Death to Materialism

creating needs and wants where none previously existed.
What do we really need? What do we really want?
and what are the differences between the two?

America is consumed with consuming!
we are rich in material possessions but poor in quantity of time.

Do your realize that you purchase out of fear?
think about that for a moment, we purchase the most modern trends so that others (who we don't know) will find us socially acceptable.
Try buying something you like instead of trying to impress people you don't.
Stop trying to impress people with your stuff and start impressing them with your life.

Simplicity is the answer, become a minimalist.
Why are we so attatched to our possessions?
do we control our possessions or do our possessions control us?
"You are not your khakis" -Tyler Durgen (fight club).

3 ways to kill materialism in our daily lives.

1. buy things for usefulness rather than status
2. reject anything that produces an addiction in your life (compulsions)
3. refused to be propagandized by modern gadgetry/technology/advertising tactics.

Realize that Advertising is created to make you feel inadequate

need less
down grade


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