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while reading a great book from a (new, yet) dear friend called ‘simple spirituality’* i stumbled across some interesting quotes by various authors but one stood out a little more than most. the lesson was by a man named henri j.m. nouwen a dutch born, catholic priest who authored more than 40 books on spirituality. in his writings henri said that there are three lies that one needs to overcome in this world for a full life.

1. i am what i have.

i have done many blogs on possessions and the attempt to collect and hoard wealth because, well that seems to be the new american dream. no longer is it the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of store bought happiness.

samuel kamalaleson, vice president of world vision said that if ‘we are unable to give something away, then we do not possess it, rather it possesses us. this struck me rather hard as i began to think/name off all the inanimate objects that i doubt i could part with. my car, my guitar, being a simple start but still convicting …