Wednesday, January 21, 2009


while reading a great book from a (new, yet) dear friend called ‘simple spirituality’* i stumbled across some interesting quotes by various authors but one stood out a little more than most. the lesson was by a man named henri j.m. nouwen a dutch born, catholic priest who authored more than 40 books on spirituality. in his writings henri said that there are three lies that one needs to overcome in this world for a full life.

1. i am what i have.

i have done many blogs on possessions and the attempt to collect and hoard wealth because, well that seems to be the new american dream. no longer is it the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of store bought happiness.

samuel kamalaleson, vice president of world vision said that if ‘we are unable to give something away, then we do not possess it, rather it possesses us. this struck me rather hard as i began to think/name off all the inanimate objects that i doubt i could part with. my car, my guitar, being a simple start but still convicting and makes me question ‘who owns who’?

2. i am what other people say about me.

this is a lie that i believe is even more potent and deadly of the first. this one has the power to change us into something unrecognizable, a shell of the person we once were. in my own life i see a childhood that was laden with insults; it took me years and years to shed those unwanted criticisms & actually believe that i could succeed and supersede expectations i had placed on myself in light of the words i placed myself under.

‘criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.’ –aristotle

as for the rest of us who may march to a different drummer, try something new, actually attempt to be ourselves and create change in our life (or the lives around us), then we must come to expect criticism. to be criticized is only human, but to change or amalgamate into what others have deemed is us is death. be secure in who and what you are, you are NOT what people say about you.

3. i am what i do.

you are not your occupation, your motivation, or your innovation. i have met many many band members that seem so lost after they quit the music business ; this is because the bigger you allow your pedestal to be built up the harder and longer the fall is on the way down. your career is placed in your life so that you can afford to spend time with your family, care for them, and meet their physical and emotional needs. your career is not a tag line on a business card that you begin to identify with and become.

changing your mind set in these three areas in your life will transform your life instantly, the problem is these lies may be so ingrained the process to rid yourself of them will NOT be an overnight or instantaneous.

work at it, began to take note of areas in your life where you: believe that you are what you do, believe what others say about you, and where you think you are what you have. call your thoughts out! and begin to realize that these are inhibiting lies that are poison to your potential & passion.


* chris heuertz