inspiration in the flesh.

first i want to apologize for the lapse of time between posts for the last month. currently i am in the studio here in seattle washington and i have not had a lot of free time to myself. so please forgive me.

i must say that there are very few people that have inspired me to sing, and the style in which i sing.
not in any paticular order the most influential are
1. jeff buckley
2. morrissey
3. john bunch
4. jeremy enigk
5. mic jagger
6. john lennon/

last night i had the opportunity to meet jeremy enigk. siezed with awe i froze. it wasn't that i was star struck but that i felt such psuedo-reverence for what he had achieved in his musical career. very few people have been able to foster an entire musical revolution like him. i don't know why i shared this. maybe because somehow i wanted to share something that made me hold my breath for a moment.
thats all.


Mariana said…
I've felt that "pseudo-reverence" of which you speak. And it's definitely a feeling worth sharing.
Nathan said…
You are one of my inspirations Stephen!
Lindsay Caitlin said…
I recall having the same moment when I met you for the first time.

It was amazing. For once you weren't just a voice on the other end of the stereo or the text I read on the computer screen. You were the words, living and breathing, that had inspired a girl to become something greater than herself. And I will never forget that moment.
ryan luther said…
soooo jealous! jeremy is pretty much top on my list of people i would love to meet. i was able to say 'good show' to him a few years ago after a SDRE show but that was it.
Story of a Girl said…
I think I'd feel the same if I met you ! And thank you for sharing who inspires you, and what inspires you as far as music and books.

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