dont let this be Rwanda part two... get involved!

if you havent seen hotel ruwanda please go buy it. it will convict your lives forever. it took the lives of millions of people in 1994 and still the violence has not ceased. it is happening again in dafar, help make other people aware of the problem, than get involved. write your local senetors and congressman/congresswomen and tell them that america needs to step in and prevent the deaths of innocent people.
please please please get involved! below is one way to help.
-stephen christian

National day of action on Darfur
Since the Darfur genocide began in 2003, up to 400,000 people have lost their lives. More than 2.5 million people have been displaced, their livelihoods and villages destroyed by government forces and their proxy militias, and thousands of women and girls have been raped.
The religious community in the United States has the power to help end the genocide and quell the humanitarian crisis that has come in its wake. Now is the time to make our voices heard.
Sojourners, in partnership with Africa Action, Cedar Ridge Community Church, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, is organizing five Sundays of public worship in Washington, D.C., to focus on Darfur. But our voices will only have traction if they are joined by a chorus of your voices and prayers around the country. Please join us for a National Day of Action on Darfur on Sunday, July 10. As we'll be worshiping and providing political witness at the White House here in Washington, we ask that you join us in your own community. We're asking you to talk to your pastor, rabbi, or faith leader about including Darfur in your worship service on the weekend of July 10.
Sojourners also is compiling prayers, liturgies, and other worship resources, which you can receive by e-mailing
Please join us in raising the voice of the faith community to give real meaning to the words Never Again.
In peace,
Adam, Katie, and Matt
Sojourners' Organizing Team


MH said…

Unfortunately, a newly acquired driver's license isn't quite enough to be allowed to drive to D.C., no matter what the cause is. Prayers, however, I can offer, most 'for certes'.

Anonymous said…
The situation in Sudan, in general, has been horrific and shocking.

(I checked your blog tonight, oddly enough...)

I just came back from a benefit for the Lost Boys of Sudan. You know its nice to see how God uses people to do His will, especially for those in need. I've been working with the Lost Boys through an organization we started this year at my high school. I've gotten to know Samuel, Angelo, James, and Rhoda (a Lost Girl) very well this past year, and I'm now learning to realize the impact that I can have, even at a young age. You know its sad because the American youth is so caught up in themselves and its a "me me me" thing, and I'm totally guilty of it as well, but I wish we could open our hearts and minds for those in other nations, and recognize their troubles and tribulations and really come together for them.

Angelo and the others have been invited to speak with the gov. of Va and senators & representatives on July 27th. They've invited me to go with them. I'm excited to see what God has instore for me and them as well.

Anyhoo, my whole point in writing this is that its nice to read your recent blog on the nations. Its refreshing, and if we just keep pushing that awareness, we can turn this world around :)

moni (va)
nicole said…
thank you so much for spreading the word about those horrible atrocities like the genocide in rwanda and sudan. it goes on too much in the world and i feel that the more people that know, the more people will feel inclined to take action. i recommend reading "shake hands with the devil" by general dallaire (who was the un general in rwanda during the time of the genocide). it is very powerful.
and, i totally agree with MH above, go to the invisible children website.. that documentary is a great one on child soldiers in africa.

thanks, nicole
Cori said…
Thank God for young people somewhere that have an interest in the world outside of themselves!

I have to say that the previous posts are so refreshing to read. As a youth leader I am constantly frustrated by the self-centeredness and general blindness of the majority of middle and high school students. Over the past three years or so I have become increasingly more involved with organizations like Oxfam and Make Trade Fair and have had a more attentive eye on the social injustices that are occurring all over the world. I may not be able to stop these attrocities from occurring but hopefully I can influence a few young people to get involved and pay attention to what's happening in their world.

Thanks to Stephen for creating such a great place to discuss issues that are meaningful and mindful of others across the world.

V. Cori Chance
SMITTY said…
great post...the world appreciates it. I posted an article similar in nature on smittycity.blogspot. It was my first post (Hotel Sudan). Check it out.

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