Thursday, October 27, 2005

the (il)legislation of morality.

recently i have been thinking a lot about the legislation of morality. meaning: how can any government (all inclusive) tell a human what he or she cannot do. i understand that laws are set up so that the society as a whole will survive.
for a survival instance: if the law of that particular government said that murder was not a crime and was socially acceptable, i question how long that society would last. not murdering could be understood to some as innate, in the sense that when you do something wrong no matter what upbringing, or culture, you were raised in one would feel 'guilty' or some sense of wrongdoing.
here is where i have the problem; because china's government is set up around an atheistic principled governmental system called communism it does not allow the free pursuit of a higher being or any other religious beliefs. now i am not saying religion is moral, but religion usually connotes a pursuit of morality in most case's.
but this is not simply an international delimma but a nationwide enigma.
i am going to get a lot of hate letters for this next paragraph but listen to the entire explanation instead of the instinctual debate for most people.
i don't think that abortion should be illegal. i honestly do not think that roe vs. wade should be overturned. i am NOT saying that i agree with most reasons for having an abortion (as the clear majority is out of irresponsibility and not medical purposes). what i am saying is that i don't feel its right to force my opinions and belief system's on other people with the end result being a government punishment if you don't believe or follow my moral belief system.
i am pro-life, if i had it my way i would beg every pregnant mother in the entire united states with an unwanted child to please have the baby and allow me to adopt every single one of them!!! but we do not live in a perfect world and i can not take in the 4,400 children every day.
what i am saying is that i do not believe in the legislation of morality, i do not feel we should rename 'sin's‚ and call them 'laws'. if one wants to turn to religion (regardless of which one) i feel this is done out of the active pursuit of a higher power and NOT out of the rules of the governing body that have backed them into this decision. i want someone to love God out of free will and the overflow of their heart and NOT as a mandatory law established by any ethological corruptible government (see rome/crusades, socialism, communism, etc.).
post script: i would like to hear your thoughts.

amendment: to those who comment: realize this is NOT a debate about whether abortion is right or wrong, but whether the legislation of morality is right or wrong.
thank you,

Monday, October 24, 2005


so. here i sit at my little coffee shop in winter haven, florida. the hurricane completely missed us except for a couple rainstorms, a little wind, and a lackluster sunset. needless to say as i was sitting here re-reading wendy shalit's "a return to modesty," (which i will dedicate an entire post to later) i received an email from my friends from in ohio.
this is one of the highest compliments and something i am very proud of. this is cadence, named after anberlin's song on blueprints for the blackmarket. his father runs shield and buckler skateboards, and i have had the privlidge of meeting him once before. i feel very honored to vicariously be apart of their lives for many many years to come.

acoustic show; gainsville, florida.

Stephen Christian acoustic w/
Louis DeFabrizio (the kick) and Anna Becker
Christian Study Center
Thursday, October 27th for directions

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

lorreta lux, from germany, is by far my favorite photographer of all time. i first discovered her on a haphazard trip to the chicago museum of art. her pictures were in the far right corner, and could have easily been looked over. but the mint green and dark amber red's was burned on my brain forever. the children could either be from a fantasy make believe world, or your darkest nightmare. either way, lorreta lux is a photographer everyone needs to know about.

university of florida, oct. 26, 2005

i will be speaking @ an FCA meeting Wednesday October 26, 2005.
Wednesday night at 8:30pm, in Gainsville, FL.
For more information about UF FCA visit their website at

once you are @ the University of Florida campus:
You will come to the corner of campus at Gale-Lemerand Drive (formerly
North-South). Turn right – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
will be on your left now, and the O’Connell Center on
your right. You can park in the O’Connell center
parking lot on the right. UF FCA is located in
Touchdown Terrace in the north endzone of the Stadium.
Walk to the front of the stadium facing University
Ave. Take the large winding ramp to the left of the
main entrance – this will lead you up to Touchdown
Terrace. There will be signs about to direct you.

the tragedy & learning the lesson

"It is the Law that any difficulties that can come to you at any time, no matter what they are, must be exactly what you need most at the moment, to enable you to take the next step forward by overcoming them. The only real misfortune, the only real tragedy, comes when we suffer without learning the lesson." -- Emmet Fox

Friday, October 14, 2005

from thoughts to destiny...

Sow a thought and you reap an action;
sow an act and you reap a habit;
sow a habit and you reap a character;
sow a character and you reap a destiny.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the mouth speaks the overflow of the heart...

Hey Stephen.
I, myself, somewhat fall under the same category as you. I don't believe in
organized religion at all. I don't think you should put "one day" of the
week aside for church/praise/etc.
-Are you completely against using "curse" words altogether? People
(Christians) say it's a sin, and that I'll go to hell for dropping some
occasional f-bombs, but I disagree. They are just words, yes? They're not
even, if I went to Spain and started dropping f-bombs, they
wouldn't know what I was saying. It's just the English language that says
these are "bad" words. I don't think God changes the definition of "sin"
from country to country.

-Do you think that Christians are the most hypocritical of all religions?
Just a simple "yes" or "no" answer would be fine with me. I'm just asking,
because, a lot of them (most of the ones I hang out with, anyway) are bad
people. They hate other people for ridiculous reasons, and they are always
trash-talking each other. They lie to each other, and they lie about the
lies. They try and disguise all of this by going to church and saying "I'm a
good little Christian boy/girl". They think that going to Church and not
doing other things (cursing/drinking) is good enough to consider them saved.
I can openly say that I disagree with certain parts of the Bible. I think
that it has been changed a lot "through the years" as it got translated from
one language to another, by Priests/Preachers that wanted to "edit it". But
even though I don't believe in the Bible, I believe in God. And I think that
these hypocritical Christians that I spoke of, are less faithful than me.
(The non-Bible-believing jewish guy that cusses and drinks)...
Am I wrong?
-am i wry?

for starters wry,
i feel cussing simply makes you look unintelligent, people do it from stage and i think it just looks wretched. but i am not perfect, and curse under my breath now and then, (and when i am passionate about something personal*) but i realize that it is out of anger and not apart of who i am. cussing is not "evil" its just immature. (unless we are talking about using the Lords name in vain which is against the beliefs of the Jewish, Muslim, & Christian religion)
in addition it looks to be an oxy-moron of who i want present myself as.
'how can bitter and sweet flow from the same fountain?'
-st. james

no, Christians are not the most hypocritical. every religion has hypocrites, for example the Muslims claim that the word "Islam" means peace, and yet Muslim extremist's kill 3000 people in nyc.
i think you just see Christians being hypocritical because we are surrounded by a "Christian" American culture. so Christians being hypocrites is all we see.

i believe if you are looking for Christ in Christians we are going to leave you wanting.
if you are looking for God through your rabbi he will also leave you wanting.
we must find God on HIS terms, and those are not always our terms. hence if you believe in the bible, Jesus, etc. you must take the entire bible and not pick and choose what you feel is best for you. i call that "spirituality." because spirituality to me is just picking and choosing from any or all religions on what FEELS the best. a belief in a higher power comes with moral restraints, and to step into the unknown, or "faith."

(post script: and you are very correct worship should not happen only one day a week, i feel it should be a heartfelt search every day of our lives. "church" also should not be contained in four walls of a mosque, temple, or a church; conversations with God can happen in the still of your heart, @ starbucks, listening to godspeed you black emperor, etc.)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

le ciel?

over australia

Saturday, October 08, 2005

because there's beauty in the breakdown.

personally, i hate organized religion, i was never baptized or had communion or been confirmed yet when I was younger I went to chruch every Sunday and my parents and grandparents are very religious and at a time in my life I really did want to get baptized but I think that is only because I was scared that I NEEDED a religion in my life, now I know you may disagree with a lot of the reasons why I don't like organized religion but I wish that you would not judge me for my beliefs because there is no way I would ever judge you for yours, I think too many people use religion as a way to get out of things, I know many people who can mess up so badly (cheat, lie, have premarital sex, not go to church, don't pray) yet they think that God will forgive them for everything if they just say they are sorry, to me that seems like bullshit, I just cant fathom the fact that you can do so many bad things in your life but you can be relieved of all of that if you confess, I just don't think that's right, but that's not the reason im writing, I listen to your music like its my career, and I don't mean I just hear it, I LISTEN to it, listen to every word, phrase, line, and it moves me, every single bit of your lyrics has changed me and moved me in some way, but is it bad that I feel that I can be moved by Christian music when I don't believe in the Christian faith or any religious faith at all? now I know you are a very insightful kind of guy that's why I am seeking your opinion on this matter, I find that your lyrics relate to my life in so many ways that at times its like your singing about me and my life, which I know many people think, but at times I feel kind of guilty because a lot of your music is based on those Christian beliefs that I disagree with, I will never stop listening to your music, EVER, it brings me to a different place where I can just be who I WANT to be, and that's the best feeling ever..."
-beauty in the breakdown

dearest beauty,
anberlin is not a Christian band.
I personally have a faith in Jesus Christ.
I don't judge you or anyone (that is not my place).
I don't care what color, creed, sexual orientation, or religion you
believe in, I just want you to be touched by the music!
if that brings you closer to God than that is amazing!
if you can learn from my mistakes and failure's than that is amazing as well.
as long as you walk away with a deeper sense of yourself and long to
be a better person than; I have done my job.
YOU DO NOT NEED RELIGION IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you do not need a man made set of rules to govern and dictate every
move of your life.
what you need is God.
I'm not asking you to swallow every pill I, or any other faith,
prescribe. what I'm asking you do is to "seek." and really earnestly
seek. look through all the religion's, and all the wise men, and read
every piece of literature that you come across.
I did.
and for me the conclusion that I came up with was that Jesus Christ
was the way, the truth, and the life.
all other religion's seemed very egocentric. all rules, regulation's,
and rituals. but with Christ all his message's are all about grace,
mercy, love, and giving to other people. "this is pure religion, to
love the widows and the orphan's." it is so altruistic. so giving, so
not human (for every fiber of my body is selfish).
please don't look to Christian's to find Christ. not your parent's,
grandparent's, me, or those people on TV. look to Christ, because we
are only human and we are ALL GOING TO FAIL YOU!
for me personally I have found HOPE. hope that there is something
beyond me, something bigger than myself, something after death,
something more than life itself.
so I am asking you to seek, everywhere, anywhere. but seek, and you will find.
God bless you on this journey called life.
I hope this helps a little.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

boston, mass.