the greatest success at being a qualified failure

"I have been reading some of your entries, and the first question that comes to mind
is; What makes you so qualified to make these judgements/analyses? I know, you
repeat yourself and talk about not living for yourself and living for others, and not
caring what others think, but it seems that you contradict yourself. The SteVen I
see from afar and the StePHen from the site seem like 2 different people. The March
24th entry made me laugh. Do you pretend to be someone else when you write your
entries? Do you take your own advice? Just wondering."

well first i must say thank you for not only writing me but also reading
i am in no way qualified to write modesty. i am a failure @ relationships
and the march 24 entry was more from people learning from my mistakes than
anything else.
i am human. i have made horrible mistakes in my life. i dont consider myself a good person, if anywhere on modesty i have made
that assumption please tell me and i will erase the entry.
actually, by all accounts, on tuesday november 25th @ 2:13am i wrote

I am a human and I fail. this is a statement to say that I, stephen christian, am not perfect. I am no super hero or saint. instead I am here to acknowledge that I am a failure, like every other human being. I am the least of these, and have made more than my share of idiotic choices in my lifetime. I try to be a man of character but alas, can not say that with any sincerity. but I refuse to quit trying. I now know what it feels like to need Gods grace and mercy, and I would hope that each reader would not think themselves better than to need Gods grace, or think that they are better than anyone else. some have said that I have acted "holier than though", and if I have in the past than I am sorry, for I know that I am no better than anyone else in this world, and am not worthy to wash the lowest of the lows feet... and if through my failures I can teach others to avoid the snares I have so eloquently stepped in then my broken ankles are not in vain. -stephen"

I simply now write what i see, feel, and LEARN. i dont view myself as an advise column but a history book, where others can look back at my life to know what they should not do in theirs. thank you again miss. leery for the inquiry of my character.



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