I am a human and I fail. this is a statement to say that I, stephen christian, am not perfect. I am no super hero or saint. instead I am here to acknowledge that I am a failure, like every other human being. I am the least of these, and have made more than my share of idiotic choices in my lifetime. I try to be a man of character but alas, can not say that with any sincerity. but I refuse to quit trying. I now know what it feels like to need Gods grace and mercy, and I would hope that each reader would not think themselves better than to need Gods grace, or think that they are better than anyone else. some have said that I have acted "holier than though", and if I have in the past than I am sorry, for I know that I am no better than anyone else in this world, and am not worthy to wash the lowest of the lows feet. the difference between me and others is though I feel as though my back is scar'ed by others slander, and my face covered in the dirt in which I have made my bed, I will stand and fight another day. and if through my failures I can teach others to avoid the snares I have so eloquently stepped in then my broken ankles are not in vain. each of us will fall one day or another ("for all have sinned and fallen short...") but that is the beauty of mercy, it is new every morning. and though tonight I feel like casting my life to the cruelty of mans words, tomorrow I will take up my weapons and fight another day. carry on dear friends, when life throws arrows, when days seem long and discouraging, carry on. dont be among those cold and timid souls who know no failure because they never tried. if everyone who ever failed simply gave up we would have no pastors, no priests, no clerics, no monks, no nuns, no saints, no temples, no mosque, no holy men, no teachers, no guides, and no need for the understanding of grace. you are not alone in failure, we have all tasted its bitter bread, but know this; you are also not alone in trying to regain your step, and placing your feet on solid ground once again.


Topekan said…
Lately I've had a struggle that brings me down many countless days, months, and years. And even though the next day can feel hopeless, I still somehow know that there is hope. A goal to be reached.

I hope we are always reminded that we are not perfect to only better show us we are loved and graced by God.
Story of a Girl said…
Wow. Very encouraging. And I can relate to being misjudged as you've been. Awesome that even though these words were written years ago, they still encourage today, right =)
Eden-Joy said…
Thank you so much for this post. Your words only continue to inspire me to live above the monotony that has befallen us all.

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