Sunday, February 25, 2007

Egon Schiele

i discovered this artist on my holiday in austria, there were several pieces from egon schiele scatered around town in different museums. at the moment he is my favorite painter, so please explore this 'tortured artist'.

'Egon Schiele (June 12, 1890 – October 31, 1918) was an Austrian painter, a protege of Gustav Klimt, and a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. Due to the highly-charged nature of his drawings and paintings, because of his suffering from dystonia, and his premature death, Schiele has come to epitomise the popular image of the tortured artist.'

*listen to 'cocorosie' while looking through egon's collection @

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

kenya/favorite bands/

its an interview day. a day where my publicists lines me up with one interview after another. my least favorite topic is music, seems like everyone has conspired together and asks me the same questions over and over. i love talking about india though, and once again when i went to india i knew that i had to bring others overseas with me. this winter i am going to be taking a group of band members to kenya, africa. this trip is going to be a bit longer, and the planning a bit more extensive because i want to take 30 guys/girls (from different bands) along with me.

you can help me assemble the team! please write all your favorite signed bands (i say signed bands because i want people completely concentrated on helping the people in the villages of kenya and not trying to further their own musical career) and ask them to please get ahold of me at and i will put them in contact with the project coordinator.

secondly, the website JUSTANOTHERTRAVEL.COM , a travel tickets website, has agreed to give me a % of their profits to help fund the trip to africa. so if you are booking airline tickets, cruises, etc. try their website out.

well i am back to interviews. the last one i just did was incredible, we talked about india almost 1/2 the time. he said thanks for all the humanitarian work that i had been participating in lately. i said that i appreciated the compliment,  but then that reminded me of watching part of the pre super bowl game interviews when they asked one of the coaches how he felt about being that this was the first time in superbowl history that 2 african americans have coached against each other in the superbowl, and it would be the first time a black coach has ever won the super bowl. the coach said that it was cool, but he cannot wait for the day when being an african american was a non-issue. people should just stop pointing out when a person of any race does anything extraordinary, because we should be counted as the same. the coach wanted to be known for winning the super bowl, not for being born a certain race.  in the same way i can't wait till they stop applauding musicians for being concerned with the worlds well being. no applause for bono fighting aids, or chris martin working for free trade; because all musicians should get over themselves and work for the betterment of humanity. we all have a duty, whether we are students, lawyers, musicians, or doctors; i want to be known for inspiring all musicians to be equal in the fight against poverty, human trafficking, aids, etc. i don't want to stand alone in this industry anymore.

go help your own community! you can help africa! you can help the world!