"...I don't think that I can rightfully call myself any religion. I
don't know enough about any religion to say that I belong to it, or agree
with it. I am not going to simply belief in a pantheon of gods because my
parents do. Nor am I going to belief in a single Christian God because a
guy at school handed me a pamphlet telling me I'm going to hell if I don't.

I like the idea of a God, in a way. I think Jesus was a great leader and a
truly supernatural person. I don't agree with the vast majority of the
churches here though. I've been to most of them. One preached hate against
gay people... I don't understand how they can justify that when they're
supposed to "love thy neighbor." One of our Catholic priests got taken out
of the church for misconduct. It goes on and on.

I imagine I can't judge a religion by its followers though. If I did that,
every religion on the face of the planet would be out. Every religion has
its person who doesn't understand what its really about and completely
changes the religions values and beliefs.

Sometimes I wonder what good it will do me if I figure out what I belief.
Will it get me somewhere in life? The afterlife? Is there an afterlife? I
tell myself, "Yes. I think there is. There has to be." But why does there
have to be? This is where every religion requires a leap of faith, and I'm
afraid to take that leap. But I will.

I was going somewhere with all that. I think I was going to say, "I admire
people who have made that leap of faith." Something like that. Even if I
don't agree with the faith they leaped to, I admire them. That's more than
I have been able to do. Religions are beautiful things. All of them have
their own ceremonies(A word I've never been able to spell), their writings,
leaders... And all of them have done great things. Like Buddhism, its so
well thought out. Yet contradictory. They say its to make people think,
which I really like. People need to think more. Not be sheep, not follow
everyone, just because they won't be alone."

- I cant believe your 16 sasha. These are the most mature thoughts on religion I have seen for a girl your age. I have a grandiose pseudo-intellectual theological reply but im sure there are others who read this board who wish to reply to you before I do. thank you for your honesty, and open mind.


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