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Minnesota, looking forward to a train station. had a great talk tonight with my friend aaron. the peace that that man has obtained is incredible. how honest. love emanates from his being, i think he is the closest to meeting the persona of mohat Gandhi that i will ever come. why do we work so hard to gain the attention of the opposite sex. ruth! listen to me, if you really want to attract those of the opposite sex know yourself, know what makes you operate, be passionate about something. passion is contagious, embrace life, stop looking for mr. right and become mrs. right. the time, the place, ...fate itself comes together on its own accord and does not hurry any faster because of a nice outfit, a flirtatious smile, or cosmetics. be who you are and in that attraction lies. why work so hard to become what other desire, because that only leaves you desperate, wanting, and lacking of any true happiness. stop looking to others to measure your own standards or beauty, realize that you are …
' "i want love how it is... a sleep deprivation pain in my chest that is only filled
when her voice rings through my ear, touches my hand, or slows down to catch a red
light so we can have one more second in each others eyes, and lips."

i wish i had said that. that sums up my thoughts about what i want from love so
well. but isn't love also that comfortable silence sitting in the car while driving
through the nite? no touch is needed, no whisper spoken. it's an ideal, to me at
least. i long for love in the sense that i want to know for certain that i want no
one else ever again in my life. to be able to say without needing another's
assurance that i love one person more than i love myself. i want it all and nothing
less. will i ever attain that goal? i can honestly say that i don't know. i don't
know for certain if it even exists. but what good is it to not dream? i'd rather
dream of a false ideal than live without a dream at all.'…
denver, colorado
how very presuming that you would think these posts are about you?
oh hast vanity inspired your eyes?!
my world does not revolve around you, never did.
come clean. another heart full of lackluster dispointments. why were you even here? there is a voice inside my head. is it yours? obviously not, the messages still seems so unclear. there is poison in your drink so you desire to pass it across the table tword me. but i tasted that cup a year ago, and i will pass kindly dear if you please. to advance you in age, to be taught by solomon, to taste life all on your own, it is not the years that seperated... but the expectancy of life that i am so deporting prone. it is not commitment that i feared, though it does bite, but the level in which your mind has wondered. i think your in love with having someone there, not me. and i am disinterested in what in life you have pondered. so take the chance to find your own way for it is what your passionate for that i desire, dont …
san francisco, california.
sitting here, i can hear the rain beat the roof of this place. U2 sings in the background and i think melancholy describes the mood here. i have not got a good feel for this town, and don't believe i will this time either. but this isn't about this place any more, actually not much in life has grand importance like getting to chicago. there is a world between me and the future now... but this is the first time i have ever been able to calculate its time table. 12 days, 2 hours, and a couple of minutes. i have been humbled these last few shows where people come up to me and tell me that modesty "says what they feel" amazing and humbling all at the same time.

so let me expound on my new theory of "everything in balance", which aaron from me withoutyou said was a good philosophy (often denoted by rumi) but can get misinterpreted with being warm and neither hot nor cold on any one idea. i agreed, a little miffed that someone had found …
just completed LIFE AFTER GOD it actually has nothing to do with the title, actually the character believes in God. If you liked CATCHER IN THE RYE or PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER then you will enjoy this book.
please excuse the sudden urge to ramble. but its instant gratification.
time moves on and so my feelings for anyone else fade, like sinatra. like a memory you
forget until someone brings it up, like someone who lived and died 20 years ago with no fame.
we all die the same, we are all born the same so what is fame? what is money? what is a promising future?
what is this we call life. a dramatic interlude into the next life... i love it though, i cant lie. i go to sleep at night
in anticipation for the sun to rise again, for the day to be broken, for new experiences to collaborate upon me.
and now i have someone to share them with, but in all reality i have had someone to share them with.
how easily we overlook our own family when calculating how lonely we truly are.
i look at my youngest brother and realize that the state of mind that he is currently in reminds me of myself at his age.
oh how i don't want to depress him any further by telling him the truth that no one ever has e…
"Ignorance is abounding always fresh within me. or, rather, it is more
like parched ground. in which I must always water it with learning and
studious reading. I am young, it is true, but I have a mind that longs
for so much more.beyond the stereotype-like prison this society has
built for my age. I have had a most blessed life, and have been raised
in such a way that knowledge and wisdom has never been denied of me.
(But I digress) Although I cannot share wisdom, for wisdom is of
something learned through experience, I can share something I have
always been taught by those whom I trust to be some of the wisest, most
Godly people I have ever had the privilege to meet. God has a drawn up
plan for our lives, the perfect plan. (I like to think of it as a strait
line drawn on a plain white surface.) We can follow this strait line, or
swerve off. When we sin, we are not following God's will for our lives,
what he wanted us to do. (Although, the dramatics of this case may very;