remembering the current past...

why do marketing gurus come up with the most ridiculous names when inventing their latest and greatest internet social networking or other such worldwide website. i mean everyone thought it was humorous in a ‘cutesy’ way when you first heard the name ‘GOOGLE’ but no one thought ‘twitter’ had the same appeal. but here we are a few years later and it stuck.
whatever my next venture is going to be i am going to come up with some ridiculous name so that at first people hate it then later they can’t get rid of it.,, and come to mind, but i’ll get back to you on that.
twitter, 140 characters of shear nonsense scripted out with abbreviated everything’s. one day whole sentences will just look like ‘JEBYO!WBYIFHY?@2LEGIT’ and people will know exactly what the other person is talking about. but i am not one to judge since literally (and sadly) i have to admit that i have 6 twitter accounts for various projects. (@anberlin, @stephenanberlin, @anchorbraille, @facelessint, @modestyguild, and i may or may not have made one for my dogs… i was really bored).
you can follow people, i guess you can lead people, you can even put a pound sign to show, ‘hey i have something to say about that random topic as well!’ right this second such depth inspiring and soul searching topics as #letsbehonest, #theboysareback, and my favorite #fatthoughts are amongst the top 10 trending topics (i could only wish i was making this up).
as you all know there was a devastating earthquake in haiti this past week. it was atrocious and i was floored when watching videos of the damage online. faceless international scrambled to send as much aid as we could, along side many of you and a lot of other americans. it was astonishing to see the world come to the aid of the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, 25 countries have given goods, relief effort, and given donations. here in america we, the citizens, have given an astonishing 275 million dollars!
even now, several days later and they are amazingly pulling victims from the wreckage. they even rescued a 5 year old boy, named monley EIGHT DAYS after the earthquake! even our troops are working tirelessly, 11,000 in all, to help get additional supplies and much need medical aid to these wonderful people.
right after the earthquake, not 48 hours after i noticed something rather peculiar on twitter. in the trending topics i saw that haiti only occupied one of the 10 trending topics where as the previous days all ten were about haiti and the relief efforts.
that got me thinking, if our attention spans as americans wanes after 48 hours what is to become of hatians in 48 days? what about 4 to 8 months? then i wondered what became of the victims of the indian ocean tsunami that killed 200,000 people not so many years ago, it seems we have all but forgotten them.
we need to begin to ‘remember the current past’, realizing that just because they are out of site does not mean they need to stay out of mind. i challenge you to reevaluate yourself in 6 months and see where your thoughts are on the topic of haiti. these earthquake victims lives have changed forever, the rebuilding process might take years if not decades. stay involved, not only financially, but also donate your time as well. haiti is not that distant of a land, flights are usually inexpensive, and they are going to be in dire need of assistance these next few years.
but this isn’t just about haiti, this is about not allowing the little distractions in life to consume the time that we have to work on the bigger picture issues that are colossal in our lives right now. use your time wisely, dedicate your time LONG TERM to those who truly need help, and not just immediately but an ONGOING dedication to the issues that are important to you right now.


Thomas said…
Wait. So it's not gonna be here anymore?
Book of James said…
There's a new day coming.

I sure hope you keep this portal up. You have had some great blogs ove the years. always though provoking.

Anonymous said…
Nice jab at yourself with he mindlessness of twitter...I got rid of mine. It reminds me of the childrens book Goodnight Moon quote "Goodnight no one". I guess almost 12,000 followers is hardly no one, but what do they care about you REALLY? It's talking to "air" if you ask me.

We are so self absorbed and getting worse by the minute. I hope we do stay the course with Haiti. They really DO need us and we can sacrifice just a little here and there to make a huge impact. I am going to give up Starbucks and give the savings to Haitian recovery projects. Dare you all to make your own changes. I had a pretty big Starbucks issue!

It IS pretty cool that using twitter helped troops and volunteers find Haitians in desperate need during the first hours and days after the quake. Now that is a good use of a social site!
Renny said…
Stephen you are a beautiful person. I'd checkout any horribly named website you created :) Although I have to admit, so far, I have refused to be a twit.
Anonymous said…
-1 reader.
Janelle said…
Twitter can be useful when people aren't using it stupidly. It's good & fun to quickly communicate brief thoughts. I didn't get the point at first, but I love it now. And that said, I refuse to use any kind of silly internet abbreviations anywhere. It's probably because I'm a writer, but I just can't do it.

As for Haiti, that's a cause & country I'll always feel strongly about & have for some time. We got too involved with charity efforts when I was in high school for me to just forget about it. I fear I've been a little annoying with trying to get my friends to do something, but Haiti needs it.
Timeasylums said…
I had to scroll all the way down! haha just kidding Stephen, hope you keep this blog up, its been great!
Cool website too. :-)

So, was this just a one time thing or will it continuously be on that website?

We all want to know, as you can tell. :-)
Daniel said…
I find it saddening that it takes a major natural disaster to get people to care for the less fortunate. I just can't believe it has come to this. I just don't quite understand what it is that makes these larger occurrences of suffering any different from the ones that go unnoticed. So does the element of surprise make us care more? That just shouldn't be the way things are. I'm so glad so many people are providing support to the Haiti victims, but I must agree with Stephen; these "trends" should not be so short lived. They should be an ongoing process.
John said…
It's sad (though still helpful to those in need) how giving seems trendy now.
Anonymous said…
See ya!

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