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(A&B) update

hey guys, just wanted to let you know i put up an piano version of the song "sleeping" up on the anchor&braille myspace account. i wanted to tell you guys first, thanks for being so supportive.
i am going to come out with a 7" vinyl this fall, i am really really excited about the artwork, ill make sure to keep you updated.

zen & the beginners mind & Christ's faith like a child

i know that i have touched on this subject but it is so important to me that i feel i must explore it yet again. and in more depth and clarity.
i feel that people almost feel that it is a sin to question. we cannot question the government because they have left us in such fear and ignorance that we feel they know better than us. we cannot question those that are above us in stature or status because are more likely to have experienced more and therefore our questions are irrelovent. we cannot question our beliefs or religion because faith requires us to shut up and take it.
all these are inncorect on some level. we can question authority, after all we put them there didn't we? they are the voice of the people. we are those people. we can question our elders and their decisions, we have ideas as well, new ideas, creative ideas, we can expound on they know. yes we can learn from them but we have a lot to teach as well. david (king of the jewish nation) questioned God more than anyon…

i love art, i love art with a message even more. political art that prompts conversation and art that make you probe through your own beliefs (like the dada movement) has always inspired me. this artist uses elaborate stencils and personal beliefs to create his own medium. please check out banksy when you get a chance. a phenominal artist and activist.

inspiration in the flesh.

first i want to apologize for the lapse of time between posts for the last month. currently i am in the studio here in seattle washington and i have not had a lot of free time to myself. so please forgive me.

i must say that there are very few people that have inspired me to sing, and the style in which i sing.
not in any paticular order the most influential are
1. jeff buckley
2. morrissey
3. john bunch
4. jeremy enigk
5. mic jagger
6. john lennon/

last night i had the opportunity to meet jeremy enigk. siezed with awe i froze. it wasn't that i was star struck but that i felt such psuedo-reverence for what he had achieved in his musical career. very few people have been able to foster an entire musical revolution like him. i don't know why i shared this. maybe because somehow i wanted to share something that made me hold my breath for a moment.
thats all.