a young lady sent me this on www.stephenchristian.us;

hey, my name is (____)....i started listening to Anberlin not too awful long
ago and then visited your site and downloaded your solo songs. Ive been
reading your thoughts on the modesty writers guild and i must say that youve
made me think...i wont lie and say i agree with everything you write, i will
go so far as to say youve made me think. Ive been bewildered, angry, sad,
and even felt the same way. The one particular post that got me the most
was dated august 28th. It dealt with the human desire to leave a mark; to
make something of the lives we lead. Ive come to terms with the fact that
anything or "me" will never amount to anything or ever be remembered as
"great". I remember an essay once that i had to write and everytime i wrote
(and rewrote) it i hated every word i wrote even though it was what i
believed. On paper what i belived seemed so plain and commonplace....why
would anyone even read it? I wanted to change someones mind- i wanted them
to feel the same. it became tourturing process i had created for myself.
then one day i remember praying- but when i say that it wasnt really a
"prayer". i know there isnt one thought i think that God does not already
know so when i think even my thoughts are often a prayer to Him. I sat
there and just wondered to God what to write and then kind of slowly an idea
crept in that as i wrote started to actually seem worthwhile to me. (the
essay was about purity) i began to search my Bible for verses and suddenly
my essay took form. And i saw as i read it that it was good because it was
the based on the words of the living God- He said in His word that not even
one word of His will pass away. all of heaven and earth will before that
ever happens.....so yes- my ideas...your ideas- they will fade, get outdated
and be laughed at 10 or 15 years from today. But when i live the Gospel out
then it will not. I wont be remembered but i will not have lived in vain. (my fav part -stephen)
i was a vessel of God. I hope that made sense. Keep writing, im reading.

well (____) thank you for your honesty and honestly that is why i started this modesty w.c.; because i want people to think, be challenged, disagree, teach, and learn. i am interested in other peoples thoughts as well (gk chesterton currently) but feel free for anyone to send me their thoughts!! if its in any way profound ill post it, this isnt all about me, its about life and the pursuit of knowledge.


Anonymous said…
Wow. I have to say you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Stephen, you mean so much to me. If you could only know....

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