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Faceless International/ Anberlin

so as many of you know i am working with/co-founded an organization called faceless international. while in india this last year we worked with an orginization called made by survivors. two of us in anberlin designed a bag that will help several girls be able to sustain an income and not have to work in the sex-trade industry. anberlin is giving 100% of the profit back into helping these girls and made by survivors.

below is a description:
Help be a part of world change by purchasing one of these bags. These bags were designed by members of Anberlin on their trip to Calcutta, India in the winter of 2006. The bags were made by girls rescued out of the sex trade. The money you pay for these bags goes toward giving these girls hope for a bright future, by providing a sustainable income. Thank you for your purchase.

you can view the bag by clicking here

learn.get involved. vote. please. UPDATED*

i have once again immersed myself into the political world, something that i never thought i would do again. politics continue to intrigue me, from the speeches to the marketing to the deceptive (which i recently explored in a book called "confessions of a political hitman" a book which talks about the dirty tricks each party does to slander the other parties candidate.)

i am not here to endorse any one candidate because i refuse to use my position as a entertainer to push my political beliefs on others. but i encourage everyone to explore all the candidates and formulate their own opinions on how they see america being run. this is my first and last political blog this election season!

here is a brief summary of what republicans stand for

here is brief summary of what democrats stand for as someone in the comments pointed out.

it was quite a task to find these biased comparisons, but if you have any comparison charts please put them in the comments!

here are a few videos from t…