"Life is a hospital where each patient is possesed by the desire to change beds. This one would like to suffer facing the stove, that one believes that he would be cured next to the window. It seems to me that i would always be will where i am not, and this question of moving is one that i will discuss endlessly with my soul."
Charles Baudelaire

did he read my mind? everywhere is my hospital bed. i move here/there and i think someone somwhere else is finding ecstasy elsewhere. contentment evades me like the women of my dreams, like fame, like money, like power, like intellectual stimulation. Chicago has art, Seattle has music, New Orleans has mystery, Paris has culture, Spain has elegence, London has fashion, New York has trend, and my apartment has... only me.


Lauren said…
ok i know you wrote this like 4 years ago, but thats how i feel right now.
Story of a Girl said…
I love it.... I've enjoyed your book so much. You're a great writer. you're writing is a gift...whether it's a song or in a book =)
Anonymous said…
My favorite book...it changed the meaning of existence for me. I happened to read it at a time I had three people I loved and cherished pass away. It helped me to not only cope but to heal and move forward in life experiencing every moment, both good and bad, with the people in my life. Be sure to read his other works if you have not...they are simply written but profoundly touching.

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