in reply to sasha

you're very right to reach the conclusion of not judging a religion by its
followers. there are plenty of things in my life that contradict what i believe. i
doubt you've read any existentialist philosophy at 16 (most people don't seem to get
into it till their college years), but you really might enjoy kierkegaard. he
delves into Christianity specifically, but he explores the seeming problems of what
he knows and what he believes. he torments himself with knowing about life and how
he can't use reason to establish what Christianity says is truth. he talks heavily
about taking a leap of faith to believe what he can't prove. as a Christian, and as
someone who likes to question what i believe, i identify with this a lot.

anyways, back to what you wrote...
you are very mature to not believe what someone tells you to believe. i think
that's a dangerous thing, and leads to what you said in the line "person who doesn't
understand what its really about and completely changes the religions values and
beliefs." but i do encourage you to figure out what you do believe. if you don't
have a reason to figure out what you do believe, you have no real way to know what
you don't believe. i heard a great line from one of our country's early presidents:
"if you don't stand for something, then you will fall for anything." it's kind of
a scary thing to do this step of life because you will find parts of your life that
don't line up with what you believe. that is really something that is hard to deal
with. how do you deal with that? i'm still working on that myself.


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