New, easy, quick! Extend your life by 7 years!

The average person watches about 3 hours a day. Some statistics say as much as 5! (

But for the sake of the median, as most of us don't watch every day, lets say simply 2 hours of television a day.

2 hours X 7 days= 14 hours a week

14 X 4 weeks in a month= 56 hours a month

56 X 12 months = 672 hours a year (6,720 hours every decade)

672 hours a year divided by 24 hours a day = 26.8 continuous days a year we spend in front of the television!

That is almost one entire month of every year, 24 hours a day, of TV watching every year!

Think of what trade or craft you could master if you spent learning, lets say cooking or auto mechanics, if we studied it 24 hours a day for a whole month!

1 month X 85 years old (modern medicine is allowing our current generations to live longer on average) = 85 months

85 divided by 12 months = I will spend 7.1 continuous years of my life watching TV.

7.1 = Don't we have anything better to do with our lives than this? 


Andrew Planeta said…
This sir, an interesting fact.... Sometimes watching tv though could be educational. But don't forget to factor in all the Internet videos/ YouTube clips that tend to drain out bodies.
Anonymous said…
Where are you loyal minons?
~Thenikigurl~ said…
It comes down to asking ourselves how we want to live. Is this how we want to spend our time? Or even our money?
Hikaru Noboru said…
Michelle Sy said…
WOW. I use social media/my phone for about two hours in a day, so this statistics kinda scared me. Thank you for waking me up and making me realize that I am being drenched in the world of hyper reality!
Aronuss said…
Lucky me! I didn't watch television at all! I have one, but i prefer to watch movies, documentaries or serials online. Trust me, it's not hard!
Matthew Mead said…
Great point! Good title =)

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