zen & the beginners mind & Christ's faith like a child

i know that i have touched on this subject but it is so important to me that i feel i must explore it yet again. and in more depth and clarity.
i feel that people almost feel that it is a sin to question. we cannot question the government because they have left us in such fear and ignorance that we feel they know better than us. we cannot question those that are above us in stature or status because are more likely to have experienced more and therefore our questions are irrelovent. we cannot question our beliefs or religion because faith requires us to shut up and take it.
all these are inncorect on some level. we can question authority, after all we put them there didn't we? they are the voice of the people. we are those people. we can question our elders and their decisions, we have ideas as well, new ideas, creative ideas, we can expound on they know. yes we can learn from them but we have a lot to teach as well. david (king of the jewish nation) questioned God more than anyone in the bible, even to the point of screaming at Him in anger. yet david was known as a man after Gods own heart.
"and this is the simple truth: that to live is to feel oneself lost. He who accepts it has already begun to find himself, to be on firm ground. Instinctively, as do the shipwrecked, he will look around for something to which to cling; and that tragic, ruthless glance, absolutely sincere because it is a question of his salvation, will cause him to bring order into the chaos of his life. These are the only genuine ideas, the ideas of the shipwrecked. all the rest is rhetoric, posturing, farce.'
-soren kierkegaard
continue to question. everything. everyone. if you don't know the answer don't sit in fear of the answer! explore! embrace being lost, for that is the first step to looking for answers, and upon finding answers (and subsequently more questions) has begun to find himself.
i think this why Jesus Christ was so emphatic about having child like faith. because children have child like questions, child like curiostiy, child like faith & belief. Zen call it the beginners mind, maintaining a state of wonder and awe at the world around them.
"the stone that the builder rejects becoes the foundation for a new temple. the willingness to doubt and question is itself ournew sacred ground, the spiritual journey IS NOT about getting somwhere else. its not about progress or destinations. (its about becoming child like in our faith or beginners mind). in our lostness, we have found the seed of a new identity. our being is becoming, our goal is to begin again."
-john bradshaw
i want to reiterate what the previous quote was stating, i don't believe that one can reach enlightenment honestly, nor can one reach the perfection of Christ (as paul says to pursue) but thats just it IT IS NOT about getting somewhere, or the destination, but it IS ABOUT pursuing the answers with all your heart, soul, and body.

*for you miss luck.


Heather said…
thank you so much for writing this. it really meant something to me.
brett said…
so true, and it's building on a theme that has been brought up in my life several times in the past couple of years--very interesting...
alonsa said…
I agree. We are taught not to question. I am very inquisitive myself . Some questions I do hold back on however because I am not sure if it is wrong for me to ask them. I hope that makes sense. I have a hard time questioning God though. I think I am always afraid of His answers.
i agree. if we are not to question, we stay exactly where we are; no growth. rather we must place ourselves, or being a mind state that is yes, like a child. i think childlikeness is more of an innocent wonder. like you said, looking through eyes in awe with the world. children dont care about feelings. they dont care about opinions, nothing hurts them. they are simply themselves. and they instinctivly know love. they are drawn to it. it says in the Bible that the children flocked to Jesus. and can you imagine the load off Jesus got when he hung out with them? they had fun. no.. questions to life. or frustrations. simple love, without bounderies. kids understand it.
love it.
Kimberly said…
this is so true. a fool is one who asks no questions. you can never "find" yourself if you feel as if you must obey without questioning.
Anonymous said…
Exactly!!! If we never questioned anything then how would we know things or grow? Albert Einstein would of never discovered all that he did, or anyone else. We would still be riding around in horse drawn carriages, and there would be no airplanes or space travel, or the internet or this modesty blog. There would be no medications, etc. What a boring place we would live in without questions!!
And no matter how smart we are or think we are, there is always more to learn and discover which makes life so interesting and worth waking up each day and discovering something new. Eventhough,we may have the same routine daily, the day is never the same! There is a saying, "There are never any dumb questions, only dumb answers." I myself have never been afraid to question anything or anyone, and if they dont feel the same as me no matter, because that is what makes us individuals and I have learned alot by asking questions and will continue to do so.
If God didnt put curiousity inside of us how would we ever find Him....we wouldnt, and how awful that would be not to know Him.
In my opinion people that are afraid to ask questions will never become the person they were created to be, and that is in itself is a tragedy.
-A :)
this really came at a perfect time for me.

thank you.

<3 alison
N. Thayer said…
Just like Jars of Clay's song

"Faith like a child"

i love that song
Hero's Cousin said…
you have some excellent points. in think people do not question for the same reasons they don't argue anymore. they simply don't care, and they don't believe their questions will ever matter to anyone else.

although, the importance of pursuing implies the thing being pursued is worth it. so i think the questioning process is important ONLY BECAUSE the end is important. it's crucial to keep a questioning mind throughout your life. but there's no point in questioning if you never plan on getting to the end, the Truth. :) thanks so much for letting us see your thoughts -nikki
Kate said…
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Kaila said…

I am one to always question things. That's just the way my mind works, and a while back when I was more naive when it came to God, it was easier to believe in him... because it was easy to believe and it sounded pleasing. but as I learned more I started questioning almost every little thing and I almost stopped believing in him completely. I was so confused. I do believe in him more than I did then, but it's almost like I am still healing from it all. It's almost as if questioning that something got me in trouble. I was really lost. I still am somewhat. But I do believe. I really do.
my name. said…
thank you.
in the midst of everything occuring in the world right now, these were very powerful words.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I currently switched to blogger beta and I can't comment under my name.

Anyhow, the song "Sleep" that is playing in your website: Anchor & Braille, is magnificent. I fell in love with that song.

When will you upload it to myspace and purevolume?

Plus, I bought the "Anberlin" albums to check out your style and I am fascinated by your sound and lyrics.

You rock dude. May the Lord bless you in your future endeavors.

Your newest fan,

Wilkin A. Lora
I could not agree with you more. As one who is in this place of questioning what I believe it is good to have reassurance that I am not alone and that even the "heros of the faith" asked the hard questions.
Kate said…
and what happens if we question too hard and it all falls apart?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Thank you for writing this. It came at such a needed time. The quote from Kierkegaard was great!
Meg-a-roni said…
Thanks for sharing this!!! It is good to think of having faith in God as being like a child & questioning everything. Children always have questions, & even for us, they are hard to answer. Life isn't about progressing up the ladder & accumulating things, but is about those people you touch in your life & how you impact them. Life's about seeking & searching for God in the small things & becoming more childlike everyday. A great way to learn to be a better christian to hang out with children more (by laughing more, questioning more, depending more on God & enjoying life more.
sj. said…
i was thinkin... when we realize that we are completely hopelessly lost, that we start looking for the light right.. but its only in our admission of complete and utter inability to save ourselves can God come and make miracles out of us..
and yes, questioning.. always always questions!!! :)
brett said…
have you read Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli?
Anonymous said…
hi, you probably don't know me. i've been on your message board for a while though.

when people ask me about stuff like that, i don't know what to say. you basically took the words right from my mouth and from my soul.

thank you.

The Silent Fewl said…
I wish I could have read this back when you wrote it. I don't mean that in a bad way either. I have been through quite alot the last couple years and i spent a good year figuring out i was still a child trying to be an adult - slow learner I guess. Anyway thank you for leaving this little gem here for me, another one of those things god has brought my way lately to let me know I am still with Him. Thank you for the encouragement.

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