“All of man’s (or woman's) misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room”- Blaise Pascal


The Janitor said…
Reminds me of a certain song by the Eagles.
The Outlaw said…
You support who?
The Outlaw said…
Pascal bida said…
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Anonymous said…
There is one Osho story about this same concept:
A man dies and as expected he went to heaven. He happened to be alone in a room. He felt thirsty. Immediately a man appeared with water. He drank and the man disappeared. He felt hungry. The man again appeared with food. He ate it. The man too disappeared. After sometime, he started feeling uneasy - some kind of restlessness. The man appeared and asked him " what is the matter, the feeling of you is not a want ". He told " I am restless. I want to do some activity. I can't be just sitting here doing nothing ". The man told that it is not allowed. Here only the basic wants are given. The visitor says " what type of heaven is this". The man says " who told you that this is heaven, this is hell". And it really was hell. Osho says " only a man of Tao could have made it a heaven ". A man of Tao is happy with just the basic necessities.
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