my current playlist

these songs have been coursing my ears for these last few weeks and i thought i would share my favorite's of the moment.

*1. bloc party. a weekend in the city. kruezberg
2. snow patrol.eyes open. you could be happy
3. sia. colour the small one. breathe me
4. the shins. wincing the night away. phantom limb
5. rogue wave. just friendsd. eyes
6. the promise ring. woodwater. become one anything one time
7. the album leaf. into the blue again. always for you
*8. maria taylor. 11:11. leap year
9. jimmy eat world. futures. drugs or me
10. rufus wainwright. want one. vicious world.
11. sparklehorse.dreamt for light. don't take my sunshine away

what is your playlist?


Anonymous said…
1.Beautiful by Annie Quick. Orange Juice.
2.I Am Yours by Jason Morant. Abandon.
3.Fall Behind by Moses Mayfield. Live EP.
4.Come Right Out And Say It by Relient K. Five Score and Seven Years Ago.
5.The Undiscovered by Rock & Roll Worship Circus. Welcome To The Rock & Roll Worship Circus.
6.Field Of Flowers by Sixpence None The Richer. Collage.
7.Readyfuels by Anberlin. Blueprints For The Blackmarket.
8.Love Is A Fast Song by Copeland. In Motion.
9.One Last Sunset by Camera Can't Lie. Love The Noise.
10.Clarity by John Mayer. Heavier Things.
Book of James said…
1. High Flight Society - Up Above & Time is running out.
2. Anberlin, Cities - all of it. very multi layered stuff.
3. Mainstay - These Pages
4. Fair, Best of a Worst Case Scenario - The Attic (awesome song)
5. MAE, The Everglow, Stellar live performance!!
6. Sanctus Real, face of Love - Don't Give Up (words to remeber)
7. Hangnail, Transparent - All of it. Rest In Peace!!
8. D.B. Walker, Stage Road Blues
9. Gavin Mikhail, my personal Beauty Needs.
10. Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs & Long Misty Days.
Sarah Noel said…
1. Snow Patrol- Make this go on Forever- from Eyes Open
2. Anberlin- Fin* - from Cities
3. Blonde Redhead- Hated Because of Great Quality- from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemo
4. Thom York- Harradown Hill- from the Eraser (still can’t get enough of this album)
5. The Decemberists- O Valencia- From the Crane Wife
6. The Shins- A Comet Appears - from Wincing the Night Away
7. The Sea and Cake- Four Corners- from One Bedroom
8. Mew- Am I Wry? No- from Frengers
9. Enya- Storms in Africa- from Paint the Sky with Stars
10. Anberlin- Alexithymia- from Cities
11. Aaron Sprinkle- All in a Days Work- from Moontraveler
12. The Album Leaf- Eastern Glow- from In a Safe Place

This list is taken from my playlist titled “Airplane” which is 63 songs long. While I was waiting for my flight to board I made a compilation of my new and old faves as well as songs I thought I might want to hear on a 9.5 hour long plane ride from Seattle to Heathrow airport in London. I pressed shuffle, and these were the first twelve on the list.
Nicole Rork said…
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Nicole Rork said…
01. The Buggles - "Video Killed the Radio Star"
02. Mew - "Am I Wry? No"
03. VAIRON - Better For You
05. Search the City - "This is Your Captain Speaking"
06. Pinback - Penelope
07. Whitesnake - "Here I Go Again"
08. Anberlin - "Adelaide"
09. Avenged Sevenfold - "Seize the Day"
10. John Mayer - "Waiting on the World to Change"
11. Damiera - "US in Music"
12. Sufjan Stevens - "Romulus"
13. Denison Witmer - "Are You a Dreamer?"
Kate said…
*snow patrol- run
*john mayer- slow dancing in a burning room
*train- mississippi (you have to hear this song!)
*michael buble- you and i
*anna nalick- wreck of the day
Sarah said…
I'm a bit behind in my technology and music, but so far:
1. Saw You-Playjerise [[great upcoming band from Australia]]
2. Uncanny-Anberlin =]
3. When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out-Copeland
4. For the Longest Time-Sherwood
5. Crazy for This Girl-Evan and Jaron
6. Boston-Augustana
7. Awakening-Switchfoot
8. The Ocean-Mae
9. Take 5-Dave Brubeck
10. Slow Dancing in A Burning Room-John Mayer

And I think I will always love this song:
The Summer Sends its Love-Sherwood.
Antoinette said…
Well I've been listening to a lot lately, but here's the first 10 that come up on my iTunes on shuffle:

1. Quietdrive - Maybe Misery
2. Jonezetta - Welcome Home
3. Daphne Loves Derby - Hammers And Hearts
4. Fall Out Boy - Golden
5. The Format - Time Bomb
6. Relient K - I Need You
7. Copeland - When Paula Sparks
8. Boys Like Girls - Thunder
9. Mae - Soundtrack For Our Movie
10. Death Cab for Cutie - What Sarah Said
thelost&found said…
*My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade, "I Don't Love You"
*Keane, Hopes and Fears, "Bedshaped"
*Bright Eyes, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, "Easy/Lucky/Free"
*Saosin, Translating the Name, "Seven Years"
*Fall Out Boy, Infinity on High, "Do You Know Who I Think I Am?"
*Skillet, "Comatose"
*Relient K, Five Score and Seven Years Ago, "Faking My Own Suicide"
*Mae, The Everglow, "The Sun and The Moon"
*Rockstar Supernova, "Headspin"
Evanescence, Fallen, Imaginary
Pop-Punk Junkie said…
1. Relient K - Devastation And Reform (Five Score and Seven Years Ago)
2. Sherwood - Middle Of The Night (A Different Light)
3. My Favorite Highway - You're Making It Come Alive (Anywhere But Here EP)
4. Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out (Alright, Still)
5. Lovedrug - Pushing The Shine (Everything Starts Where It Ends)
6. Cartel - The Minstrel's Prayer (Chroma)
7. Dustin Kensrue - I Knew You Before (Please Come Home)
8. Melee - Frequently Baby (Devils And Angels)
9. As Tall As Lions - 96 Heartbeats (Lafcadio)
10. The Format - Time Bomb (Dog Problems)
1. 'isn't she lovely' by stevie wonder
2. 'centerfold' by j. geils band
3. 'friday' by goldspot
4. 'these days' by nico
5. 'castling' by lovedrug
6. 'turn on me' by the shins ('fond of y-o-u' it)
7. 'home' by luxembourg (look this up on myspace music, seriously)
8. 'haunting' by anberlin
9. 'god only knows' by the beach boys
10. 'rock my body' by the higher

have a wonderful day
Julia said…
1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- The Abattoir Blues Tour "Stagger Lee"

2. Anberlin- Cities "Inevitable" and "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" which is an EXCELLENT cover!

3. I'm From Barcelona-Let me introduce my friends "Treehouse"

4. Richard Ashcroft- Keys to the world "Music is Power"

5. Tom Waits- Blood Money- "God's Away on Business"

6. Marjorie Fair- Self Help Serenade "Empty Room"

7. Doves- The last broadcast "There goes the fear"

8. The Fray - How To Save a Life "How To Save a Life"

9. Modest Mouse- Lonesome Crowded West "Doin the Cockroach"

10. LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver "Us V Them"
Anonymous said…
1. Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Eyes Open)
2. Anberlin - Reclusion (Cities)
3. Hillsong United - Point of Difference (All of the Above)
4. John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Continuum)
5. TobyMac - I'm for You (Portable Sounds)
6. Saosin - Come Close (Saosin)
7. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Neo mix) - Ministry of Sound 2007 Annual
8. The Killers - This River is Wild (Sam's Town)
9. Panic! at the Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage (A Fever you can't Sweat Out)
9. Andrew W.K. - Ready to Die (Andrew W.K.)
10. As I Lay Dying - Morning Waits (Shadows are Security)
11. A.F.I. - The Missing Frame - (Decemberunderground)
12. Inflight - She Says She's OK - (Weathered)
Ashley Punch said…
Kudos on Sia, 'Breathe Me' kind of scratches at your soul (well it does to me anyway)... anyway she's an aussie and i'm proud. The following songs probably aren't the top ten off some frequently played iPod list (to be honest i've been playing Cities more than anything lately) but these are songs i can listen to anytime anywhere.

1. Anberlin - Reclusion - Cities

2. Anberlin - Alexithymia - Cities

3. The Killers - Read My Mind - Sam's Town

4. Muse- Knights of Cydonia - Blackholes and Revelations

5. Relient K - Which to Bury, us or the hatchet - Mmhmm

6. Soulframe - Confession - Escaping Entropy

7. At The Drive-In - Catacombs - Relationship of Command

8. The Killers - Sam's Town - Sam's Town

9. Jonezetta - Get Ready (Hot Machete)

10. AFI - Miss Murder - December Underground
Jennifer said…
1. Exit Ten - Great Rebellion
2. A Change of Pace - Shoot from the Hip
3. Symmetry -This is not the end..
4. Twice Upon A Time - Anger Mgmnt.
5. Exit Ten - Resume Ignore
mad mad matthew said…
1.Johnny Cash- help me
2.Anberlin- the unwinding cable car
3.Haste the Day- pressure the hinges
4. Anberlin- (intro)/godspeed
5.Dustin Kensrue- blanket of ghosts
6.The Chariot- goodnight my lady, and a forever farewell
7.John Mayer trio- gravity
8.Steely Dan- aja
9.Augustana- boston
10.Johnny Cash- a half a mile a day
vishneda said…
x. Adelaide / Anberlin / Cities
x. Actions / My Awesome Compilation / Actions
x. The Party Scene / All Time Low / Put Up or Shut Up
x. Come Right Out And Say It / Relient K / Five Score and Seven Years Ago
x. Everything is Alright / Motion City Soundtrack / Commit This To Memory
x. Put Up A Fight / My Awesome Compilation / Actions
x. Killed The Clown / Slobberdogs / The Demo
x. A Town Called Hypocrisy / Lostprophets / Liberation Transmission
x. Different Sound / Teddybears / Soft Machine
x. Downtown Song / Anberlin / Tooth and Nail vs. Solid State
x. Here We Go Again / Finned Pilot / Here We Go Again (Copper Label version)
x. Rock and Roll Band / Boston / Boston (Brad Delp Memorial)
Anonymous said…
1.Cities - Anberlin album (no this is not a suck up)

2. This is not deisre - David Ford

3. Black Dress - Kisschasey ( a bittersweet song about grief)

4. The Tide by Sundancekids (check em out at

5. Antiskeptic - Monuments album

6. The Fray - Hundred / How to Save a Life
Natalie said…
1.Fractions-Emery-The Weaks End
2.She Is-The Fray
3.The Fight- Classic Crime-Albatross
4.Dismantle. Repair.-Anberlin-Cities
5.Playing With Fire- Emery- The Question
6.A Boybrushed Red- Underoath
7.Ready and Willing- Self Agaisnt City
8.Thanks for the Memories- Fall Out Boy-Infinty on High
9.Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
10.Everything-Lifehouse-No Name Face
11.All Hail the Hearbreaker- The Spill Canvas
12.Ohio Is For Lovers- Hawthrone Heights
Emily Grace said…
1. Whammer Jammer (Live). J.Geils Band
2. Wanderer's Song. Brooks Williams. Dead Sea Cafe
3. Dancer's Delight. Brooks Williams. Live Solo
4. Leave Me Lonely. Charlie Worsham. Dorm Sessions (vol. 3) [The student label at Berklee College of Music)
5. Waiting for the Kill. Elizabeth and the Catapult. Dorm Sessions (vol. 3) AMAZING - esp. live
6. Baby it's cold outside. Zoe Deschnel. Elf Soundtrack
7. Fields of Gold. Eva Cassidy/ Live at Blues Alley
8. Is that a Kiss?. James Newton Howard. Peter Pan
9. Your Hands are Cold. Jean-Yves Thibaudet. Pride & Prejudice
10. What a Wonderful World. Louis Armstrong
11.Lonely Tonight. Matt Wertz. (Perfect when you want to be "just me and my Maker")
12. Departure. Madison Greene. Live.
13. Lucy. Lindsey Mac. Dorm Sessions (vol. 3)
I usually listen to albums in full:

+Relient K - Five Score and Seven Years Ago
+Anberlin - Cities
+Switchfoot - Oh Gravity!
+Between the Trees - The Story and the Song
+Emery - The Question
+House of Heroes - Say No More
+Anchor and Braille
+Gasoline Heart - You Know Who You Are
+Sleeping At Last - Keep No Score
+Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche

And some other stuff
Eric said…
Here are some songs that I have played constantly the past few weeks... no particular order.

Keane. Somewhere Only We Know. Snowed Under.
Gavin Mikhail. My Personal Beauty Needs. Fight The Sky.
Anberlin. Cities. Inevitable. (Absolutely love the drums on this song)
Mae. Destination: Beautiful. Embers and Envelopes. (Great instrumental in the middle)
Shawn McDonald. Scattered Pieces: Live. Take My Hand.
Gavin Mikhail. Like Normal People Do. Days Gone By.
Electric Light Orchestra. All Over the World: The Very Best. Mr Blue Sky.
James Morrison. Undiscovered. This Boy.
Rob Dougan. Furious Angels. One and the Same [Instrumental].
Skillet. Comatose. The Last Night.
Relient K. Five Score. Forgiven. (Good driving music)

karennn said…
1. mew - 156
2. counting heartbeats - lend it bullets
3. jason mraz - nueva balleza
4. john mayer - i don't trust myself
5. keane - atlantic
6. youth group - sorry
7. landon pigg - can't let go
8. castledoor - the birds and the fleas
this list could go on forever but here's what i listen to the most while delivering pizza :).....

1. anberlin- "cities"
2. the classic crime- "albatross"
3. shiny toy guns- "we are pilots"
4. meg & dia- "something real"
5. bullet for my valentine- "the posion"
6. greeley estates- "far from the lies"
7. a static lullaby- let go (frou frou cover)
8. jimmy eat world- 23
9. city & colour- casey's song
10. young love- closer to you
11. third eye blind- i want you
12. regina spektor- consequence of sounds
13. sia- breathe me
14. a change of pace- safe and sound in phone lines
15. this day & age- always straight ahead*
16. anberlin- haunting*
17. analog sway

...ok i'm done now ;) see you soon.
Michelle said…
stephen i love this! :D this is my current current playlist of sorts.

1. braid. frame and canvas. the new nathan detroits. (thanks to my friend, tom, for getting me into old skool goodness.)
2. institut polaire. love is my velocity split. city walls and empires. (perth, WA lovin'!)
3. camera obscura. let's get out of this country. if looks could kill.
4. damien rice. 9. 9 crimes.
5. further seems forever. how to start a fire. how to start a fire/i am/on legendary (jason gleason always.)
6. streetlight. attack that gentleman EP. sunshine apartments. (perth, WA lovin'!)
7. daphne loves derby. good night witness light. no one is convinced.
8. flyleaf. flyleaf. so i thought. (awesome people in an awesome band.)
9. the ataris. welcome the night. act five scene four so it ends as it began.
10. anberlin. cities. there is no mathematics to love and loss/inevitable.

and a perennial fave:
anberlin. never take friendship personal. DANCE DANCE CHRISTA PAFFGEN.

(play it when you're in perth and i'll love you loads. not that i don't already hehe.)
themockingbyrd said…

1. Make it a Part/All Rise -Further Seems Forever (Hide Nothing)
2. Nice and Blue (pt 2.) - mewithoutYou (Brother, Sister)
3. We're All Going to Die - The Neverknown (The University Sessions)
4. Things Like This Help Me- Starflyer 59 (Leave Here a Stranger)
5. A Whisper & A Clamor - Anberlin (Cities)
6. Surface - Deas Vail (All The Houses Look The Same)
7. Wake Up! Wake Up! - Everyday Sunday (Wake Up! Wake Up!)
8. Must've Done Something Right - Relient K (Five Score and Seven Years Ago)
9. Reinventing Your Exit - underoath (They're Only Chasing Safety)
10. Alexethymia - Anberlin
Kayla Moon said…
2.Beware the jubjub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch-Forgive Durden-
3.Curse of the curves-Cute Is What We Aim For-The Same Old Bloodrush With a New Touch
4.Running Away-Midnight Hour
5.Studying Politics-Emery
6.Situations-Escape The Fate
7.Hiatus-Sugarcult-Lights Out
8.Just Like Heaven-The Cure
9.A Decade Under The Influence-Taking Back Sunday
Corey Mann said…
"Say this Sooner" The ALmost
A Whisper and a Clamor" Anberlin
Well Enough Alone-Chevelle
I and I-Bayside
Hang Me up To Dry-Cold War Kids
Cupid's Chokehold-Gym Class Heroes
White Collar-Haste the Day
Janet's Planet-Haste the Day
Is It Any WOnder-Keane
Indiana-Meg and Dia
Fire it Up-Modest Mouse
Jesus-Page France
Get It-Peaches
Make You Feel Better-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Forgiven-Relient K
The Only THing that Matters-Spitafield
Rachel L said…
1. Title Track- The Fold- from This Too Shall Pass
2. Hello, It's Me- Sister Hazel- from Absolutely
3. Bang, Bang-Dispatch- from Gut the Van Wimpy
4. Dismantle, Repair.-Anberlin- from Cities
5. The Great Escape-We Are Scientists- from With Love and Squalor
6. Imagination-Jonezetta- from Popularity
7. Carry On- Bayside- from The Walking Wounded
8. Turn Around-Monarch- from The Grandeur that was Rome
9. Follow Through [*]-Gavin Degraw- from Chariot (acoustic)
10. Time Bomb-the Format- from Dog Problems

6&7 thanks to going to an Anberlin show.. it's always fun to find new music :)
I'm all over the place with my music, kinda addicted to it..
Joshua said…
1. Come Awake by David Crowder Band [A Collision or (3+4=7)]
2. Apologize by One Republic (self titled)
3. Lucky Denver Mint by Jimmy Eat World (Clarity)
4. Nothing Better by The Postal Service (Give Up)
5. Reinventing Your Exit by Underoath (They're Only Chasing Safety)
6. For The Moments I Feel Faint by Relient K (The Anatomy of Tongue In Cheek)
7. Time And Confusion by Anberlin (Never Take Friendships Personal)
8. Demons by Guster (Guster On Ice- Live From Portland, Maine)
9. Let It All Out By Relient K (Mmhmm)
10. 9 Crimes by Damien Rice (9)
11. Wedding/Funeral by Anchor & Braille
12. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend by Her Space Holiday (The Young Machines)
13. It's Over Now by 4th Avenue Jones (Stereo: The Evolution of HipRockSoul)
jessi said…
1.Sparklehorse-Return To Me.
2.CocoRosie-Beautiful Boyz.
3.Damien Jurado-Hoquiam.
4.Damien Rice-Accidental Babies.
5.Elliot Smith-Clementine.
6.Yves Montand-Rue St. Vincent.
7.Ray Charles-Tell The World About You.
8.Bob Dylan-It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.
9.Beck-Black Tambourine.
10.The Cure-Lovecats.

It's been a pretty mellow week. Glad to see someone else listening to Sparklehorse.
anne said…
1. The Charlatans - Blackened Blue Eyes
2. Duran Duran - Come Undone
3. Ziggy Marley - A lifetime
4. U2 - Numb
5. Anberlin - Dismantle. Repair
6. Anberlin - Alexithymia
7. Korn with The Cure - Make Me Bad/In Between Days
8. Jonezetta - Get Ready
9. John Mayer - Walk on the Ocean
10. The Smiths - This Charming Man

Okay besides that, I listen to Cities for hours. :)
Joshua said…
oh i failed to mention 2 classics from Jars Of Clay:

"Jealous Kind"
and one of my all time favs "World's Apart"

its lyrically humbling in its poetic beauty.
Melanie said…
This is so fun! Ok!

"Opening the Hymnal/Babies"-Cursive
"Bad Sects"-Cursive-Both from Happy Hollow
"New Noise"-Refused-The Shape of Punk to Come
"Yankee Bayonet"-The Decemberists-The Crane Wife(Whole album)
"Diggin' My Grave"-William Elliott Whitmore-Ashes to Dust
"Sea Legs"-The Shins-Wincing the Night Away
"Act Appalled"-Circa Survive-Juturna
"A Root's Grave Is Above Ground"-Christians & Lions-More Songs for the Dreamsleepers and the Very Awake
"Crash Sounds"-Blackpool Lights-This Town's Disaster (Whole album)
"Young Alumni"-Maritime-We, The Vehicles (Whole album--It's in my top 5 albums of all time)
"City Escape"-The Dear Hunter-The Lake South, The River North
"My Body is a Cage"-Arcade Fire-Neon Bible
micah said…
1. J.Tillman. Your Mother's Ghost. I Will Return.
2. The Mars Volta. Tetragrammaton. Amputechture.
3. The Beatles. Let It Be. Let It Be.
4. The Doors. When The Music's Over. Strange Days
5. Copeland. Love Affair. Eat, Sleep, Repeat.
6. Norma Jean. A Grand Scene For A Color Film. Redeemer
7. Anberlin. The Unwinding Cable Car. Cities
8. Radiohead. Life In A Glass House. Amnesiac
9. The Smiths. Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me. Strangeways, Here We Come.
10. Bright Eyes. I Don't Know When But A Day's Gonna Come. Lifted.
11. mewithoutYou. In A Market Dimly Lit. Brother, Sister
andrya said…
2. longshot-waking ashland-composure
3. must have done something right-relient k-5 score and 7 yrs ago
4. bug eyes-dredg-catch without arms
5. chasing cars-snow patrol-eyes open
6. starts with one-shiny toy guns-we are pilots
7. famous last words-my chemical romance-the black parade
8. communicate-jonezetta-popularity
9. fraud in the 80's-mates of state-bring it back
10. unreal-caroline's spine-captured
11. face down (acoustic)-red jumpsuit apparatus
12. the cheyenne line-the ataris-welcome the night
FrostedDark said…
Just wanted to say that tonight at The Door in Dallas was incredible. You guys definitely rocked. As well as the other bands... great lineup. Thanks for doing (*Fin) at the end... one of my favorite songs.

It would be sweet to meet up with you sometime if you were ever interested. My real home is Bremerton, WA... right across the water from Seattle however right now I am going to school in Longview, TX. Next year I will be switching from a computer major and going into Audio Production and Live sound.

I will do some blogging over at tomorrow about the concert if you are interested in reading.

Well enough talking... time for bed. It was a 2 hour drive back to Longview.

Thanks again guys... incredible night!
Anonymous said…
I'll stick to three current favorites, songs everyone should have listened to at least once in their lives. I think everything is available - streaming or downloadable - at MySpace and iTunes.

1) chants d'Auverge (Series 1) Bailero - English Chamber Orchestra & Kiri te Kanawa

2) anything Over the Rhine. Anything.

3)Gone gone gone - the Gravity Show
Anonymous said…
1. Skillet - Invincible
2. Bloc Party - I still remember
3. Enter Shikari - Anything can happen in the next half hour
4. Biffy Clyro - Christopher's River
5. 30 Seconds To Mars - Was it a dream
6. Hellogoodbye - Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 21st Century
8. Idlewild - No emotion
9. Lostprophets - Can't catch tomorrow (Good shoes won't save you this time)
10. Pete Murray - Opportunity
11. Plus 44 - When your heart stops beating
12. Oasis - Little by little
13. Racoon - Laugh about it
Anonymous said…
1. Hard to Concentrate- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium
2. Revealing Too Much- The Honorary Title, Anything Else But the Truth
3. Samson- Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope
4. Breathe Me (Radio Edit)- Sia, Breathe Me
5. I Saw- Matt Nathanson, Beneath These Fireworks
6. Jesus- Brand New, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me
7. Frame By Frame- The Honorary Title, Anything Else But the Truth
8. The Crane Wife 3- The Decemberists, The Crane Wife
9. 9 Crimes- Damien Rice, 9
10. For Reasons Unknown- The Killers, Sam's Town
11. 3rd Planet- Modest Mouse, The Moon and Antarctica
sj. said…
wow. this is very clever of you stephen! now there's a whole list of new music i have to go look for :)
thank you for devising this genius plan of yours.

songs/albums that i've listened to lately...

>> united - all of the above
>> anberlin - cities
>> jesse mccartney 'because you live'
>> switchfoot 'awakening'
>> skillet - comatose
>> sherwood 'the town that you live in'
>> mia palencia 'sayang' (malaysian chick)
>> saosin 'voices'
>> good charlotte 'the river'
>> relient k - mmhmm
>> red hot chilli peppers 'tell me baby'
>> planetshakers
>> brooke fraser - albertine
>> nichole nordeman 'why'
Anonymous said…
Usually I'm tremendously stingy with my ears. I just went on a road trip, so the songs that have been in my ears are from my whole collection....more importantly, I had a bunch of friends make me mix cds of stuff they wanted to share with me, the rules being that

1. I couldn't listen to them until I took off on the specified trip


2. I couldn't hit the "next" button. Ever.

Some had track listings, some didn't; I'm not sure what they were full of yet because I just got home & haven't had time to investigate.

In any case I share this otherwise purposeless post because I recommend everyone else to do the same. Very rarely do your friends get the chance to sit you down with 17 of their favorite songs.

Thanks for sharing, everyone.

Stephen, I'll see you in St. Pete. I'm bringing my dad. You guys are one of the handful of bands he & I can agree on. Brand New is the only other one that comes to mind.
Anonymous said…
Kevin Quinet said…
New Slang-The Shins
Let Go-Frou Frou
Archers-Brand New
anything by asobi seksu
and a bunch more
Christin said…
My current playlist goes like this...
1. "Unwinding Cable Car" Anberlin. Cities.
2. "Adam Lives in Theory" Lauryn Hill. MTV Unplugged.
3. "Bold as Love" John Mayer cover of Jimi Hendrix. Continuum.
4. "For Freedom" Jimmy Needham.
5. "Dig" Incubus. Light Grenades.
6. "Everyday" Dave Matthews Band. Live @ Fenway Park.
7. "New Design" Thousand Foot Krutch. Phenominon.
8. "Control" MuteMath. MuteMath.
9. "Everything is Beautiful" Starfield. Beauty in the Broken.
10. "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" Duke Ellignton & Louis Armstrong. The Great Summit.
maria said…
1. aaron shust- my Savior my God
2. casting crowns- set me free
3. chris tomlin- give us clean hands
4. dead poetic- bliss tearing eye
5. fireflight- you decide
6. haste the day- autumn
7. hillsong united- did you feel the mountains tremble?
8. jeremy camp- give me Jesus
9. jonah33- faith like that
10. kids in the way- this could be the song that will change your heart
11. matt redman- pour out my heart
12. run kid run- i'll forever sing
13. saGoh 24/7- embrace the dead
14. underOATH- cries of the past
Holleigh said…
Learning to Fall by Boys like Girls
The Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World
(*Fin) by Anberlin
Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K
I Want To Save You by Something Corporate
Forget It by Breaking Benjamin
We Make the Road by Walking by The Juliana Theory
Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence
Everything You Ever Wanted by Hawk Nelson
Out of Reach by Funeral for a Friend

I wonder what that says about my state of mind at the moment.
dan bowen said…
1. Awakening - Switchfoot
2. Diseased - Saves the Day
3. Please Come Home - Dustin Kensrue
4. Picture - Mute Math
5. Give it All - Rise Against
6. Too Good To Be - New Found Glory
7. Every Red Cent - Rocky Votolato
8. Always Forever - Phil Wickham
9. Cardigan Weather - Meg & Dia
10. Wake the Dead - Comeback Kid
11. Deathbed - Relient K
Kim F. said…
Today, it's....

Dido. Dido Live (bonus audio track)
Madonna. Confessions on a Dance Floor
TobyMac. Portable Sounds
Skillet. Comotose
Bob Marley & The Wailers. Legend
Imogene Heap. Speak for Yourself

and of course, Anberlin is often in my playlists.
Anonymous said…
1. A Perfect Circle - Judith (Mer De Noms)
2. Harris Tweed - Superfly (The Younger)
3. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill (A Beautiful Lie)
4. J - Closure (Closure)
5. Snow Patrol - How to Be Dead (Final Straw)
6. The Fray - Little House (How to Save a Life)
7. Gabriel and Dresden - Dangerous Power (Gabriel and Dresden)
8. Breaking Benjamin - Shallow Bay (Saturate)
9. Blue October - Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek (Foiled)
10. Muse - Exo-Politics (Black Holes and Revelations)
11. My Chemical Romance - This is How I Disappear (The Black Parade)
12. Millionaire - I'm On a High (Paradisiac)
13. Delirious? - It's OK (Mezzamorphis)
Worlds Apart (Jars of Clay)
*Fin (Anberlin)
Hungry for a Holiday (Bright Eyes/The Album Leaf)
No It Isn't (+44)
Part 1: Broken Bride (Ludo)
Action Drum (Hanalei)
Upward Over the Mountain (Iron & Wine)
Dreaming with a Broken Heart (John Mayer)
A Day Late Acoustic (Anberlin)
Staralfur (Sigur Ros)
BK said…
1. Copeland. In Motion. Pin Your Wings
2. Hillsong United. All of the Above. My Future Decided
3. Muse. Origin of Symmetry. Plug In Baby
4. Anberlin. Cities. Fin*
5. Jars of Clay. Good Monsters. Oh My God
6. Cold War Kids. Robbers & Cowards. We Used to Vacation
7. Relient K. 5 Score and Seven Years Ago. I Need You
8. All Left Out. Never Say Never. Time
9. Blindside. The Great Depression. This is a Heart Attack
10. Falling Up. Dawn Escapes. Exit Calypsan
Raechel said…
1. Denison Witmer - Little Flowers
2. Melee - Built to Last
3. Lostprophets - 4 AM
4. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
5. Mae - Sun and the Moon
6. Blaqk Audio - Bitter for Sweet
7. Matt Kearny - Nothing Left to Lose
8. The Cure - Why Can't I Be You?
9. Relient K - Crayons Can Melt On Us for All I Care
10. Jimmy Eat World - If You Don't Don't
Kaila said…
Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order

Slide- Goo Goo Dolls

Lost Realist- Trapt

For All These Times Kid, For All These Times- Lostprophets

Fin- Anberlin

For The Longest Time- Sherwood

Love Like Winter- AFI

Barely Breathing- Duncan Sheik

Hemorrage- Fuel

Roll To Me- Del Amitri

If You Could Only See- Tonic
josh said…
lg1. The Chariot - Phill cosby
2. Anberlin - Dismantle. Repair. (it seems everyone else is listening to anberlin too. any explanation to this?)
3. The Agony Scene - Habeas Corpus
4. As I Lay Dying - Reinvention
5. the Blood Brothers - Laser Life
6. Eisley - Telescope Eyes
7. Furhter Seems Forver - Bleed
8. He Is Legend - Pot Bellied Goddess
9. ViciousG - Oh! (God Aweful Remix)
10. Tyler Read - Private School Girls
SJK said…
1. A Change Of Pace - Self-Titled - Safe and Sound In Phone Lines

2. Triple - Self-Titled - I'm Alive

3. Skillet - Comatose - Yours To Hold

4. Saosin - Self-Titled - Bury Your Head

5. Anberlin - Cities - Uncanny

6. Relient K - Five Score And Seven Years Ago - Bite My Tongue

7. Time Tells All - Spread the Word EP - The Deadline

8. Needtobreathe - Daylight - Don't Leave Just Yet

9. My Favorite Highway - Anywhere But Here - EP - You're Making It Come Alive

10. John Mayer - Continuum - I'm Gonna Find Another You

11. Jeremy Camp - Beyond Measure - What It Means

12. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism - Transatlanticism

13. The Classic Crime - Albatross - Flight of Kings
amy turner said…
1. jimmy eat world-futures-work
2. the format-dog problems-janet
3. veda-the weight of an empty room-trade this fear
4. damien rice-9 crimes-rootless tree
5. neil young-ohio
6. matt pond PA-several arrows later-halloween
7. amos lee-supply and demand-southern girl
8. mutemath-chaos
9. cool hand luke- the balancing act
10. bastian-fingerprints-without me
Karina said…
It was cool to see some Sia in there! She grew up in the Adelaide Hills :)

Anyway... time to open itunes...
1. Found by Hillsong United. All of the Above.
2. Look After You by The Fray. How to Save a Life.
3. Mercedes by House of Heroes. Say No More.
4. Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. When I Woke.
5. Bodies by Little Birdy. Hollywood.
6. Stay With Me by The Sundance Kids. EP.
7. Inevitable by Anberlin. Cities.
8. Tiny Dance by Ben Folds. Ben Folds Live.
9. Big Love by Fleetwood Mac. Tango in the Night.
10. Breathe Me by Sia. Color the Small One.
Geoff Smith said…
1. This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service.
2. Dig it up by the Psalters
3. Robot Beat by Joy Electric
4. To them these streets belong by Rise Against
5. Awake my Soul by Derek Webb
6. Fin by Anberlin
7. [everything written by mewithoutYou]
8. The Hitter by Bruce Springsteen
9. Once Upon Your Dead Body by Coheed & Cambria
10. Everything Zen by Bush
Anonymous said…
this is the "you miss me playlist"

-Mrs. Arnold
Anonymous said…
Hey, i really admire you!
Please.. i dont want to harrass you but could you add me at myspace?

thanks- mattt
Jane said…
"you could be happy"....
That is one of the most played songs on my iTunes. I don't know why I love it so much's just gets me. I love it.

My playlists never really consist of ten songs from separate artists...I usually get into one band for a week or two, or a day or two...and overplay them until I can't listen to them for at least a month. haha. Okay, not that bad, but I tend to do something like that.

Currently music infatuation though would be UNDEROATH. I've been in love with them this whole week. It was Angels and Airwaves before them, and before A&A it was MewithoutYOU....who I got to see live not to long ago, and they are ridiculously awesome! Augustana has been another favorite recently too.

long comment, I know.
I love music so much though.
Anonymous said…
1. ANBERLIN (my favorite band of all time, God bless them)faves- Readyfuels, Glass to the Arson, Change the World, Naive Orleans, Never Take Friendship Personal, Paperthin Hymn, A Day Late, Time and Confusion, Audrey, Start the Revolution, Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen, THE FEEL GOOD DRAG (best Anberlin song ever), Debut/Godspeed, A Whisper and a Clamor, Adelaide, The Unwinding Cable Car, Hello Alone, Dismantle.Repair. (2nd best), Inevitable, Fin

2. Silverstein- Discovering the Waterfront, Smile in Your Sleep, Red Light Pledge

3. Dashboard Confessional- Dont Wait, Vindicated, Hope You're Happy, The Best Deceptions, Screaming Infidelities, Hands Down, STOLEN

4. Rufio- Tears, Like a Prayer

5. Relient K- Who I am Hates Who I've Been, Falling Out, Be My Escape, My Girl's Ex Boyfriend, For the Moments when I feel faint, Sadie Hawkins Dance, More than Useless, I so hate Consequences, High of 75

6.Pillar- Awake, Frontiline, Rewind, further, bring me down, Hypnotized, Sunday bloody sunday (awesome u2 cover), One thing, Dirty little secret, holding on, fireproof

7. Jack's Mannequin- the mixed tape, I'm ready, dark blue

8. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face down, the acoustic song, damn regret

9. TAKING BACK SUNDAY- Slowdance on the inside, little devotional, this photograph is proof, twenty twenty surgery, Up Against (blackout), Cute without the e, you're so last summer, new american classic, you know how I do, my blue heaven, Liar, MakeDamnSure

10.Spitalfield- Those days you felt alive, kill the drama, in the same lifetime, make my heart attack, I loved the way she said L.A.

Jimmy said…
The 10 top on my iTunes Play Count:

1. Planning a Prison Break- The Receiving End of Sirens-
2. Duality- Bayside-
3. This Is Who We Are- Hawthorne Heights-
4. When the Sun Sleeps- UnderOath-
5. Out of Reach- Funeral for a Friend-
6. Her Voice Resides- Bullet for my Valentine-
7. Glass to the Arson- Anberlin-
8. Five Kings- Days in December-
9. Hand of Blood- Bullet for my Valentine-
10. Antidote for Irony- So They Say-
MelroseMo said…
1. 23 - Blonde Redhead
2. Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Enter Shikari
3. Shespisder - Mew
4. I Will Wait - Jason Upton
5. Map Of The Problematique - MUSE
6. Time And Confusion - Anberlin
7. When I Remember - Blindside
8. Return To Energiser - Enter Shikari
9. Waiting For The 7.18 - Bloc Party
10. Answers - Our Future Glory
1. Your Intentions-Waking Ashland
2. Middle of the Night-Sherwood
3. I Loved the Way she said L.A.-Spitalfield
4. For the Best-Straylight run
5. Blind-Lifehouse
6. Passing Afternoon-Iron and Wine
7. Stay with you-goo goo dolls
8. Look After you-the fray
9. Returning the smile you have had from the start-emery
10. Boston-augustana
11. Brothers and Sisters-Coldplay
12. From Yesterday-30Seconds to mars
13. Fairweather-Between the trees
skip some....
21. All the Wild horses-Ray LaMontagne
22. Dance Dance Christa Paffgen-Anberlin
And then some more...
35 (final) A modern myth-30 seconds to mars.
I'll stick to just 10:

1. Manic Street Preachers://A Design For Life [Everything Must Go]
2. Thrice://The Earth Will Shake [Vheissu]
3. Tool://Vicarious [10,000 Days]
4. The Beatles://Eleanor Rigby [Revolver]
5. Klaxons://Atlantis To Interzone [Myths Of The Near Future]
6. Bloc Party://The Prayer [A Weekend In The City ]
7. AFI://Kill Caustic [Decemberundergound]
8. Oh Laura://Release Me [album incomplete, this track and a couple of others can be found at
9. My Chemical Romance://Sleep [The Black Parade]
10. Thursday://War All The Time

The first and last are on the soundtrack to my life, perhaps a few others are, I'm not sure yet.
vanse said…
Stephen you should check out "The Bravery"! their "older" album called "the bravery" is great! kInda remind me of "the smiths"....

LOve and God bless,
laurafee said…
1. Cry In My Heart - Starfield
2. Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap
3. I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word - Copeland
4. An Envoy To The Open Fields - Mew
5. The One Thing - Paul Colman
6. Progress - Mutemath
7. Happy Apple Poison - Lovedrug
8. If I Have Not Love - Matt Redman
9. Mind Trick - Jamie Cullum
10. Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen - Anberlin
11. Vultures - John Mayer
12. Middle Of The Night - Sherwood
13. Reaching - Leeland
14. Tonight - Sixpence None The Richer
15. Summer Fling - Spyro Gyra
laurafee said…
oh gosh, i forgot, everything by The Bravery and The Cinematics since i am going to see them soon!
anarchyinthe_uk said…
Sigur Ros' catalogue in it's entirety.
Lizz said…
Still As Beautiful by On The Surface (

then i just mix around with whatever songs i feel like from these albums.

While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets by Cobra Starship

The Open Door by Evanescence (but call me when you're blah is NOT one of them)

Show Your Bones by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails

Mmhmm by Relient K

Yes, Virgina... by The Dresden Dolls

Mae, Jack's Mannequin, Hot Hot Heat, Liz Phair, and blah

Anberlin, haha. no sucking up, though!

and yay, you're coming to Singapore!
(but i CAN'T go, church!)
oh well.
Anna said…
1. Luke Pickett- Empty Corridors
2. Backseat Goodbye - Technicolor Eyes
3. Lifehouse- First Time, Everything
4. The Format- She Dosen't Get It, Janet
5. Jamestown Story - In Loving Memory
6. Eric Lumiere - Darlin, Truth Says
7. Anberlin- Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen, Adelaide (adeliade is my favorite name ever...and i have been an aberlin fan forever. the two mixed basically makes my life), Cold War Transmissions
8. Dishwalla- Every Little Thing
9. Counting Crows- Omaha, Perfect Blue Buildings, Anna Begins (comes with the name)
10. Bedlight for Blueeyes- Ligeia, Waste My Time

Just a few of my all time favorites..If you haven't heard of them please check them out!
You're incredible, Stephen..
Keep it real..
sarah said…
(top 10 'recently played' on itunes:)

1. Narcolepsy - Third Eye Blind
2. Everyday - The Sea & Cake
3. Goodbye, Casio - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!
4. Eating Lightening Pt. I - The Jonbenet
5. Romulus - Sufjan Stevens
6. Wings & Windows - Eisley
7. House Fire - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
8. Half Ghost - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
9. Tidal Wave - Longwave
10. You Won't Know - Br& New
Alex Kontis said…
1. (*Fin) - Anberlin
2. Chaos - Mute Math
3. Dead Me Tell No Tales - The Receiving End Of Sirens.
4. Drive There Now - The Almost
5. Days End - Ivoryline
6. I Wish You Were Here - Incubus
7. The Hero Dies In This One - The Ataris
8. All Deliberate Speed - Mae
9. In Fear and Faith - Circa Survive
10. To Whom It May Concern - Underøath
SaRz said…
1. The Unwinding Cable Car - Anberlin, Cities (plus the rest of album..but that one happens to stand out the most!)
2. You Have My Attention - Copeland, In Motion (again, the rest of that album too, etc :))
3. Thnx Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy, Infinity on High
4. I Am Understood? - Relient K, Two Lefts Don't Make A Right But Three Do
5. Fractions - Emery, The Weakest
6. Godspeed - Anberlin, Cities
7. The Secret - Emery, The Weakest
8. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson, In Between Dreams
9. Song For Clay (Disappear Here) - Bloc Party, Weekend In The City
10. Miss Behavin' - Emery, The Question

Wow! This was trickier to type up than I thought - hard to rate them!
Mmm I love my music :)
miss lynn said…
1. here is our king, david crowder, a collision
2. stars and boulevards, augustana, all the stars and boulevards
3.say this sooner, the almost, southern weather
4. drive, incubus, make yourself
5. beauty in the breakdown, the scene aesthetic, building homes from what we've known
6. somewhere only we know, keane,hopes and fears
7. desire, U2, 18
8. swing life away, rise against, siren songs of the counter culture
9.paperthin hymn, anberlin, ntfp
10.writing on the walls, underoath, define the great line
11.that's entertainment, the jam, sound affects
12. just like heaven, the cure, galore
yay_desi said…
1. Jesus, Brand New, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
2. Start The Machine, Angels And Airwaves
3. Jasey Rae, All Time Low, Punk Goes Acoustic 2
4. Audrey, Start The Revolution!, Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal
5. When Finally Set Free, Copeland, Beneath The Medicine Tree
6. Listening To Freddie Mercury, The Question
7. So Long, So Long, Dashboard Confessional, Dusk And Summer
8. 23, Jimmy Ear World, Futures
9. New American Classic, Taking Back Sunday
10. Broken Ice, The Umbrellas, A Self Titled Release
Ecclesia said…
1. Kreuzberg/Bloc Party/AWeekend in the City

2. Like Knives/City and Color/Sometimes

3. Hearts a Mess/Gotye

4. Disintegration/Jimmy Eat World/Stay On My Side Tonight(EP)

5. So Here We Are/Bloc Party

6. To Wish Impossible Things/The Cure/Wish

7. In The Sun/Joseph Arthur

8. Day Old Hate/City and Color/Sometimes

9. Further/Longview

10. Open Your Eyes/Snow Patrol/Eyes Open
Austin said…
1."dog problems"the format
2."rocketman"my morning jacket
3."pictures of you"the last goodnight
4."tick tick boom"the hives
5."sweep the leg"no more kings
6."decembers"hawthorne heights
7."thank you for the venom"my chemical romance
8."by myself"linkin park
9."the party song"emery
10."salty eyes"the matches
11."to be young"ryan adams
12."how far we've come"matchbox twenty
13."so much love"the rocket summer
14."michael jackson"tyler read
15."the cure for pain"jon foreman
Chloe said…
1. Electric Feel - MGMT
2. Love's Lost Guarentee - Rogue Wave
3. Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
4. Scissor Lock - dredg
5. Taillights Fade - Stealing Love Jones
6. Tokyo Train - The Action Design
7. Vice Versa - Fair to Midland
8. You'll Find A Way - Santogold
9. Wish You Were Here - Ryan Adams
10. The Purple Bottle - Animal Collective

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