"I was already in bed, but it didn’t take much convincing for me to leave its warmth
and to join yours. The temperature outside screamed single digits while our hearts
longed for double. That’s why you called. And that’s why I got out of bed. I
waited for your knock to confirm the reservation. But you had none and neither did
I. The snow wasn’t planned; it simply happened and so did we. Your gentle knock on
the door beat through my entire being. A deep breath and a turn of the handle, my
heart was awakened.

I stepped outside, but it no longer felt cold for your smile had removed the chill
from the air. Instead only laughter and snowflakes remained. Together we made
fresh footprints in the snow as we walked to the park. While the world around us
slept, our hearts were alive. We sled down the hills, threw balls of snow, and made
angels underneath the night’s sky. That’s when I offered you to taste the falling winter.
You were skeptical, but I assured you that it would be fine. So your city lips touched snow
for the first time. And then they touched mine. "

my favorite part is when you said "your city lips", very descriptive. much like hawthorne in 'a blithdale romance'. try clarifying the timeline, also think of other activities because not many people sled at night. i like it though!


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