' "i want love how it is... a sleep deprivation pain in my chest that is only filled
when her voice rings through my ear, touches my hand, or slows down to catch a red
light so we can have one more second in each others eyes, and lips."

i wish i had said that. that sums up my thoughts about what i want from love so
well. but isn't love also that comfortable silence sitting in the car while driving
through the nite? no touch is needed, no whisper spoken. it's an ideal, to me at
least. i long for love in the sense that i want to know for certain that i want no
one else ever again in my life. to be able to say without needing another's
assurance that i love one person more than i love myself. i want it all and nothing
less. will i ever attain that goal? i can honestly say that i don't know. i don't
know for certain if it even exists. but what good is it to not dream? i'd rather
dream of a false ideal than live without a dream at all.'


Wow. I stumbled upon this while online. I was actually looking up Anberlin articles. This is so beautiful! I can't tell you how much I needed to read this tonight....to know that someone in the world feels the same. I realize many people don't express these feelings, but I think they're ever-present for everyone. I needed assurance that I can believe in people again. There ARE those who look beyond the vain facades and the decomposing masks. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. And might I just say...this would make an incredible song?

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