Friday, March 02, 2012

all alike

i daydream of planting people on an island with like-minded souls, it sounds odd but randomly enough i think about it a lot especially when i am watching the news. you know those people, their extremists in their belief to where whatever it is they are ‘standing up for’ has become more of a lifestyle for them rather than a simple opinion or a complex philosophy. and it is not one thing in particular, its republicans and democrats, its pro mother nature and anti establishment, it’s the super religious and the acute atheist’s. just out there. just so obsessed that no one else is allowed an opinion or another view opposing his or hers.
so my daydream consists of putting all people of one particular extremist view on an island together for just a year or so and let them see what happens. think about it, what if you put all the anarchists together, no social rules, no laws, no religion, and just let them live. they would instantaneously believe that they had found true freedom and liberation from whatever invisible hand was holding them down. pure anarchy. that’s actually what would happen, pure anarchy. i would be so curious as how many of them would be alive after a few years.
after those who survived came back to society i would like to see how their views had changed, would they still want to be on an island with essentially only their own opinion staring them in the face all day?
…which begs the question, what if i put you on an island by yourself. what would you be staring in the face? perhaps the first week the companionship with the other like-minded people would be harmonious, but what about a month, what about a few years? people have tried to force people into being like-minded, one such incident was called socialism, but it didn’t last because they forgot to factor in the simple fact that at the end of the day we are… human. at first the idea was that we were all going to be equal, a wonderful/blissful concept. then one people decided to elevate himself or herself above the rest, and suddenly it looked more like a dictatorship than equal reign. that was there island, which was the eventual end of the island as well.
so what is the eventual end of your island. what one concept that you are so firmly planted it could cause your eventual demise?
well here is honesty, a few years back i was a drink-the kool-aid republican. i listened to rush, read coulter, and subscribed to hannity. i was a sound bite poet quick on the draw with an antidote on how to save america from itself. i am not saying i have swung to the complete other side, nor have i stayed the same. i am learning how to see each and every argument and stance from a different angle. why do they want this particular program? why do they believe that this is how our country should be run? if i was placed on an island by myself then we would have one sided ourselves into a fearful oblivion.
no i am not perfect, nor do i think i could survive on an island with like-minded people today, i am still learning and growing. however, by looking at every possible scenario and outside perspectives for life’s most daunting questions might be the quickest way to finding internal resolution for all mankind.