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so as many of you know i am working with/co-founded an organization called faceless international. while in india this last year we worked with an orginization called made by survivors. two of us in anberlin designed a bag that will help several girls be able to sustain an income and not have to work in the sex-trade industry. anberlin is giving 100% of the profit back into helping these girls and made by survivors.

below is a description:
Help be a part of world change by purchasing one of these bags. These bags were designed by members of Anberlin on their trip to Calcutta, India in the winter of 2006. The bags were made by girls rescued out of the sex trade. The money you pay for these bags goes toward giving these girls hope for a bright future, by providing a sustainable income. Thank you for your purchase.


you can view the bag by clicking here


Anonymous said…
I am sooo happy that you're finally putting this up. I purchased the faceless bracelet the first week it became available. Everyone at my school asks me what it means, and I've got a few other people to check out the site (unfortunately, none have bought anything yet).

I love the comment Sarah wrote on the letter I got too. It makes me smile, like I have actually done something with my life so far.
David Malcolm said…
Bought a Classic Crime bracelet and an Anberlin bag. At least I think I did... either that or I just gave my credit card info to a phishing site... I hope not. It did some weird stuff where I ended up going to a paypal page that had some girl's email address on it? I hope that was where it was supposed to go... they didn't show any shipping charges though so I'm not sure if my order went through? I'm pretty sure shipping to Canada should have some shipping charges displayed. Oh well... hope it worked, I need a bag anyway and this is a great cause.
David Malcolm said…
Ooo, I just got an email apparently it went through. I was gonna feel really stupid if I gave my info to a phishing site... especially since I'd mock anyone else who did the same thing haha. I wonder how much 20 bucks is to an Indian person?
I'm gonna mention this on my blog.
Chris said…
Just bought the bag. I'm happy to contribute to such a worthy cause and carry an Anberlin bag :) But seriously, I can't even begin to imagine what these young girls are subjected to not only physically, but maybe even more seriously, emotionally. It's humbling to see what you and the band are committed to.
Anonymous said…
I think I might post something on this tomorrow. I'm broke right now, but when I get some cash I'll see what I can do. This is a great cause, and it's great to see people in the American limelight using their influence for the betterment of humanity.
Anonymous said…
This is really cool! I'm definitely getting one.

Is that Hindi above the band name? What does it mean?
Jeremy B said…
Great work Stephen! I know you have a heart for what you saw in India and I just wanted to let you know that this is going on elsewhere in Asia and there are other organizations doing the same thing. There is a group called Rahab in Thailand that is also doing these bracelets and making cards to help out women in prostitution in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you don't think these bracelets matter, think again. My wife and a bunch of other women went to Thailand to work with the ministry there and talk to women in prostitution. What seemed like cheesy bracelets to them made these women selling themselves in the bars every night feel so loved and honored. The bracelets even said in Thai "you are precious" and the women felt like they had received the greatest gift.

So never discount the work you are doing and never think you can't make a difference. From personal stories I heard from the trip to Thailand, you really can't imagine the hurt, pain, and struggles these women go through. They just want love and someone to reach out to them and most of them don't want to be doing this.

Thanks for putting yourself out there and making a difference. And here is some info about the ministry in Thailand and what they are doing to help women in prostitution.

Book of James said…
I'm Spending my kids inheritance!! :)

I am accumulating lots of stuff to donate for Power FM here in Dallas and their next Sharathon.

I feel like I get to give twice, thanks!

Stream Online at:

themockingbyrd said…
Bravo, again.

I think enough has been said to summarize the respect I have for someone who continues to find news ways to use whatever influence you have to better other people, far, far, beyond the admirable-but-shallow publicity-stunt charity of most entertainers. Additionally, I appreciate how you focus on the longer range goal of helping people help themselves, instead of contributing to a culture of dependence.
I am impressed, and I will shake out the contents of my piggy bank, and see what we come up with, bag-wise.
Janelle said…
I will definitely be buying this as soon as I have a little more money.
reid said…

as of today, $20 american is about 800.45 india rupees.

according to a study from stanford in 2003 about savings due to modern lighting, the average income in india is the equivalent of $500 american per year. so, 800 rupees is a lot. $500 american is about 20,000 rupees.

the study can be found at: http://cee45q.stanford.edu/2003/briefing_book/india.html
reid said…
whoops, looked like the link to that study got cut off. try this:

reid said…
gah. just make sure the url ends in



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