Sunday, April 11, 2004

Death to Materialism

creating needs and wants where none previously existed.
What do we really need? What do we really want?
and what are the differences between the two?

America is consumed with consuming!
we are rich in material possessions but poor in quantity of time.

Do your realize that you purchase out of fear?
think about that for a moment, we purchase the most modern trends so that others (who we don't know) will find us socially acceptable.
Try buying something you like instead of trying to impress people you don't.
Stop trying to impress people with your stuff and start impressing them with your life.

Simplicity is the answer, become a minimalist.
Why are we so attatched to our possessions?
do we control our possessions or do our possessions control us?
"You are not your khakis" -Tyler Durgen (fight club).

3 ways to kill materialism in our daily lives.

1. buy things for usefulness rather than status
2. reject anything that produces an addiction in your life (compulsions)
3. refused to be propagandized by modern gadgetry/technology/advertising tactics.

Realize that Advertising is created to make you feel inadequate

need less
down grade

Thursday, April 08, 2004

i don't know if many of you know that i have a website where i have put up a couple of my songs. i know they are old but i have not had the chance to record any more recently. but i will, soon, i hope. my friend Ben Harben did this website for me for free, so if your in need of a website contact him at

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I was in 5th grade, my dads job took us everywhere around the United States, I never really had a place to call home until we moved to Florida later down in life. We had just moved to Irmo, South Carolina and I had met neighbor friends who were around me and my brother Paul ’s age. The invited us to go skating at “skaters choice” a local roller skate rink where frequent all night skates were exercised. My parents allowed my brother and I to attend one of these such events, so on a Friday night we left home, with enough money to rent skates, but not enough for speed skates.
It is amazing how that our perception of fashion and self-worth seem to adapt to how others view us over time. We slowly evolve into the words and actions of others pushed upon us in our young lives. We are like a statue, slowly being built by family and peers, the concrete; words. The chissle; our self worth. But I marched to my own drummer in Irmo that night.
Skating to the beasty boys “you’ve got to fight for your right…” I felt that I had not yet in my life fought for the right to party, and I was going to start that night. I didn’t know where the party was, and even if I did I probably wouldn’t have been invited. There I was skating in my brown rental skates in a never ending circle. Tan short pants that made a cheerleading skirt look like a Quaker norm. My shirt was a royal blue button down with 2 parrots on the back which I named that night, but currently don’t remember. My hair was that of a marine right out of boot camp, and probably the brunt of several jokes that night from un-adoring peers, but as for me, I was “fighting for the right”. At that point in my life I had been home schooled for some years, and the concept of “IN” or “OUT”; the word trend and cool had no bearing in my life. I soon learned.
Why do we spend so much of our lives caring about what other people that we may never see again, think? But we do, And such is life.
I recently was discussing with a fellow peer in the music industry why he no longer performs on stage like he used to. He said that for ever 1 person that loved his antics on stage there were 2 that did not. Well @#&@ those 2 other people. We should not be out to win the approval from anyone but ourselves. Some may make fun of the way I dance on stage, and well, now you know how I dance when I’m by myself in my room listening to the Smiths. If those 2 out of three of you don’t like it, don’t come see my show. I can only be myself, and not what you want to be. If I could find another parrot shirt, I would name the two parrots on the back, wear really short tan pants, hit “skaters choice”, and fight for my right.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

"the book of love is long and boring, no one can lift the damn thing it's full of
charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing."
-aimee the cynic.

Then my dear aimee you have never been in love.
One who is in love could never describe love, it is not boring or long at all.
It hits you in the same way a prize fighter would strike, it is unpredictable like weather,
it sees neither race, creed, or background... It sees what is truly there;
uninhibited passion.

Do not force yourself to fall in love, love is something designed by our maker
it comes in due time, and in due season.

do not search for it, It is not a treasure to be hunted or won, it is free and
audacious like wind, or God. We can't see it but we know its there.

Many wars have been fought, many lives have been lost, many hours have been spent, and days wasted on this complicated theorem called "love". You think it is facts and figures, I say it is simple and innate chemistry.

"In the song amazing grace (which I have found memories of from St Joe, laying in grandma's lap and having her sing it to us in church) it says "how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me". I believe many Christians have forgotten that we are STILL that wretch and the only thing that saves us, or makes us different, is that we have accepted Gods grace... We may change and attempt to seek God but that does not make one "good" or better, we are simply STILL that wretch, but a wretch that has exercised grace. Most Christians believe (as I am guilty of in the past) that they are no longer that wretch but one who is simply found and therefore transformed with no association to those who have chosen otherwise."
-Christian Winterset