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reject acceptance. accept rejection.

‘you have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.’
-ray bradbury

'so this is the new year and i don’t feel any different' (-DCFC), actually a lot has happened in 2008. A LOT.
this blog is simply a suggestion for those in need of new years resolution, or those who need another one to add to the list of things to change or improve on in the next 365 days. or 16 days, or 3 depending on your self discipline.

i heard a story recently (whether it was true or not i could not figure out but i did check out several websites that reverberated the same story) about producer steven spielburg and how he got his start by wondering off of tour on the universal studio’s lot and started meeting people and making connections which began his career.

that got me thinking, how much guts it had to take to knowingly sign up for the tour knowing full well that you just want to sneak off and begin a career even though your probably breaking the tour rules, and perhaps breaking a few law…


this way i can update easier from the cell phone out on the road.
-technologically inferior stephen

expose yourself to new music: DJANGO

i was just a kid when i heard about jean ‘django’ reinhardt; i heard about him in a movie called ‘swing kids’ which randomly still makes me tear up at the end. i never found myself interested in the big band sound, it was to... well i don't know, it just never sat right no matter how hard i tried to like it.
while writing this last record in new orleans i discovered a new type of jazz that really caught my attention, started by the above stated name. it was called gypsy jazz and had a different sound, a unique sound that makes me feel like im sitting on Frenchman street every time i listen to it.
the amazing thing about the man who created an entire GENRE of music is that django was trapped inside a house fire django had one leg paralyzed, and could only use two fingers; all the solos, and the chords were played with only two fingers.
when tragedy occurs in our own life, whether physical or emotional we tend to turn off parts of our life to accommodate our handicaps and shortcoming…