though 1000 daggers stuck in my chest, so your arms persuade to stay one more second.
though bricks were placed on my ribs, so your attraction for me is thus.
why am i here?
what am i doing here?
do i enjoy torture?
does my quickening heartbeat amuse you now?
my hands remain sweat ridden but my arms are growing tired,
i don't know how much longer i can hold you now.
you lie to me, not just with your words but with your embrace and charm.
the way we touch, the way you smile when i glace at you... i now see as a lie.
your waiting for him, so why do you keep me around.
he is stringing you along, and in return you are pulling these threads attached to my side... and it hurts like hell.
this is a war between you and him

i just want to go home, i just want to go home.


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