acoustic show; gainsville, florida.

Stephen Christian acoustic w/
Louis DeFabrizio (the kick) and Anna Becker
Christian Study Center
Thursday, October 27th for directions


kris said…
looks like i'll have to stay a bit longer than planned :)
Anonymous said…
Let me give you a bit of history on the Christian study center. It use to be called the Ox, when there was a different coffee vender in there, but the vender got kicked out, and now it's called the CSC. This use to be the place to go and "study," but half the time you would see all of your friends & get nothing done, or take a nice nap on the comfy couch upstairs. The couch is definently worth checking out. Have fun in G-ville & remember to check out "The Top" restaurant.
dreams&tears said…
too bad i live no where near florida... *sigh* i bet u guys are warm too, its soo cold here! *pouting*
Kaila said…
If only I had the money...I would totally fly out to Florida. But I'm too young to go by myself in a different state. Ugh This is sad I want to see that really bad!
Anonymous said… i said last night, i have thursday and friday off...and i've been telling friends in g-ville that i need to visit...

Cori said…
OOOOOO! Please, you have to go to the Top. You will think it's so rad! Sorry got a little excited. That's my favorite place to eat. Lots of vegetarian and vegan food. Also Satchel's pizza is really good too.
theandrewgordon said…
Dude, AWESOME SHOW, i love your voice, keep rocking, and my friend is excited about playing chello with you soon, she was psyched

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