Thursday, October 18, 2012

'cellf' absorbed

don’t look unless you want to be taken back a little. the crazy thing is your probably within one foot of it and it is absorbing you. slowly.

so many things in life that i want to learn. if i could implant some microchip in my brain and instantly learn kung fu, spanish, how to cook breakfast, and a full knowledge of architecture i would. but learning takes time, and anyone will tell you that to really master something you must practice for 10,000 hours. i don’t have that much time, i just need more time. we can find time, perhaps its that we don't really want to look in depth where our time is actually going.

curiosity is the beginning of learning, you have to be somewhat interested in a topic for you to fully explore it. sir issac newton holed up on in his room on a summer break from college in his early twenties with a prism and changed our entire thinking on light and color. imagine if he had access to internet radio and the app store, would we even know his name?

everything in moderation. i can’t imagine a life before my ‘phone’, after all i found this coffee shop that i am at writing this using my smartphone. there is a need for it, i keep in contact with home and friends, i discover new music, i am even listening to a history class from yale using itunesu. our world is smaller because of technological advance, with opportunities to learn and progress and it fits in our pocket. but then what. are we learning and growing or are we consumed and addicted.

last night we had ‘family dinner’, which is just the guys on the bus going out to eat all together on the day off. we played a game where we all set our phones in the middle of the table and said the first one to pick it up before the tabs get there has to buy a meal. i have to be honest, it was harder than one would think. someone would say something about a video and i immediately wanted to see it, someone would mention a random fact and i wanted to double check it. you are not alone in your addiction… trust me.

i love post-apocalyptic literature and films, the lead character is usually trying to eek out some time of survivalist existence. if i am honest with myself i am sometimes jealous. sure he has no shelter and does not know where his next meal is from but he is also not obsessed with checking twitter or emails marked important like i am.

are you ready to look yet? i am letting you know that you will probably be taken aback a little. under your setting there is a usage button on most phones. check your cellular usage. i did. i have been on my phone almost a week of my life, and this is a newer phone one of many i have owned. one week of my life has been spent with this machine to my ear. on my death bed i will wish for that week back.

my phone is ringing. ironic. i am going to let this call go.