a humbled thank you/ acoustic stuff

thank you to everyone who has kept up, commented, and talked to others about modesty. because of modesty i have been asked to write a alternating-monthly column for lowercasepeople.com (a website that will be coming very soon!) based out of san diego, california! so thank you, thank you, thank you!
also sorry it took so long to get this up on the net
i want to record more soon, but these were done for $25 in a studio in texas.


Anonymous said…
Congrats Stephen! Sounds like an exciting new project. Your words definitely give us all something to think about and the inspiration to brighten our days.
All the best,
Heath said…
stephen, i'm publishing a book.
Anonymous said…
You are welcome! You are extremely inspiring. You being so positive makes me want to try harder at life. Do more. Live more. Be more. So, thank YOU Stephen Christian.
Anonymous said…
you should put up Empire, that's a great song as well.
Keri said…
You never cease to amaze me. I've seen you several times and everytime is better. This acoustic stuff is no different...astonishing. Never stop doing what you do best, being yourself. Lata gata!!

Keri :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful music :D
Anonymous said…
your songs are amazing... i love anberlin and let me tell you, there are many fans over here in japan, you guys should definitely come here sometime. take care on tour. peace!

the_benz said…
Josh said…
Hey Stephen,

The acoustic stuff is amazing. I like the blog as well.

By the way,
*cough* anberlin needs to come to michigan *cough*


Anonymous said…
Does it scare you to put yourself out there as a solo artist without the comfort of your bandmates? Also, this new acoustic material seems so much more personal. It seems it would be intimidating to go public with it.

Anonymous said…
what about that song "anywhere is everywhere"? or "good morning, denver"? why don't you post those?
Anonymous said…
I love the new stuff, or rather, your stuff haha :)

-moni, va
Nicole Rork said…
any chance you might be releasing an EP or full length in the near future?
Sasha said…
Pretty stuff. I love Heaven or Hell... and I like the title you gave it. It really resonates with me.
MH said…

I hope things continue to go well and that this summer would be as relaxing for you as it is for those of us who are enjoying a much-needed break for school (and those like me who just had a birthday).

Anonymous said…
I am so proud of you, not only as an artist, but a person who has great talents from God working through you. Thank you for letting us see a different side of you.
Anonymous said…
It's neat to see how so many artist are doing solo acoustic stuff. It is good to see how much you have changed or rather grown in your music since the days prior to Anberlin. Barb (McBride) and I use to talk about how it would have been had you not changed your name. You are an amazing artist.

Anonymous said…
this acoustic stuff is nothing short of amazing. i really like your playing style...please post more/make it available for download, would love to listen to it on my headphones...haha i saw anberlin at lupos in Providence RI...the best performance that night period...ill be seeing you guys again at the Living Room in Providence...peace


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