so. here i sit at my little coffee shop in winter haven, florida. the hurricane completely missed us except for a couple rainstorms, a little wind, and a lackluster sunset. needless to say as i was sitting here re-reading wendy shalit's "a return to modesty," (which i will dedicate an entire post to later) i received an email from my friends from in ohio.
this is one of the highest compliments and something i am very proud of. this is cadence, named after anberlin's song on blueprints for the blackmarket. his father runs shield and buckler skateboards, and i have had the privlidge of meeting him once before. i feel very honored to vicariously be apart of their lives for many many years to come.


Anonymous said…
It did not just sweep over all of Florida. Further south in parts like Ft. Lauderdale people are left without homes and already six deaths accounted for.

But death and life are so intertwined...congratulations on Cadence.
dreams&tears said…
hes wearing a 'stand true' tshirt.
why do i know? yes, thats because i have spent the last couple of hours mentally fighting for silent day which is tomorrow, and which my school just revoked approval for. not that im listening. believe it or not i dont find the reason "you cant do this because womens' choice is protected by the constitution." and what about my right to freedom of speech?

ok anyways im ranting.

the kid is adorable, especially since he's named after your song...
Kaila said…
Yeah I plan to name my baby girl Cadence after your song too when I get older and have a child. I may change my mind but for now...
Morgan said…
I'm impressed, but does this mean I should name my twins Time and Confussion? haha, just a thought. Heb. 2:1-3
sj. said…
thats so awesome!
i love that name.
where i work, there a kid named Amerlynn..
which really sounds like a combination of Anberlin and Emery.. haha..
Lauren said…
Hey friend!
I know you guys are probably tired of touring now, but...why you gotta hate on the ATL? When are you coming back?

Much joy,
lyla said…
i was around orlando when katrina first started out. i absolutely loved the rainstorms. i loved the rain. it felt like a warm shower. here in vancouver, the rain is cold and gray. i am in love with florida.
nicole said…
'cadence' is hands down one of my favorite songs of all time.

Jen said…
It may not have been a very exciting hurricane for us here in Central Florida, but I must admit... the weather has been so amazing since it passed through! I will gladly take the coolness any day.

Still, it was strange how quickly the whole thing seemed to be over.
deb said…
he's cute.
Lindsay said…
i remember hearing "Cadence" when i was 12. i couldn't get it out of my head for weeks because of its overwhelming beauty and the way it touched me. Though i didn't realize the impact the song had on me back then, over the years it has become very clear.

Probably like many of your female friends, i'm looking forward to getting married and having a kid of my own so much. I've been picking out names for God knows how long, but i know that no matter what- i am naming my baby girl Cadence. A name that holds true meaning to me and always will.

Thank you for continuously inspiring me and leaving me in awe of what God has done in Anberlin, in their fans, and in my life. You've been a godsend.
bill nye said…
im naming my son cold war transmission
Anonymous said…
I cried the first time I heard Cadence. I'm not even lying. Not bawling but an unexpected wash of feelings, because it brought out something in me that I hadn't felt in a long time in hearing a song.

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