reject acceptance. accept rejection.

‘you have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.’
-ray bradbury

'so this is the new year and i don’t feel any different' (-DCFC), actually a lot has happened in 2008. A LOT.
this blog is simply a suggestion for those in need of new years resolution, or those who need another one to add to the list of things to change or improve on in the next 365 days. or 16 days, or 3 depending on your self discipline.

i heard a story recently (whether it was true or not i could not figure out but i did check out several websites that reverberated the same story) about producer steven spielburg and how he got his start by wondering off of tour on the universal studio’s lot and started meeting people and making connections which began his career.

that got me thinking, how much guts it had to take to knowingly sign up for the tour knowing full well that you just want to sneak off and begin a career even though your probably breaking the tour rules, and perhaps breaking a few laws in the process.

but whats the worst that could happen? honestly. who cares if people say no, at the end of the day what does it matter? rejection doesn’t hurt so bad when you look back in time and analyze all the success that simply asking will gain you.
so this upcoming year all i am asking is that you simply try. i know it sounds easy, but its not because sometimes it hurts to hear no. but what if, just what if there is a yes to be found amongst the no.

take a chance as ask him/her, talk to your boss about that new position, apply to that college you don’t think you have a chance at, plan that trip and worry about how to get another job to pay for it later, apply to another bigger better job you have always dreamed of, ask that person if they want to start a band, send out your poetry to see if the new yorker will publish it.
what is the worst that could happen, a no? a no from someone you may never see or hear from again? a person that is simply on the other line of the phone that you may never meet? and WHO CARES! life is to short to worry more about rejection than lavish in the possibilities that simply asking a simple question might bring.


i know that i have posted this previously but its one of my favorite quotes of all time, (you may recognize a lyric or two from NTFP)

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”


abbi said…
Thank you so much for posting this, it's just the kick I needed to start writing applications to the majors I want to do. Definitely needed that right now. Is the last quote from Teddy Roosevelt?
guard my dreams said…
wow. what you're talking about is probably one of my greatest weaknesses. rejection is my greatest fear, and it has held me back from accomplishing so much in life. the sad thing is, i see myself doing it, i realize how much it is cutting back my opportunities to succeed, and the few times i have actually done something without the fear of being rejected, i have seen how much better it made my life. for one thing, telling a boy (who i have now been in a relationship with for over a year) how much i cared about him is what prompted him to ask me out for the first time. but thanks for this post, i'll try to work on it in the next year. but old habits die hard holding on.
StanManX said…
Thank you. I've let fear of failure stop me from trying a whole bunch of things, and it's only been recently that I've thought, "Hey, maybe I could succeed..." 2009 may be a year of 365 failures, but I won't let it be 365 more opportunities that coasted by while I watched.
Latrina said…
Thanks for posting this, Stephen. It's exactly what I needed to hear. I'm in the process of some major changes in my life. All good, but only if I push myself to do what I need to do, your post is the push I needed. Thank you!
Antoinette said…
Spielberg graduated from my school and I've heard that story from many film professors, which is pretty inspiring. He got rejected from USC, I think three times, didn't go to the best school (most of his credits were from independent study, too) and still became successful. It just goes to show that rejection isn't the end of the world, but a chance to look for other opportunities.

With that said, I'll admit that I always tell myself to live my life and take chances, but I rarely ever do. I not only fear rejection, but I expect it too; the bigger issue is that I don't think I'm capable of whatever it is I'm trying to accomplish... but I'm working on it, and it feels like next year may be the year.
sway said…
definitely. too many people are driven by fear. but fear is the opposite of love, and it drives people to stop living. to live is to take a chance that things won't turn out the way you want, but that's what makes life beautiful :)
Chris said…
Thanks for your post today Stephen. I think you should resolve to publish your modesty blogs someday. I think many would be enriched by them!

"Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future only he can see." Corrie ten Boom

Have a happy and healthy new year!

Hey, Stephen...

Discovering your band this year was really something I'm so happy I did. I don't know if you read all your comments, but I just have to say, you might wonder how on earth you and Anberlin is changing the world, but you sure did something to me and perhaps a whole lot more people. This blog is exactly what I'm going through right now. I'm a musician also, (in fact, my dream is to become just like you, Stephen Christian!), and I experienced rejection this year. I know why too; I myself don't like anything I write, but I know it's really bad to compare myself to you guys. After reading this blog on New Years Eve, I've gained new confidence and hope (I nearly cried when you talked about asking so-and-so about starting a band, just asking). I know this all sounds really cheesy, but I just thank you so much for writing this and doing what you do. You're right. Rejection now doesn't matter when you're living in the future and looking back at how much you've done. Hey, you'll never really know when you guys are old and "legendary," which young band will come out and open for you one day. You really never know...

Happy New Year! ~Sam
chris said…
feeling inspired!
thank you!
elle said…
I agree wholeheartedly. With the end of my college career looming, I'm staring into an unknown future full of possibilities. Your words urge us to say yes to anything, but in my situation, I need to say yes to something. Choosing a new direction is difficult, but I feel confident through your words that I can do no wrong.

The reason people are scared of rejection is because we believe rejection is failure. But if I can accept failure, by accepting rejection (as you suggest), I know I can do no wrong. I'm scared to death of choosing the wrong thing. Which is something I've struggled with my entire life - of letting myself down, of letting others down. I tend to always choose the path of least resistance, the one that offers a favorable conclusion. It may not be the best choice, but its the one with the biggest payoff with the least risk involved.

But I'm vowing to yes to something now, because I'll never know if it was the right decision or not until I try it. In the end, I can be the one to reject it.

Thanks for the encouragement. Happy New Year!
S. Jags said…
This has actually been on my mind lately and is probably at the top of my resolution list for ''s a lot easier said than done but as you said, so worth the risk of that 'no''s something i've really been struggling with and this post helped add fuel to my resolution so maybe it just might work out this year. Thanks so's wishing you all the best in 2009! =]
kaulie janae said…
funny how fears haunt us, change us, limit us. funny how afraid we all are.

no matter how much you promise yourself that that no is meaningless, its still going to hurt. you're still going to feel it. and so the challenge of life, one of the many challenges, is knowing when its worth risking feeling that no. because its going to hurt and its going to hurt bad. but if you never risk the pain of rejection you can never feel the joys of acceptance. you cant get one without the other.

and i think what you're saying is that its worth the possible pain more often then we think, more often then we actually go ahead and ask and risk.

we're all so afraid.
and while there's plenty to fear, there's so much more to face and conquer and live that its a crying shame to let that fear define and limit what could be into what never even stood a chance.

all of that to say
yes, yes.
you're exactly right.
Megan said…
Thanks man, I think I really needed this. I am actually doing something this year--moving. I'm starting over. And I'm going to make the best of it.
Katie said…
this year i'll tell him.
Hannah said…
reminds me of my "goal" for the year and ever after. To persevere in everything that I can and to strive to do everything that I can.
Bethany said…
I'll apply to Harvard. And if I get rejected, there's always Oxford. ;)
NadyaE said…
Wow,thank you so much for posting this. This is actually one of my new years resolution..

but i have proven to myself that no isnt always disappointing.
if my first choice of high school didnt reject me, i wouldnt even consider going to a fast track school.. and look where i am now, 15 and in college :)
Vogue218 said…
Thanks Steven. I did this today. I revealed my feeling for someone. It was important for me to do so, and I believed the timing was right. I ended up being rejected by him. He's in love with someone else. Though I hurt and am angry, I don't regret taking that chance. "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." --Helen Keller
Nishant said…
Reject acceptance. Accept rejection. Accept Acceptance. Reject rejection.
amanda said…
This is exactly what I needed to read. My goal this year is to take chances and not be afraid of failure or rejection.
Ted said…
very nice post. goes with the whole concept of "simplify your life!" that i've been really looking in to. you want something, go after it. if God intended you to get somewhere or do something, this may just be your shot.
Aimee said…
how did you know i was having trouble with a resoltion? haha.

i am by nature a very shy person, and recently i have really tried to put myself out there more. and slowly i'm coming to see that what you say is true. the people that reject you, who don't believe in you aren't the ones that matter. it'll sting for a while, and you can let it happen, but then you just have to move on and try again. accepting rejection isn't giving in, it's triumphing. and i think my problem lately hasn't been so much fear of that rejection, but a feeling of insignificance in what i do. but i think i can shake that feeling by trying to excel and advance myself, in all aspects of life. i want to meet new people, have different experiences, and milk life for all it's worth. so i'm adopting your resolution. :-D thank you.

for the record, i write poetry, and now i'm thinking that maybe this is the year for me to send some out and try and get my voice heard. thanks for inspiring me. :-D
chris zak said…
thank you, stephen. i have an interview for a potential job position. i'm a journalism major at Temple, and everything I've done so far has been for free. As stupid as it may sound, this is advice enough to ask if there's a chance I can get paid.
Cimara said…
new years resolution. breaking my chains. thank you. :)
-JEss- said…
i get what you mean from this post. and its true; i am afraid of people saying no as a response and sometimes it hurts and puts me down.
therefore i decided to stay safe and not take the risk.

But since, i have started taking risks again. and going for things that i didnt know i could achieve.

However, what if the consequences comes worst? it would be a lesson learnt but reality hits back and then what.

i hope you find time to reply to this. i think i need more advise on this.

but thank you for the post. it has allowed me to think more about it.
Stephanie said…
Thanks for the post.

We all get so comfortable with the lives we live that it is often painful or uncomfortable to step out of our own personal status quos. The great leaders in this world are they that have taken risks and stepped out of their normal and daily routines to accomplish something they see as valuable and great. I really believe that we all have the potential to achieve greater things in our's just whether or not we allow our dreams to become a reality or not. The only person that can hold you back is yourself.

Recently, I've been inspired to add a few additional goals to my list for this year... your post really gives me a boost of excitement to move forward with my plans. It is so incredible to recognize the true power you have over your own life and destiny! I am excited for the great things I'll accomplish this year! Bring on the NOs!!!! Eventually, the Yes will come! :-)
Farahin !? said…
i used to be the top in the class in everything but after entering high school i slacked and failed alot of my subjects. my dad was dejected since i'm the only hope left for the family. Thanks for posting this. History is based on today. This year I will start off with a clean slate. I love your music btw !
Janelle said…
This pretty much just affirms half of the resolutions I made for myself.
Just Jennifer said…
You are so right. So many great things have passed me by because I was scared of the word "no". We should all be more afraid of what will happen if we don't try.
Luke Kingma said…
Thank you so much Stephen. For the past few years, I've done everything I could to avoid rejection, at the expense of a lot more happiness that I know I could've had. I'm applying for one of the hardest internships to get in the country (only two people will get it), but I'm taking a huge chance that could potentially pay off big. I'm giving it my all, because I really have nothing to lose. I'm also going to try to not hide feelings I have for fear other people will not feel the same. I'm also trying to break into the film industry, something I want to do for the rest of my life. This is a big year for taking chances, and I needed to hear this desperately. God bless
Anonymous said…
Very inspirational post, Stephen. This is obviously coming from experience and I'm sure this way of thinking has been critical in Anberlin being where they are today. Had I adopted this philosophy years ago perhaps my music career would be where I wanted it to be and I wouldn't be working a 9-5 desk job. I am definitely going to try to "accept rejection" and take more chances in the new year.
Marla Singer said…
Thanks for the encouraging words.
Jonathan said…
This was essentially my promise to myself last year (not a resolution since I never stick to those, a promise). And allow me tell you; you will fall on your face a lot. You will laugh a lot, hurt a lot, love a lot, and lose a lot.

But the growth is worth all of the pain and then some, and the joy is invaluable.
laura said…
this is one of my weaknesses for sure, and for a lot of people. my friend is going through a hard time recently, and she feels jilted too so i showed her this blog and she couldn't believe how much she could relate to this! thanks stephen from her :)

i have a lot of wild ambitions, but am always told they're not going to happen! but do you know what, they can if i try, whats the harm in it, if i fail at least i can tell myself that AT LEAST i put in the effort AT LEAST i knew i tried.
Matt Southard said…
To quote a moderately great pop singer: "Take a risk, take a chance, make a change and break away."

Thanks for the insight, Stephen.
Anonymous said…
thank you.
Mark Duarte said…
Thank God for New Years, and new starts. :)
Jared said…
you're and inspiration to me and others around you. god bless you!
Marie said…
a few years ago, a man i look up to very much told me no to worry about the money and follow my dreams to new york. fast forward 3 years and part of my job is checking your tour support receipts to make sure we pay you right. that's not the high point of my job but it does prove that dreams are worth following. i might not be a big exec with power, but i am learning more than college ever could have given me.
Anonymous said…
You know, this is exactly what I needed to hear/read to start off the new year. I'm right at the point in my life where I need to start applying for graduate school, but I've been putting it off because I'm going for creative writing programs and I'm terrified that I'm not good enough. I'm going to look at this like a kind of sign and just go for it, no matter how scared I am that I'll be rejected.
So, thank you for posting this, because I (like many others) really needed to hear it.
awesome post Stephen. I stumbled upon this blog from and I'm glad I found it. I have always admired the spirit and passion you put into your music. Anberlin has in my mind always stood ahead of the pack in the "emo" genre due to the positivity that ends up seeping into me through your lyrics and song. Give the rest of the your band my best and thank you for everything positive you are doing for this world.
V said…
This is exactly the type of thing I needed to hear/read. I need to get my writing out there, start sending things to short story competitions, poetry competitions... See if I can get some work in my chosen field of music journalism. It's hard to break into, but I'm not going to stop trying. And every time I feel like giving up, I'm going to come back and read this. Thank you.
Patricia M. said…
Ray Bradbury quote = hilariously well-timed. Just finished reading "Dandelion Wine" a few weeks ago.

I think I'm really gonna be depending on this post of yours in the next week or so. As much of a standard-American-teenager dilemma as it might be, I've been really afraid to ask somebody to our school's upcoming formal dance, and I'd gotten to the point where I thought I might not ask anybody because I was so afraid of rejection, but I agree that it's better to risk a couple "no"s than to take no action. If worst comes to worst, I won't go and I'll have a couple of awkward classes, but it's bettering that just bottling that junk up.

Thanks for posting :) Have a wonderful New Year!
Ronald Heidanus said…
Basicly it's all thru. People work from 9 to 5 and don't think about there dreams. I used to be in a band called Awaiting Seasons, and it was all about 'don't await your season'. Check the lyrics from Gravel's song Awaiting Seasons!
Sometimes it's harder when you're have a family and a house to pay, but although, don't be afraid and live the dream!!
Regards and have a nice year Christian,
[Cr*] said…
'because there is not effort without error and shortcomings'

i love that line quite reminded me this one ' poeple do not lack strenght, they lack will', 'no man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience'& 'deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own' but you put all of them in one line.
TJ said…
have you seen the new movie, "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey? it has a very similar message (like yours) in it, and actually inspired me to make "say yes to life more" one of my new year's resolutions.

if you haven't seen it yet, i think you would enjoy it.

there's another quote from a basketball movie that i don't recall specifically, but it goes something like "you make 0% of the shots you never take; your odds go up astronomically if you actually shoot the ball."

thanks for sharing this.
gina said…
this reminds me of a quote that i like by robert anthony.

"most people would rather be certain theyre miserable, than risk being happy."

this quote speaks more to the idea of certainty than misery. certainty is a safe zone and a comfortable place. that which is unknown is scary, thus it is rare that people venture far from what is known. because we have become so familiar with certainty, we are scared to step out of that little box, whether it is a state of misery of contentedness. especially in the case of misery, it is important to venture out, expand ones repertoire and familiarize oneself with that which is currently unknown.

lifes greatest pleasures are just out of ones direct reach; we need to work a little, risk a little, and reach a little higher to achieve these great pleasures.

that first step is the hardest, and after that all the rest seem to follow in place.

i am a strong believe that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. we can break through that glass ceiling if we keep trying. our imagination is our limit and fear is strongest force of imprisonment in life.
Shanrocks777 said…
"So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

That pretty much sums it up in simple black and white. But to me, it's not so much the "NO" that is paralyzing, but the prospect of...nothing. Not a "Yes" or a "No", but silence. What if that employer looks at my resume and says nothing? What if it wasn't even impressionable to comment AT ALL? What if that guy sees my number on his phone and doesn't even answer it? This, to me, (apathy or indifference) is even more discouraging than a 'no'. A no usually has an explantion to follow: "Because you're not qualified enough". So you brush up on your skills or improve them! "Because we have no openings at this time" So you apply at another time! No usually has a way to work around turning it into a 'yes'. :) But a 'nothing' is trickier. You can't force someone to respond. And I know these are all hypothetical 'what if' questions, but that's usually the root of all fear and halt in progress.

But thank you, Stephen. This is the most encouraging blog of yours, on a personal level, I've read. I will read this whenever I need an extra kick, be it within the next 13 days or 362 days...

Cheers to fulfillment of dreams and goals in 2009.
Raechel said…
Was someone watching Yes Man?

I actually haven't seen it, but thanks for posting this. There's something I've been contemplating in the back of my mind for a while. Whether or not I will pursue it or not needs more prayer (I have still yet to decide if it's something God wants me to do or if it's something I want to do-- something I also struggled with in the 08).
I never make new years resolutions, simply because I always thought that resolutions should be made all year round, but why keep from making a few at the start of the year? Thanks, Stephen, I'll definitely take this one into great thought.

Hau'oli makahiki hou!
Kathleen said…
Wow, this blog was really inspirational. I always have cared far too much about rejection, and I've suffered being a terribly passive person because of it. That is actually one of my resolutions, to stop caring so much about how other people I shouldn't care about view me. Just the other day I came across some people in public that were caddily (not sure if that's actually a word) about me, and I allowed them to completely ruin my once good mood. With my current insight, and this blog, I think I might actually be able to stop caring so much and accept rejection. (:
Sarah (: said…
thanks for posting this, you are so right! i didnt know this till i thought about it but i think rejection is my biggest fear. and i really do need to step out of my comfort zone if i want to get anywhere this year =\

love you and anberlin always!!
Anonymous said…
Wow...I just read almost the exact same thing on a Starbucks cup a couple hours ago....I think it's a sign!!
thisBrownOne said…
i guess, this is an obvious lesson in life that most of us miss and just take for granted. sometimes we just need someone to remind us of things like these. thanks for bringing us back to reality stephen:)
weirdoguitarplayer (hire me!) said…
Hey, did you guys ever here that Stephen said that his favorite cuss word was "poop"?

Aren't you so proud of him???
Anonymous said…
thank you.
i think almost every person i've ever talked to in film school, los angeles, or about my company all laughs and says "it can't be done" or "in this economy this is the worst time to start something". i figure someone has to make it, why can't it be me. when the rest of the world is suffering and closing their eyes, is when the best opportunities arise for the rest of us who keep going to see, why not now? it's so nice to find someone who gets it.

reminds me of a quote i read once that said "art isn't about making mistakes, it's choosing which ones to keep"....we can always find something out of what seems like the worst at the time when really it is all part of the journey towards the passion
Anonymous said…
Thanks I needed to hear/read that
Anonymous said…
Thanks I needed to hear/read that.
Anonymous said…
Thanks I needed to hear/read that.
Anonymous said…
Thanks I needed to hear/read that.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Thanks I really needed to hear/read that.
Brian said…
i saw on your twitter that you're going to write another book.. - awesome news! - i just finished your first a week ago.. - read it mostly in coffee shops, fittingly enough, or sprawled out in bed.. - look forward to whatever you create next.. - be well!
Lindsey Goodwin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, I really needed that. This subject reminds me a lot of that story in "The Last Lecture."
Katherine said…
Your blog helped me realize that I have been putting off a number of things for far too long. I also agree with guard my dreams - I have a big, big fear of rejection and failure. I harp on the past too much and I feel bad and I harp too much on things. I also love the quote - I plan on putting it in my profile. Thank you for the inspiring words.
Lulu said…
Excellent to hear someone voice what I have thought for a long time.(By the way I find that to be my reaction to most of your blog. Your book was lovely too. Write another?)There is a reason God repeated the "Ask and you shall receive" idea so many times:We tend to not get it.
Dave said…
Thanks so much, it's something that seems to run through my head a lot, but when other people seem to speak to your heart it puts an exclamation point on it and actually helps you get moving. And Abbi yes it is a Teddy Roosevelt quote
themockingbyrd said…
Odd. If you'll excuse a moment or two of complete digression, the development of Modesty Guild over the past year has been enormous, and I realized that I, personally, haven't commented in too long.

Unfortunately, my thoughts and comments in response to this post are confined to a hearty "Amen!"
Hudson said…
God brings Himself glory by turning an expected No into an unforeseen Yes.
Erin said…
thanks so much for that thought-provoking post! I just discovered anberlin, and this blog, and I love how thoughtful and interesting your posts here are.
This is actually one of my new years resolutions- be more confident, which i think fits right in with what you're saying. thanks for the encouragement! keep up the great work.
Adrienne said…
Hey thanks for posting this. Rejection is something I've been dealing with lately. I swear finding friends as an adult who has been in constant flux for the past 7-8 years is really difficult.
iwanttoplayguitarlikejoeymilligan said…
Wow, I'm inspired. :)
Patricia M. said…
SO: I baked a flippin' rad cake and asked that guy to that dance, and he said yes! Thank you again for your inspirational bloggings! I know I wouldn't have had the courage to ask him (let alone to go out and spend the money on a cake mix) if it weren't for you and the inspirational replies to this post!
Joe said…
What a day when I needed to hear this - I've been studying for the GMAT test to get into grad school and applying to 3 schools, 2 of which are good schools and one is my back-up. I am also in the process of trying to find a job (could I have had to do this during a worse time in our history?)

Never been so scared
cristen said…
you know are so right! i spent so many years of my life trying to be accepted by others. all i wanted was to fit in but i never did.
when i finally gave up and decided to be myself i found that more people liked me and i had so many more friends than when i was trying to be someone i wasn't.
i still struggle with this some but i am getting much better at it.
thanks for posting this. it was a big encouragement! :)

Anonymous said…
My thoughs on this subject:

One step forward
Two steps back
It’s not the knowledge
It’s the faith I lack

Over and over it’s the same old thing
Since I can’t remember/Since I don’t know when
But I want to break free/ Save me from me
Shed this skin I’m in/Let it go, let new life begin

One Step forward
Two steps back

Those little doubts
Plan their sneak attack
Drawing battle lines again
False scenarios where I can’t win
War rages inside my mind
Afraid of what I might find

Will it be just like I’ve dreamed?
A nightmare where I can’t scream?
Standing at an open door
Hoping for something more
I’ll never know if I don't go
turn the key…and just go…... don’t say no

Two steps forward
No steps back
I'll send you news
From the front line
Caleb McAlpine said…
I'm... terminally shy, we'll say. I'm not bad with people, or things, I'm just bad at seizing opportunities, making the first moves on anything, really. I'd always been aware of it, but this nice blog post reminds me how harmless it is to actually try.

I'm also impressed with the lack of 'OMGSH ANBERLIN, DID U DROP DAT!' comments here. I'm surprised!
Caleb McAlpine said…
I'm... terminally shy, we'll say. I'm not bad with people, or things, I'm just bad at seizing opportunities, making the first moves on anything, really. I'd always been aware of it, but this nice blog post reminds me how harmless it is to actually try.

I'm also impressed with the lack of 'OMGSH ANBERLIN, DID U DROP DAT!' comments here. I'm surprised!
Timolino said…
This is such a great post. I am a reader from Switzerland and a great fan of your music. This blog humbles me and keeps me on the edge to BE an inspiration to the ones around me. What a great example.
Rover Fox said…
This post really inspires me, alot! Thank you!

To often we wait around for God to open doors and windows instead of trying to run through the walls. Thats the point at which our faith is strongest.
although this comment will likely be lost in the mass of other various comments i will go ahead and put in my two cents...

i thought this was fantastic!
i have been reading your blog for over two years now. and you have inspired me more than i would ever have expected. you are truly one of my biggest role models. thank you for opening a part of yourself up to us so that we can see into the heart of a true thinking artist. i hope to meet you one day.

austin robb

(if you could possibly find time i would appreciate if you took a second to read some of my writings on here and give me some input on what you think. it would really mean alot. thanks!)
Chris[Miss] said…
Wow. That couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Perhaps we always need to hear this, no matter where we are in life. Thank you. That's all I can say. Nothing witty, quick, or deeply philosophical. Just thanks. Wow. God bless! I know he used you to bless all of us.
roscyn said…
Thx for posting! This reminds me of a quote I read once off of a card at a bookstore some yrs back:
'What if there was no such thing as failure, what would you do?'

It's all about taking chances, putting forth the effort, just do it! You never know where you will end up. Have faith, rejection isn't the end of end all.
Sometimes I'm not sure whether to keep fighting or just succomb to the pull of the tide. I say this in relation to my dream of working as a musician. I'm still in school, so it's not like I'm making a decision today...but adults seem to want to know your college major as soon as you can drive. I don't have a blueprint. My future is an empty plot of land...but the sun is rising on it. Perhaps someday when the sun finally sets I'll be able to look back and smile because I took a chance. What can it hurt? If it doesn't work out or I end up on a different path, at least it'll make for a great story someday. Thanks for posting this. You've added some color to the blank canvas of the future.
Josh said…
I'm reading the post late, but I have a bit I'd like to add, that's helped my boss and I, and a friend out, recently. This is stolen from some book about business managers. But it's cool. Paraphrased.

Just try it. If you don't get it, nothing is different now than it was before. Ask the girl out. If she says no, you're still without a girl, just like now. Apply for the job. If they say no, nothing has changed! You are still the same person. I am already not going to Harvard University, so if I apply and they reject me, who cares? I still won't be in Harvard!

This, applied at the wrong time, could be a bit of a downer, but I find it cheers me up when I'm thinking about doing something new and different. A friend of mine was worried about not passing a test, and I told her she already hasn't passed the test, so it would be no change. It helped her get over the anxiety of it and we could have a laugh instead.

This has a tendency to sound trite, and I don't mean it that way. But if it helps, use it, if not, throw it out and forget it. :)

Blessings, tmp.
Ang said…
This is really great, considering my new years resolution is to step out of my comfort zone.

But they shouldn't be resolutions, they should be goals. Cause goals you can fail and keep on trying. :)
Allison said…
i love ray bradbury! definitely one of my favorite authors. your entries are wonderful and a pleasure to read.
anna xo 47 said…
i recently found this on a starbucks cup and thought of you..

"I used to feel so alone in the city. All those gazillions of people and then me, on the outside. Because how do you meet a new person? I was very stumped by this for many years. And then I realized, you just say, 'Hi.' They may ignore you. Or you may marry them. And that possibility is worth that one word."
-Augusten Burroughs
iwanttoplayguitarlikejoeymilligan said…
That's it. I'm taking my chance in July. Thanks, Stephen.
Hannah said…
this post inspired me to try out for a play..
..i never thought i'd get in..
but i did. :]
tah.strotbek said…
ok, it's the first day of 2010 and i was here reading your blog.
and this post, well, i cant explain.
these words gave me the strong that i was needing to start this new year with full strenght.
rejection is one of my greatest fears, but 'no' is just a word. we dont have to fear a word.
thank you again for making me go on.

sorry for my bad english.
look forward seeing you soon,
tamara s.

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