You wont believe me. I spent almost an hour on my dads computer on the piece "heaven is...", and then all of a sudden with no warning my dell computer went into "hibernation", knocked me offline and ruined my journalistic brilliance and is damned forever in the hell (where all lost college term papers rest) known as shutdown-abyss.

I want to be more of a man of my word. im so tired of people saying one thing and doing another. The peak came within this last week. One of my friends 3 times told me one thing and then didn't inform me he was doing the opposite. Because of those faulty words I lost 200$, a Christmas present, and made me look like a fool because I in turn told others my plans... and failed. Let your YES be YES and your NO mean NO.

then last night I told Dorian I would meet him at old exit 23, and he calls me from the exit. I had made other plans and could not meet him. Then it hit me I had said one thing and did another, I realized then I am a hypocrite and should listen to my own advice. Let your YES be YES and NO be NO.


laurafee said…
"Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No, 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." - Matthew 5:37

the old testament allowed oaths except those that profaned the name of God. but Jesus, Jesus did away with all oaths, in favor of always speaking the truth.
Story of a Girl said…
shutdown-abyss. funny, lol

I agree, but then again, we quickly notice sometimes we do those very things we hate too.

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