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George Washington would never have joined the UN

George Wasington was once quoted as saying "a nation can never abandon its fate to anauthority it cannot control," a warning clearly of entangling itself against alliances. What would think of theUnited Nations?

insane article

i can believe this happening around the world, but here in America???

The effects of thinking.

"People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant." ~Helen Keller

thanks to a friend who pointed this out.
you know who you are.

in reply to "ACLU"

this comes from someone i respect very much, i wanted to show this to everyone because he is right, you cannot lock yourself into an ideological prison.

"Dammit, stephen what are you morphing into? For someone who bitches so loudly at any bias toward the left, you display the most blatant hypocrisy of being biased yourself on the right, just as I’ve seen time and time again in your fellow republican’s lack of tolerance to any other ideas … what is your solution to this “problem” of having leftwing judges on the supreme court, having more right wing judges? If it were all Scalias would you be happy then?? I’m not too sure what you’re after, seems to be in my mind that we need people from both sides present to discuss and debate the various issues that come before them
I’m sorry but I do not want to live in a theocracy, if I recall correctly, America was started to get away from that very thing, we left a conservative, radical, religious-state driven gov’t, where people ruled b…

the ACLU, dripping red with more than just blood.

In a world full of propaganda, political parities and agendas, no matter what political stance one takes, why can we simply be transparent with our agenda’s? I don’t dance around the issue that I am a conservative republican. And though liberals are quick to call out any conservative as “radical right”, “extreme right wing”, or anyone with any sort of faith as “the religious right”, you will be hard pressed to find any democrat to label themselves as “liberal.” (check lexus-nexus if you think I am wrong.) No matter what side you take on any issue call it like it is, because if you don’t then I will.
For instance; THE ACLU (American Civil Liberty’s Union) IS A COMMUNIST ESTABLISHMENT THAT ATTEMPTS TO PROMOTE A SOCIALIST AGENDA. Do you think I am just trying to spread my propaganda of conservative politics? Read on.
Rodger Baldwin established the ACLU in 1917, born in Boston he was a self proclaimed atheist and a World War I draft dodger. Dodging the draft led him to found the orga…


I have never asked you friends to get involved yourselfs in politics, but i am asking you to do something to strengthen our future, and invest in your children.
PLEASE call your congressman and tell you to strengthen social security, that we should have control of our own social security. Tell them to PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY. if you dont know the condition please check this website or read below.
Why America Needs Social Security Reform.
please check
-stephen christian

by Jagadeesh Gokhale
"Jagadeesh Gokhale is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, Washington, D.C.
With the re-election of President Bush, everyone from Wall Street to Main Street is now wondering about the financial impact of a now more likely Social Security personal accounts reform. Allowing workers to deposit part of their payroll taxes into personal accounts would siphon off revenues currently used to pay retiree benefits -- payments that consequently would require larger feder…

judicial reply

" Is it Constitutional?

Our entire government is based around that question.

The supreme court exists solely to interpret the consitution. This doesn't always please the majority of American people. Look back to the 1950's. Segregated schools were popular, a majority of people liked them that way. A majority wanted to continue the rascism. The constitution, thankfully, stepped in - against the majority - and created a more perfect union.

9=240,000,000, well, yes... we elect the president, who chooses a cabinet, which is approved by congress, who we also elected into office. They are appointed for life by the President and then confirmed by majority vote by the Senate. They know every detail of the constitution inside and out. They are much more impartial than the standard American citizen. Sometimes the majority is wrong, and the supreme court protects us from that. What if we had voted to keep segregation?

The consensus of the majority is not impartial and unbiase…