"Ignorance is abounding always fresh within me. or, rather, it is more
like parched ground. in which I must always water it with learning and
studious reading. I am young, it is true, but I have a mind that longs
for so much more.beyond the stereotype-like prison this society has
built for my age. I have had a most blessed life, and have been raised
in such a way that knowledge and wisdom has never been denied of me.
(But I digress) Although I cannot share wisdom, for wisdom is of
something learned through experience, I can share something I have
always been taught by those whom I trust to be some of the wisest, most
Godly people I have ever had the privilege to meet. God has a drawn up
plan for our lives, the perfect plan. (I like to think of it as a strait
line drawn on a plain white surface.) We can follow this strait line, or
swerve off. When we sin, we are not following God's will for our lives,
what he wanted us to do. (Although, the dramatics of this case may very;
sin is sin, but telling a white lie and murdering somebody may just vary
in consequences.) I believe if God wants us to get married, we shall
indeed be married. Not only that, but to the exact, perfect match for
us. I believe if we are, over all, in fellowship with God.continually
seeking Him and growing, God will bring that person to us at the perfect
time. Neither late, nor early. So much blessing and peace can be
received by simply giving everything aspect of our lives over to God:
our fears, our doubts, our joys, our regrets, our memories, our present,
our future.and our future mates for life. (Obviously, this is not simply
a trick of fate, a star-embraced happening.but an intricate plan.) I
love the idea of following what God wants for me, and never growing
concerned about it. I once had the experience of worrying that I was not
meant to be married.but someone told me that if God would instill such a
noble desire within a person, why wouldn't He fulfill it? The closer we
become to God, the more we desire what God also desires for us. This
brings up an interesting idea: If God's desires can also be our desires,
than what is there to fear? Surely, all our dreams will come true, as
long as we are following God's plan. Of course, there shall be
disappointments, sadness, and fear.but, once again, what is there to
fear if God is by us all the while? I speak not in self-assurance.even I
have yet to convince myself of this. This is where we must simply settle
on trusting God, and knowing things to be true, rather than carrying
every bit of our security on our emotions.(But I digress) To summarize
my rambling: There is no reason to fear or wonder about our future
spouses if we remain in proper, and progressing fellowship with God. "

~Hannah S.

dearest hannah, (what a beautiful name), im presupposing that you are talking about the judeo-Christian God, and with this argument i must retort. Where in the Torah/Bible does it say anything about God choosing a wife or a husband. I have seen "He who finds a wife finds a good thing," but that is about it. These books do not tell us who to love, but how to love. If you are going to give me the story about Isaac and Rebecca then i must retort by saying that that would be listed as a miracle and not an ordinary case throughout the bible. I am not trying to discredit Gods ability to "align the stars" and help you to find the person you will spend the rest of your life with, but im also not saying he does do that (because i have no proof and because Holy Books say nothing of the sort.
-the devils advocate


Anonymous said…
Stephen, God might not align the stars for every marriage, but it seems this letter is about trusting that our desires are in His desires and that they will come to pass in a sweeter way than if we are fighting to make something work that doesn't.
I really liked this letter from Hannah and I agree with her. It was surprising to see your response b/c the letter sounded like it was written in your voice.
Story of a Girl said…
Nonetheless, the Word shows through so many people of faith in the Bible that when we trust in Him he does not disappoint us. And that I believe, can be applied to EVERY situation .
Hannah said…
I am the Hannah who wrote this letter so long ago. It's strange to see what time does to one's perspective.

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