was simple, unlike mine, one of ruined expectations, of tired phone calls at the egoist hour of 3 am. She put her head on my shoulder, just like the time at the airport, where she felt helpless in my arms and I felt that finally I had the chance to make someone feel secure. "are you to stay the night?," she asked so nonchalantly, " the city is full of life and these streets of _______ are full of life at this hour. The next thing I remember was the moment I woke up wondering if it had happened at all. The sun hit my face like an unwelcomed strike from a nemesis. was this a dream, or the beginning of a recurring nightmare. So many times I pray "God why isn't my bride here with me now." and then chances like these escape me like an autumn leaf in winters wind. She then drove off with her thrown together cotton outfit, and cheap sunglasses. What am I doing? But it was so easy to let her drive off. With all the prayers thrown to the sky I now see why God must think my words are more like helpless banter. Wishing moments like these never happened because then I could look God in the face and face the facts the The only character I have left is that of selfishness, egoism, and a strong addiction to caffeine."

- taylor reise powell

james i like this piece because everyone can formulate their own story of what happend...
so what really happened?

Thursday, October 30, 2003

What is society that I must follow its “imaginary hand” rules?

I am presently reading a book that my younger sister and brother asked me to read called “The Giver,” written by Lois Lowry. It reminds of a young Huxley before “A Brave New World.” The story is fundamentally the same. A utopian society, bothered by a riff of mis-intelligence, someone catches on, must suffer through pain due to truth. The whole story is told in order that one might question themselves as to why they follow rules established by the civil “norm”.
Don’t think this applies to you? Well it does. Have you ever wanted to follow the career choice that you think would fit you best and then looked at how much they make and decided against it? Ever known that you didn’t want to go to college but to please your parents or those around you, you went? Do you feel pressure to graduate high school by at least 18, college by no later than 23, married by 25, kids by 28, etc. etc. That my friend is the invisible hand of society pressuring you to keep up with those around you, and I must tell you in advance it is futile.
I say screw the system, do what you think is best. Ever heard the saying “keeping up with the Jones’s”? Well the Jones’s are over their head in debt, their marriage is disintegrating, and the kids are being taught that material possessions supersede happiness in inter-personal relationships (and they will soon become apart of this cycle when they grow up!)
One of the biggest accomplishments of my life is helping my friend Amanda realize that the only reason she was in dentistry is because of the paycheck, she wasn’t happy about what she was doing for the rest of her life but she thought she could sacrifice that for a Luxury Sports 4x4 car and a white picket fence. After our multiple discussions she dropped out of dentistry school and is now going to the University of Florida and majoring in stain glass art, something she has loved to do her entire life.
Realize that it is not the size of your bank account that will hold you close on your death bed, it is those you love, the friends you have made, and the memories of a fulfilled and happy life that will make these days complete.

Need more to read on this topic? Read “Veronica decides to die,” by Paulo Coelho.
Please feel to write me with your philosophy, musical tastes, psychological analysis, or other areas of expertise. i will post anything if its worth relaying.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

"dear stephen
in reply to your last entry, I think everybody at some point in their brief speck of time on earth wishes they can go
back to when the only problem they had was eating all their peas so they could have
dessert. Unfortunately, in our ever-changing world things come and go, everybody
knows it hurts to grow up. Reading your posts have made me think about some of the
actions and experiences I have encounterd in my life in a new light. I miss
childhood, but I always remind myself what I have lost in innocence Ive gained in
Freedom to try something different, Freedom to achieve something, Freedom to fail,
Freedom to lose it all, Freedom to rise from the ashes of failure, and freedom to
think about what is real and forever rather than some passing fad.

good point * but the problem philosophically here is that we as children never knew of such freedom, therefore never missed it. its like asking a person in tribe in africa if they ever crave mcdonalds or wish they could wear prada. well they have probably never been exposed to mcdonalds or prada and don't even know what it is, therefore they probably don't crave it or miss it. but your right if God placed me back in my body with the mental capacity and knowledge i have right this second i would be a miserable 12 year old knowing i am soon to face high school, the most unstimulating (which is actually not a word) time of my entire life. im rushed for time but you get the point of what im trying to say...

Monday, October 27, 2003

I feel lost sometimes, as if the world is going on around me and im watching it from afar. I want to go back and push pause on the videotape of my life at age 12. when the most we had to worry about was what time mom would call us in, and NOT money, fame, power, greed, sex, politics, or religion. life was carefree. a cardboard box could be a plane, boat, or spaceship. now a cardboard box is used as something to pack past memories in or just another convenient trash receptacle. my brother was my best friend ever, and now we struggle to speak once every other week. he has a child, who will one day love cardboard boxes im sure.

someone asked me today my thoughts of what heaven is going to be like, and I went into some pseudo-religious, quasi-intelligent, brilliantly-shallow, explanation on the going-ons of the life after.... but in retrospect I wish I would have said I want heaven to be nothing more than life as an eternal 12 year old, with a never ending supply of refrigerator boxes, and my brother paul.

Friday, October 24, 2003

well let me start out with an apology, i have not seen a computer in quite some time. therefore have not had a chance to write to you, but thanks so much for all the emails. im sitting here in new york city, at the murray hill theatre recovering from a late night (early morning) and a most interesting taxi ride home. i saw several bands that i had been interested in seeing for some time (my chemical romance, death by murder, tora tora torance). tonight is the highlight, mars volta (in my opinion the pink floyd of the 2000's.

current music im listening to: (no paticular order)

!. cursive (ugly organ) *saddle creek records- its like the cure+238 x emo from omaha=cursive

2. mars volta-deloused in the comatorium- think at the drive in - sparta= mars

3. radiohead- hail to the thief * could have been the album before kid a and after ok, songs 1,6,13, and 14 are going on their greatest hits album.

4. damien rice- o * rebirth of folk. poetry as lyrics, amazing album

5. frou frou- self titled? underground brit-techno; think orbital meets bjork and cranberries.

6. over the rhine-ohio *female folk with more amazing lyrics, think angela griner meets o brother where out though= ohio

7. saves the day- in revverie. chris must have listend to a couple beach boy albums. smoking popes meets a lazy beatle. not their best album but still great vocal melody lines.

8. circle of birds (burnt toast vinyl) instrumental music that inspires reverence. i discovered these guys on vinyl in seatle, through josh from saxon shore (another burnt toast amazing band).

9.DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE- TRANSATLANTICISM. amazing. amazing. amazing. thier best in my opinion since "the votes are in" song #7 is on the soundtrack of my life.

10. Interpol- turn on the bright lights NY garage rock. think inteligent strokes... but dark.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Hi. I've never really sent an e-mail like this, but I know I like to know when I do
something good for someone else and I imagine you're the same. I just wanted you
to know that your music always helps me alot. I can almost always relate to your
lyrics and after a hard day nothing makes me feel better than to get in my car,
listen to good music, and know I'm not the only one in the world that feels that
way. I was at the show you played with My Hotel Year about a week ago. That's what
urged me to write. I just wanted you to know that your music means something to at
least someone.

dear @,
thanks so much for this email, im glad that someone can not only relate but be affected by something that i created.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

today i recieved this:

Sept. 5 you wrote "If I could re-live last night over, I would."

And on Sept. 6th I wrote this:

If I could re-live last night over, I would.
And that's all you write. That's all I have to ponder. No tone of voice. No
facial expression. No story behind the words to ease my curiousity. Of course,
when I first read the words on the screen, I immediately sensed romance. At least that's what female intuition assumed. A night - an encounter with a woman whose beauty and smile captured your entire being. I suppose you strolled the city together until you came across a local coffee shop. There the conversation intensified and so did the emotions as you shared your life dreams, your faith, your authors, and your philosophies. If only the ocean were nearby, you would continue the evening with a walk along the beach, the sand between your toes and her fingers entwined with yours. The stars claim their presence in the sky reminding you how small and insignificant you are. But as you lay down on the sand to breath in their gaze, you know for this night, they shine for you.

dear mam,
who are you? have you read the romance novels i write in my head? though this sounds like an amazing evening, (the evening of sept 5) nothing of the sort happend at all that night. true there was someone else with me, but it was not as romantic as i wish your short story was, if that type of night would ever take place i would have a bit more optimism in my music, and a larger smile on my face presently. please keep writing to me i was lost in your words envisioning that the girl in your story was the girl in my present thoughts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

"let me meet a man (or women) who has read 1000 books and i have met a friend, let me meet a man (or women) who has read but a few, and i have met but another enemy."
-S. LaPiere
a young lady sent me this on;

hey, my name is (____)....i started listening to Anberlin not too awful long
ago and then visited your site and downloaded your solo songs. Ive been
reading your thoughts on the modesty writers guild and i must say that youve
made me think...i wont lie and say i agree with everything you write, i will
go so far as to say youve made me think. Ive been bewildered, angry, sad,
and even felt the same way. The one particular post that got me the most
was dated august 28th. It dealt with the human desire to leave a mark; to
make something of the lives we lead. Ive come to terms with the fact that
anything or "me" will never amount to anything or ever be remembered as
"great". I remember an essay once that i had to write and everytime i wrote
(and rewrote) it i hated every word i wrote even though it was what i
believed. On paper what i belived seemed so plain and commonplace....why
would anyone even read it? I wanted to change someones mind- i wanted them
to feel the same. it became tourturing process i had created for myself.
then one day i remember praying- but when i say that it wasnt really a
"prayer". i know there isnt one thought i think that God does not already
know so when i think even my thoughts are often a prayer to Him. I sat
there and just wondered to God what to write and then kind of slowly an idea
crept in that as i wrote started to actually seem worthwhile to me. (the
essay was about purity) i began to search my Bible for verses and suddenly
my essay took form. And i saw as i read it that it was good because it was
the based on the words of the living God- He said in His word that not even
one word of His will pass away. all of heaven and earth will before that
ever yes- my ideas...your ideas- they will fade, get outdated
and be laughed at 10 or 15 years from today. But when i live the Gospel out
then it will not. I wont be remembered but i will not have lived in vain. (my fav part -stephen)
i was a vessel of God. I hope that made sense. Keep writing, im reading.

well (____) thank you for your honesty and honestly that is why i started this modesty w.c.; because i want people to think, be challenged, disagree, teach, and learn. i am interested in other peoples thoughts as well (gk chesterton currently) but feel free for anyone to send me their thoughts!! if its in any way profound ill post it, this isnt all about me, its about life and the pursuit of knowledge.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

"Life is a hospital where each patient is possesed by the desire to change beds. This one would like to suffer facing the stove, that one believes that he would be cured next to the window. It seems to me that i would always be will where i am not, and this question of moving is one that i will discuss endlessly with my soul."
Charles Baudelaire

did he read my mind? everywhere is my hospital bed. i move here/there and i think someone somwhere else is finding ecstasy elsewhere. contentment evades me like the women of my dreams, like fame, like money, like power, like intellectual stimulation. Chicago has art, Seattle has music, New Orleans has mystery, Paris has culture, Spain has elegence, London has fashion, New York has trend, and my apartment has... only me.

Monday, September 15, 2003

readthe book "tuesdays with morrie",

realize that life is but a vapor. make the best of every relationship, every second your alive, and person you encouter, and every dream you acomplish.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Victor Hugo once wrote:
"Without a doubt i have you. Surely I see you. Thinking is the winde in which dreamers are drunk, I know. But sometimes I'd like to be dreamed of too. When you are like that in your book, all evening, sunk." (V. Hugo- words in the shadow.)

How utterly true, "thinking is the wine in which dreamers are drunk..."
introspective, autobiographical, "to really know myself" (aristotle)... all goals, never a reality. I love "thinking", in a way. Complexity adds to mystery, which appears alluring at first. After awhile it gets old, people feel like they have to walk on pins and needles around me. Its not true.

Solitary is elegant, it is in these moments when your heart can finally hurt. Its in these moments when the music life produces can finally move you. Its the time when dreams are dreamt, and suddenly realized. I guess you could say i wish i was perpetually intoxicated, on a different wine.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

well my feeling today is best understood by my favorite band at the moment


driftwood; a fairy tale

So he would sulk and drink and mope
and cross his arms and hope to die.
ANd then a fairy came one night
to bring this sorry boy to life.
She pulled some strings
and spun him about.
That boy sprang up
and began to shout,
"My arms, my legs, my heart, my face they're alive!"
And she would cry, "Liar, liar!
What have I done?
You're no lover, and I'm no fighter."

(The story goes on)

So he would buy her things and kiss her hair
to show he was for real.
And she would take those gifts and kisses
though just stringing him along.
She knew about those wooden boys-
it's an empty love to fill the void.
"Pinocchio! Oh boy, how your nose has grown!"
So he would cry, "Liar, liar!
I'll prove it to you!"
But then it grew
He had grown tired of her
So it was true
He left her apartment
And he walked all night long
'til he was stopped by the shore of the ocean.
But still he walked on, amongst the whales
and the waves, and screamed
"Liar, liar!"
And his wooden body floated away.
He just drifed away.

And now I wonder how i was made...
my arms, my legs, my heart, my face,
my name is Driftwood.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

it is better to love and lost then never loved at all.
though 1000 daggers stuck in my chest, so your arms persuade to stay one more second.
though bricks were placed on my ribs, so your attraction for me is thus.
why am i here?
what am i doing here?
do i enjoy torture?
does my quickening heartbeat amuse you now?
my hands remain sweat ridden but my arms are growing tired,
i don't know how much longer i can hold you now.
you lie to me, not just with your words but with your embrace and charm.
the way we touch, the way you smile when i glace at you... i now see as a lie.
your waiting for him, so why do you keep me around.
he is stringing you along, and in return you are pulling these threads attached to my side... and it hurts like hell.
this is a war between you and him

i just want to go home, i just want to go home.

Friday, September 05, 2003

if i could re-live last night over i would.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

"your time here on earth is but a small parenthesis in eternity" -sir thomas browne

why is it that we as human beings feel that we need to make our mark on this world? how many other billions of people have walked upon this earth and thought the same things i have* "i wonder if anyone will remember me in the years to come, i wonder if i am in any way monumental." The fact is i am not. in hours i will be forgotten, a rock upon my head will tell of a year, and a name. it will not tell of the emotions, the accomplishments, the love, the tragedy, the writings, the songs, the failures, or the children i leave behind. but why do we want a legacy? what makes us long to be remembered? i am yet to figure that out.

i contemplated on writing a book, maybe words on a piece of paper will encourage someone to remember my name, or speak highly of me when i am gone. but paper decomposes and the interesting thoughts i have will soon be outdated, and any new theory i embark on will then be old, and tossed away by a new idea or concept, radically overturning mine.
i write music, but as is the nature of the beast it will someday not be the current radio pleasure, and will be gone... i know my music is of the current trend, and not timeless like i had hoped. maybe my best bet is to have several male children, all with my last name. and i will start a family tree... of course a few generations along i will be a name and a number on a tree... and somewhere a rock.

a tree and a rock... that is what my life will be narrowed to in about 100 years.

well i have today, and for that i will make a lasting impression on my own life and those i meet today.


"...what people fail to realize is that all achievements are eventually surpassed, records are broken, reputations fade, and tributes are forgotten... you were not put on earth to be remembered, you were put here to prepare for eternity."

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I have a theory about first meetings, first experiences, and first songs, so as for the first thought that rolls across this page let it be someone else's.

"He who thinks that he is finished is finished. How true. Those who think they have arrived, have lost their way. Those who think they have reached thier goal, have missed it. Those who think they are saints, in all reality are demons." -Henri Nouwen, The Genessee Diary.

Well its 2:01 in the afternoon and i am atteptempting to create this site for those of us who have more to talk about than what our favorite scene band is, or their favorite color is. instead i want to hear about real life, about real passions and dreams, and what God or life has taught you along this journey (which can be argued as such). So write what you may, but write what you feel, write who you are and not who you want others to perseve you as. life is to short to live as two people. on that note i leave you with this

"No one for any considerable period of time, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the truth."