its 'make this mixed tape' time.

if you want to submit your own mixed tape just write me. it has to be good though, no twisted sister or james taylor. write me at
if you want to make this mixed tape for me i wont mind, i don't have a good computer or I would compile them myself.

name of group/album/song
1. The verve/urban hymns/bitter sweet symphony/1
2. The strokes/is this it/last night/7
3. depeche mode/violator/personal Jesus/3
4.flaming lips/the soft bulletin/race for the prize/13
5.morrisey/maladjusted/alma matters/2
6.cursive/ugly organ/driftwood/7
7.ours/distorted lullibies/sometimes/4
8.marrs volta-deloused I the coratorium/?/3
9.belle & sebastion/tigermilk/?/5
10. bob dylan/highway 61 revisited/like a rolling stone
11.johnny cash/ring of fire/ring of fire/1
12.elvis costello/best of/allison/1
13. outcast/the love below/prototype/7


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