Saturday, December 20, 2003

You wont believe me. I spent almost an hour on my dads computer on the piece "heaven is...", and then all of a sudden with no warning my dell computer went into "hibernation", knocked me offline and ruined my journalistic brilliance and is damned forever in the hell (where all lost college term papers rest) known as shutdown-abyss.

I want to be more of a man of my word. im so tired of people saying one thing and doing another. The peak came within this last week. One of my friends 3 times told me one thing and then didn't inform me he was doing the opposite. Because of those faulty words I lost 200$, a Christmas present, and made me look like a fool because I in turn told others my plans... and failed. Let your YES be YES and your NO mean NO.

then last night I told Dorian I would meet him at old exit 23, and he calls me from the exit. I had made other plans and could not meet him. Then it hit me I had said one thing and did another, I realized then I am a hypocrite and should listen to my own advice. Let your YES be YES and NO be NO.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i understand it is taking me some time to write the next piece, but i want this to be good; i am writing the correlation between socialism and Christianity entitled "heaven is the only communist society." please be patient, i have not forgotten about you dear friends.

Friday, December 05, 2003


"ours- here is the light
doves- man who told everything
duncan sheik- she walks away
radiohead- true love waits (among many other)
jimmy eat world- no sensitivity
coldplay- sparks
u2- sunday bloody sunday
pete yorn- strange condition
sparta- collapse
238- modern day prayer
travis- writing to reach you
get up kids- anne arbour
jimmy eat world- ten"

thanks freshness, and people wonder why we get along so well, just look at that tape. ladies and gentlemen one of my few close friends dorian.

Monday, December 01, 2003

its 'make this mixed tape' time.

if you want to submit your own mixed tape just write me. it has to be good though, no twisted sister or james taylor. write me at
if you want to make this mixed tape for me i wont mind, i don't have a good computer or I would compile them myself.

name of group/album/song
1. The verve/urban hymns/bitter sweet symphony/1
2. The strokes/is this it/last night/7
3. depeche mode/violator/personal Jesus/3
4.flaming lips/the soft bulletin/race for the prize/13
5.morrisey/maladjusted/alma matters/2
6.cursive/ugly organ/driftwood/7
7.ours/distorted lullibies/sometimes/4
8.marrs volta-deloused I the coratorium/?/3
9.belle & sebastion/tigermilk/?/5
10. bob dylan/highway 61 revisited/like a rolling stone
11.johnny cash/ring of fire/ring of fire/1
12.elvis costello/best of/allison/1
13. outcast/the love below/prototype/7
A series of painful events happened to my good friend Anne Marie tucker and here is what she wrote...

"....This random insurance lady when I was on the phone with her said, mother Teresa once said, 'God said he doesn't give us anything we cant handle but why does he have so much trust in me?'"

how amazing is that? So simple yet so true. Thanks Anne Marie.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Blithedale Romance", -the wood-path chpt. XI

"Not long after the preceding incident, in order to get the ache of too constant labor out of my bones, and to relieve my spirit of the irksomeness of a settled routine, I took a holiday. It was my purpose to spend it, all alone, from breakfast time till twilight, in the deepest wood seclusion that lay anywhere around us. Though fond of society, I was so constituted as to need these occasional retirements, even in a life like that of Blithedale, which was itself characterized by a remoteness from the world. Unless renewed by a yet farther withdrawal towards the inner circle of self-communion, I lost the better part of my individuality. My thoughts became of little worth, and my sensibilities grew as arid as a tuft of moss (a thing whose life is in the shade, the rain, or the noontide dew) crumbling in the sunshine, after long expectance of a shower. So, with my heart full of drowsy pleasure, and cautious not to dissipate my mood by previous intercourse with any one, I hurried away, and was soon pacing a wood-path, arched overhead with boughs, and dusky brown beneath my feet."

Solitude, i am not sure why i adore it so. the feeling of being by myself, able to think through situations or imagine new possibilites for my life. i think people like the TV/Fastfood lifestyle, where everything happens so fast, they have no time to think, dream, or know themselves.
Aristotle said "The unexamined life is not worth living,"now im not saying sucide is an option if you dont spend an hour a week by yourself, but i am saying take some time. If any of you dont have a journal i really encourage you to write in one. your kids can learn from it, you can learn from your acomplishments, and make sure you dont make the same mistakes. so go to barnes and nobel and buy a 4$ blank book and start. Di Vinci, Van Gogh, Joan of Arc, etc. all kept journals, now its your turn.
-stephen christian