Monday, August 10, 2009

lord of the flies.

i sat in church a few weeks back.
it was a really archetectually asthetic structure, with wood beams, sterling silver, and large windows. honestly it felt more like a loft than a church. i wanted to live in it, not practice my faith there.

as the service went on i noticed something so very peculiar. basically everyone that went to church there looked like they were from silver lake, california or williamsburg, nyc... basically 'hipsters'. not that i have anything against that at all, but upon further observation i saw that there was not one old person in the building, then i realized that there was not even one older person there, then i realized that there was not one person over 40 years old!

in the book 'lord of the flies' a group of boys get stranded on an island and end up having to fend for themselves, before long one by one a group of the boys began to kill the other. it is a fascinating read, and short, and is one of my favorite books because it shows the shear barbaric state we digress to when not held accountable.

in this country, because this is not a global phenominon, we value youth or the apperance of such. i am not sure why or how we 'digressed' to this state but i feel we are doing ourselves and our communities a disservice by alienating those who have more wisdom, knowledge, and years to share.

have we so segregated ourselves from those who have time on their side, thus limiting our knowledge of things to come? in essence, if there is 'nothing new under the sun', then aren't people older than us basically time travelers, how much can we learn from those who can see into our future?

we may all go through different experiences, travel to different locations, have different friends; but in this life there are much more that we share in common with our fellow man than we have different. in the same way i feel that our grandparents, people we may work with that are older, our elders, etc. may have an insight into our lives that the people closest to us our age may not have.

what happen to the word 'mentor'? i feel that it is a lost art and life left to the past. i admit that besides my father i do not have one, its not that i am not open to it, i just feel that this current culture does not extend its hand to such. my challenge is to somehow come up with ideas on how to incorporate people 20 years older than you, or more, into your life.

now i digress... are we not slowly creating an island of age in our little world? are we not simply the shipwrecked boys on an island slowly eliminating each other due to our lack of wisdom, knowledge, foresight, and accountablility?

to progress we must incorporate all to learn,
we must learn so that one day we might teach,

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

sense of an accomplished day.

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”



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