thank you modesty, thank you.

here i am in west hollywood, sitting in my office (better known as a coffee shop) and reading through the messages you guys have sent me these last few weeks on my modesty email account pertaining to those who have read "the orphaned anythings".
my chest swelled, i could feel my heartbeat, and i was tearing up (but played it off like i was yawning). thank you so much my dear friends for seeing through me, for belonging; for making me feel like i belong.
a conductor stands before his orchestra, prim and proper he approaches the podium, lifts his small cork-ended baton. he lifts it into the air and as if it was magnetically charged the instruments raise in unison at the same time. he taps, for the attention of not the crowd sitting behind him, but of the person's playing the instrument facing him. he then begins to swing frantically seemingly lifting and pulling notes out of thin air, commanding them to be louder and softer, harsh and bitter or light like a feather floating. when the last note has splashed against the faces of the adoring crowd they stand to their feet hands rabidly meeting together in a off beat but overwhelming roar. but who is it that deserves the praise? is it the man who simply waved a cork-ended baton; or is it the men and women who poured themselves into their instruments, who have taken the time to invest into the passion of their part in the grand puzzle of sheet music that amused and intrigued the listeners; taking them to the edge of the universe and back to the depths of themselves without them ever leaving their seats.
i have come to an amazing self realization since putting out the book. i am simply a conductor. my power does not come in the form of music, lyrics, notes, songs, or writing this book. my power comes in empowering you. you see, YOU are what is going to make this world come alive with a standing ovation. you can write a better book! you can write better songs, you are smarter, more talented, more gracious, more blessed, more intelligent. my goal is not for self gain, notoriety, or fame... but simply to inspire. if i can do it in all my 'falters' then you can do it without as much as an afterthought.
thank you for being the syphony music in my life. the song that i hope to pull from every one of you will be more beautiful than anything i could ever create.
your dear friend,
stephen christian


i feel how you felt after seeing the video with Bono at the NAACP.

you have a God-given gift to inspire.

Zdrewski said…
thank you buddy
dana said…
thank YOU, stephen for empowering us.

you should think about writing another book sometimes in the future.
kat said…
You've inspired the people around me and myself- even more than you could imagine.

Thank you.
michael said…
you are extremely inspirational, i can not wait till my copy of the book comes in. thanks for all the long years of your amazing talent.
Andrea said…
oh my now I'm tearing up.
you're extremely welcome, Stephen.

I've been wanting to let you know about something, this seems like a good time.

You probably remember my dad, Byron, who brought me to the shows in houston and austin last year.
Well he quit his 20 year job, and is going into full time studio work.
And, as of friday, we decided to use 10 percent of all payments to lend or donate to organizations such as World Vision, Kiva, Blood Water Mission ect,. That's a bit bold with this being our only income now. But I'm so excited at the thought of how many people we can reach through this business.
You were a big inspiration for this decision. So thank you, Mr. Conductor.

love, (stated, meant)
- Andrea Spears
Anonymous said…
You have no idea how much you have inspired me for the past four years of my life. I can only hope that someday I'll be able to tell you a little about my goals and accomplishments that I attribute to your inspiration.
I'm currently reading The Orphaned Anything's for the second time... I'm realizing that I went about reading it in an incorrect fashion, the first time.
But thank you, sincerely, Stephen.
Anonymous said…
i just finished the book last night.

i cried. it was lovely.

i still need to look up "jejune"
Chris said…
You truly have a gift and yet you remain humble amidst your rise to fame.

I enjoyed your book and look forward to more books in the future. Keep writing on Modesty!

Here's a quote I read once:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
guard my dreams said…
oh, you flatter us stephen. but really, your book was incredible. i enjoyed every page of it. it challenged me in so many ways and i was able to relate to so many of the instances you wrote of. but i just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to inspire us in so many ways.
Abby said…
awh, Stephen. You're my hero. =]
That book really was amazing... it was like reading raw thought. Like you'd taken everything straight from your mind & just put it down for the world to see, and you didn't care what they said about you as long as they gained something from it.
the orphaned anything's pretty much changed my life. Thanks.
Melanie said…
Well...that was beautifully written. I'm late in saying this--I really enjoyed your book.

Anonymous said…
I do believe, after reading this book, that it will be the next Perks, popularity wise. That was one of the most fantastic piece of literature I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you for this. This was a perfect ending to the unfinished concert at MSU =D
Erin said…
Well I almost just teared up during class.

You've inspired so many people, including me. You've inspired me to take that extra step, and to try and make a difference in the lives of the people around me.

Thank you for everything you do.
Anonymous said…
wow, what a great post to read while at my "jejune" job (haha, i will forever use that word to describe my job, thanks to you writing it :-) ) i feel so happy and loved.

stephen, how can you be such a nice person??? i think us as fans of your work are the lucky ones. you take the time to talk to us, and that simple gesture means so much. so, thank you.

i know you inspire so many people everyday, including me and my friends. i've never felt inspired by a person before, so this is an awesome feeling.

i started to read your book, but i stopped because i really want to focus 100% when i read it, and i have to finish my book club book. but after that, i am so devouring your book! i cant wait.
Dr Phil said…
I thank you truly for the inspiriation you have supplied me at some of the most crucial times of my life. Peace!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Stephen for being a constant inspiration these past few years of my life, through first your music, and now your writing.

I honestly believe, no, I know that I am a better person now than I was prior to the impact your work left on my life. Thank you, again
Raechel said…
There's NO doubt in my mind that you've achieved your goal hundreds of times over, Stephen!
I can't even begin to describe how much of a better person you've help me become through sharing quotes, books, movies, your experiences, the thoughts from your soul, and through the 'Likeness of Love'.

Not only has God gracefully used you to help me a better person, but I've also a person searching to inspire others around me, so thank you, from the core of my heart.

(If heaven is the way Mitch Albom describes it, I definitely believe you will be one of the five people I meet!)
Lizzy said…
you're welcome.
themockingbyrd said…
I think artistic impulse, for many people, looks a lot like what you just described, at root; a need to capture and spark the imagination of others, who will conversely and complementarily inspire us, again.

Your work and your worldview both are truly and tremendously inspiring.
Anonymous said…
Wow... All about discerning the highest sense of self! Inspiring. :)

Anonymous said…
finally, a post!
i finished reading your book two weeks ago and i cried at the end.
i dont know..i just thought the whole book was touching.

i felt like ayden was me for a lot of the parts.
thanks for writing the book =]

ooh and i like how in this blog, you compared yourself to the composer.
You're a huge inspiration to a lot of people and you keep finding new ways to present it. Whether it be charity work, books, music, or this blog. I hope you realize how many people you've reached in your lifetime, and that number's only growing. We all have you to thank for simply doing the things you love, and bettering so many people along the way.
Jenny said…
A beautiful desctiption of a conductor, well, how you're feeling. You have most certainly inspired. I only recieved your book yesterday so I'm still yet to finish it but from what I've read so far, it's amazing. I can relate to the working in a coffee shop and wanting more. So far I've been inspired to work harder on achieving my degree so I can leave university and be able to *risks sounding INCREDIBLY cheesy* go out and make the difference I want to make to the world. The Faceless moto is right; "Bee the change". You've helped inspire me to be that change and dried my throat to give me a bigger thirst to inspire others like you've inspired me.

So I guess... Thank you ^_^

To steal your own lyric, you probably didn't realise it could be pinned back on you when you wrote; "You're so brilliant, grace marks your heart."

Keep inspiring for the sake of those you have saved. Including me.

Katrina Blank said…
i was thinking ealier today about who has influenced me the most in my journey of becoming a writer...

certainly i thought of don miller, and his kind words affirming me in my writing. but before don, i thought of you and i thought of modesty and i pondered at the reality that modesty is where i first became a writer.

it has been a while since i stopped by your site, but i'm glad i did this afternoon - because i'm glad to have read your post and to be reminded of the finger prints that we leave on other peoples' lives.

perhaps modesty is your greatest success thus far, because in it,
you've caused others to unleash and embrace dreams of their own.
Your job is to inspire huh? Well Mr. Stephen Christian, you are doing a fantastic job! Don't thank us. Be proud of yourself...for being the beautiful, genuine person that you are who never forgets to "walk the walk" :)
Anonymous said…
This world needs more people like you. I've been reading your blog from the start and I always catch myself with a big smile on my face as I finish up one of your updates. I'm currently touring the United States with my band and just knowing that your on the road so much but you can still do so much for so many people makes me feel like I can do the same. Just having that feeling and knowing in my head that it can be done keeps me going. Thank you for everything.
burnthesun said…
You may very well never know the amount of inspiration you've given me.

more than Chicago's "Youre The Inspiration"

You are amazing.
J said…
Wow, I Just started reading your book and I shot through half of it with a quickness. It is an awesome piece of literature. I love the way you write, man!

I was a fan of yours since Blueprints came out and since the first time I saw you guys perform in Chico, CA. When I saw that you were coming out with a book, I knew I had to get it! So far, It has swept me away. Don't let this be your last book!

I know you're abig rock star and all but if you ever get the time, swing by my blog and read some of my writings. lol not likely, but hey, it would be cool!

God Bless you, bro!
phlp314 said…
dear stephen,

thank you.

phlp314 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Mai said…
I met a poet named Robert Pinsky and he said something similar to what you have. He claimed that his poems were nothing without the reader or audience because he/she serves as the medium which the energy travels in to determine its effects, like how light or sound travels.

Though I have not read your book yet, I am in the middle of searching for it here in Paris. I think discovering Anberlin years ago was something that really got me into music and has truly influenced me in so many ways. Thank you so much for supplying inspiration throughout my life.

Michelle Mai
Anonymous said…
awesome stuff .. truley inspirational
ZarinaK said…
Stephen, im a little late on my comment for this post, but better late than never.

Stephen, you'll probably never realize how much of a difference you've made in my life. How much you have inspired me to do bigger and better things. And i wish i could thank you ever day. But even that wouldn't be enough for me. No need to thank us. It's the hard work you've done to show us how much we can possibly do with our lives. So you're welcome, and thank you for everything else.

P.S. I own a art company|studio and I dedicate it to you. Because without your inspiration to go out there and do something, I wouldn't have done it.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
i just got my copy of your book today and i have to say it is wonderful. i am heading into the fifth chapter and i can say that in many ways i know how you (or ayden) feels. in someway i can relate, as i bet we all can. i've learned so much about the type of person ayden is in just four chapters and it just makes me want to read more.

i think you have done a great job with your first book. and once we create our own masterpieces maybe we can create one together. i'll be seeing anberlin play this fall when i move out to portland - for college; journalism. (first and last show with you guys has been in hawaii 2005. remember?). we can go to our "office" together. i consider it the same. it's where i started reading your book; it was comforting.

and to end this, i saw at the end of your 'about the author' section you said you believed "life is good at the end of the day" it's one of the best things i've read all week. recently, i'm starting to believe it too. thanks for being an inspiration. i hope to finish your book soon and tell you more then. for now all i have is those four chapters... there's more of the story than that. i'll see when i get there. your words will forever stick with me when i begin my writing journey/career.


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