(A&B) update

hey guys, just wanted to let you know i put up an piano version of the song "sleeping" up on the anchor&braille myspace account. i wanted to tell you guys first, thanks for being so supportive.
i am going to come out with a 7" vinyl this fall, i am really really excited about the artwork, ill make sure to keep you updated.


Mariana said…
The release of that album is definitely going to be one of the highlights of my year. I love the songs I've heard so far, and I'm sure the rest of the album will be equally moving.
Kimberly said…
I can't wait! It's going to be amazing, I know. Your music is beautiful and honest... both things that most "talented" artists lack these days.
pinkpolos jec said…
It's good to see that your name appears as "Esteban" now. Last time I check it was "Estaban" or something like that.

ps. How do I get into the marketing music business? Any way you could touch on it on your blog? How can us non-musicians (or at least not good ones) get close to what we love and work our hearts out for the good of bands, labels, and ultimately, the people?
Brightest said…
That makes me smile, Anchor and Braille is defintely one of my new favorite things.
MH said…
I'm so excited about this album! And the new song makes me so happy. Especially because I have a huge soft spot for piano music.
Book of James said…
I will have to dust of my turntable in preparation for the 7".

You have a wonderful voice and I think it would be phenomanol(sp) if you had an opportunity to work with Leigh Nash some time.

I am also very curious to see if your collaboration with Matt and Chris from Sanctus will bless us with some more great art.

If you get a chance, check out the following Blog by a young man named Ryan, He is winding down a long term mission in Puerta Limpera, Honduras and is doing some amazing things for the kids and himself.


Stephen, For all you do, Thanks!

dreams&tears said…
Ohhh i'm definitly intrigued and excited!

oh and speaking of excitement, I can't wait to see you guys at the new jersey show! rock on.
adrienne said…
My turn to gush....Mr. Christian this new song 'sleep' is ingenious! No really! It is such a beautiful lullaby.
Keep experimenting, composing and creating.
Again extremly beautiful! I am such a sucker for the gentle piano. Please do more off key piano! I love it love it love it!
Yours truly the over expressive Adrienne
now, now.
i see you and i admire. more like adore.
you speak your mind along with your heart and it even resounds throughout the room.
its strong in here.
i wish i could speak to you. even that you would notice me.
because i feel somewhat foolish knowing we're this far apart.
you must meet so many fans, and oh, its just so glamorous.
but i dont concern myself with those things, or even people.
i care about you. your heart, thoughts, anything.
i take notice. that you are amazing.
and this underlined is why so many are drawn to you.
although they dont so much as get involved; they sit back.
which is alright.
but for me, i cannot help but speak and encourage you.
in any area, doesnt matter.
i know there are struggles and worries and heartache.
but know that there is a God so in love and concerned with your heart that all those other things arent significant.
He is in tune with us, so much so that the hairs on our heads are counted. to mention the least.
so take courage. we have victory through Him.
rejoice. at anything.
and be patient.
i hope tomorrow you enjoy the day. i will be praying for you, so smile, why dont you?

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