never, ever stop questioning.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.
-Albert Einstein


Kate said…
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Kate said…
i love it.

i heard a quote somewhere at some point in my life that went somewhere along the lines of
"I'd rather live in a world of mystery than in one so small my mind can comprehend it."

I've always loved that quote, even if I couldn't remember it word for word :)
deb said…
questions of life comes with maturity. as we mature, we become more complex, thus asking more questions. it's a vicious cycle, really. =) something i learnt last week.
Scooby said…
i used to think i had to be able to wrap my head around everything, put a name to every belief and have a stance on every cause. but in job, it says this... 'Do you think you can explain the mystery of God? Do you think you can diagram God Almighty? God is far higher than you can imagine, far deeper than you can comprehend, Stretching farther than earth's horizons, far wider than the endless ocean.' it puts a new perspective on things.
Anonymous said…
i was just talking to a friend today about how

"we always have more to learn, don't we?!"

even if its a fresh perspective on an issue we thought we'd nailed down.

i think that's the most beautiful
quality in a person - a teachable spirit. that's the number one quality i want in a husband - that he'll desire to always be teachable when God speaks.

i don't think you can be teachable unless you're willing to ask questions and desire to learn the answers.

i love the thought of a holy curiousity - and i think it's really humble of einstein as one of the most brilliant minds of the century to acknowledge that the best way to live life is to constantly seek to learn more, from God and other people.
kylie!! said…
You make me smile. I am glad for you everytime I visit this site. Not that I am happy about something for you- but I am glad for the fact that you exist. You make me think- and for that, I thank you will all of my being.

Here's to finding.
Meg-a-roni said…
“The system of revealed truth which this Book contains is like that of the universe, concealed from common observation yet...the centuries have established its Divine origin.”

-Isaac Newton

What I think I like most about finding quotes by famous scientist is that the majority of them were christians, yet so many people now days would never know.
Joel Spencer said…
Curiousity. We could spend all of our lives searching the depths of all that God and His vast universe entails. If only the world would spend more time searching who God truly is than they spend sweeping His existence under a rug. Thankfully, one day all that is hidden will become known.
Anonymous said…
I don't believe in fate.
I feel it's a mistake to trust in such
A flimsy, spiteful thing
Although I know as much
When I saw you for the first time
And that old ring of mine
I always wear
Was a mirror image of
the tattoo on your back
I did think quickly, nervously
About fate.

But with even more speed
I pushed the thoughts away
And forced my mind to stay
Only on the though that
I like the muscles on your back
The ink that surrounds them
Nothing more - nothing less
I keep my feelings very thin

I keep everything thin
Without me and within

I don't believe in fate
But the day I hit that sparrow in the road
And came to see you approaching
As I gathered up its ruined wings
I thought about fate
And the way that I know
That bird had seen me coming
But, as if sacrificing himself for something,
Just stood there
Just stood there proud and still
Waiting to die
Waiting for me to unintentionally kill

I couldn't get away from that little bird

I swear there wasn't time

And then there was fate suffocating my mind

I thought a little longer about fate
And then we were face to face
You with concern and quivering lips
Me with a death on my fingertips
We both looked at the wings on the ends of my hands
And I realized
that old ring of mine
Matched perfectly
was a mirror image of
that bird before
it broke
And I realized that the bird
Was a mirror image of the ink on your back
So I thought,
And I think.

I don't just like the muscles on your back
It's not just t h a t .

My hands on your back and the bird on my hands
Would be winged enough to lift us up
D o w e w a n t t h a t ?

And you say, "They always fly away"

And I say, nothing

But I think,

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
"only the curious have something to find"

this side,
Christopher B said…
That seems to be out of my hands! (lol if you got my email)

Take care Stephen
Rose said…
I like your layout. but i really like that quote, im really relating to it. but yea.
god bless!
-shainaleigh- said…
love it. that albert is soo smart.
Hilary said…
i really miss you guys. days like today make me really look around and realize how important certain people are to me. sept cant come soon enough.
....arielle said…
Stephen...i've been reading through all your blogs so far and they truly are GOLD....makes me think on a lot of different aspects/areas in my own life thank you so much again for doing what you do....and i hoped you liked Second Cup in Winnipeg! Sorry you couln't find a Starbuck...come to think of it, I should've taken you to one!

Blessings from ARIELLE

its so funny its only been 4 days since i've seen you and there are so many things every day going through my head that i should have asked you when we talked in the parking lot that parking lot in winnipeg after you had just gotten off the's killing me! Oh well haha, things like....about your songs (anberlin, and anchor and braille) umm, are you married (random) haha, how life is going for you, when you first accepted Jesus as your savior...etc...well im praying for you guys as your're touring and hope everything is going good, miss you and I pray that the annointing of the Father pours over you and Nathan and Deon and Nathan and Joseph and all your families everyday and God uses you in ways you never could think possible! THanks again

Arielle (from Winnipeg, Canada!)
kimlikewhoa said…
great quote. lately my curiosity has lead to restlessness. im ready for God to let me start working with bands. you know how that goes.

do you remember who i am?
sj. said…
Remember your email to me.. you were right, I was making excuses for myself. I was just trying to put aside what I already knew. It was too hard to let go and let God.
Enough of excuses for me!
It's finally liberating.
Thank you for your words.
Anonymous said…
Great quote.

Happy late birthday.
a holy curiosity. childlikeness is in a way a part of that. so therefore never, ever stop questioning but also never, ever lose your sense of childlikeness.
in fact we are called to be childlike, its what God admires in us as His kids.
Anonymous said…
It is a commonly held mis-conception that Einstein was religious in the conventional sense. When quoted, his words often appear to have a religious bent ("God does not play with dice", "holy curiosity", "Did God have a choice in creating the Universe?", "God is subtle but he is not malicious"). but he most certainly did not believe in the idea of a personal God, such as that which Christians believe, here are some of Einstein's quotes reproduced in Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion":

"I am a deeply religious non-believer. This is a somewhat new kind of religion."

"I have never imputed to Nature a purpose or a goal, or anything that could be understood as anthropomorphic. What I see in nature is a magnificent structue that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility. This is a genuinely religious feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism."

The 'religion' and 'holy curiosity' that he spoke of was the underlying physical rules of the Universe, the outstandingly simple reasons from which the stunning complexity life can be derived. It was the pantheistic God, NOT a personal God, that appealed.


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