"dear stephen
in reply to your last entry, I think everybody at some point in their brief speck of time on earth wishes they can go
back to when the only problem they had was eating all their peas so they could have
dessert. Unfortunately, in our ever-changing world things come and go, everybody
knows it hurts to grow up. Reading your posts have made me think about some of the
actions and experiences I have encounterd in my life in a new light. I miss
childhood, but I always remind myself what I have lost in innocence Ive gained in
Freedom to try something different, Freedom to achieve something, Freedom to fail,
Freedom to lose it all, Freedom to rise from the ashes of failure, and freedom to
think about what is real and forever rather than some passing fad.

good point * but the problem philosophically here is that we as children never knew of such freedom, therefore never missed it. its like asking a person in tribe in africa if they ever crave mcdonalds or wish they could wear prada. well they have probably never been exposed to mcdonalds or prada and don't even know what it is, therefore they probably don't crave it or miss it. but your right if God placed me back in my body with the mental capacity and knowledge i have right this second i would be a miserable 12 year old knowing i am soon to face high school, the most unstimulating (which is actually not a word) time of my entire life. im rushed for time but you get the point of what im trying to say...


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