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the last lecture.

someone recently gave me this book, and if she is reading this thank you!
if you have time you NEED to watch this lecture. it is powerful, moving, and challenging.
this is a speech by randy pausch, a professor who died recently of cancer. this was
his last lecture to his college students and fellow professors where he taught.
i hope you get as much out of it as i did.


a tree and a stone.

to be honest i was a little confused when i signed up for philosophy classes at university. i thought that there would be actual classes to help you figure out what our own personal philosophies were. as if the classes asked you tough questions that you had to go research and come up with your own conclusions. man was i ever wrong. we just learned about dead guys who came up with the answers to questions no one asked.

since then i have always wanted to write a book. with no answers, just a series of questions. even aristotle said "the unexamined life is not worth living,' but he never really told us how to examine life. he just said to do it or die. today i was reading through a book and i hit several tough questions, ones that took me back and made me really think, stare up at the coffee shop ceiling and even tear up a little when answering them. (its weird to think of ones own death).

so here is your assignment for the day. it would be really cool if you do this in the comme…