"the book of love is long and boring, no one can lift the damn thing it's full of
charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing."
-aimee the cynic.

Then my dear aimee you have never been in love.
One who is in love could never describe love, it is not boring or long at all.
It hits you in the same way a prize fighter would strike, it is unpredictable like weather,
it sees neither race, creed, or background... It sees what is truly there;
uninhibited passion.

Do not force yourself to fall in love, love is something designed by our maker
it comes in due time, and in due season.

do not search for it, It is not a treasure to be hunted or won, it is free and
audacious like wind, or God. We can't see it but we know its there.

Many wars have been fought, many lives have been lost, many hours have been spent, and days wasted on this complicated theorem called "love". You think it is facts and figures, I say it is simple and innate chemistry.


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