A Blindman once stood upon this corner,
complete with wooden pole,
attached to a medal fixture at the bottom to announce his arrival.
He waves his cane to and frough in the air,
looking for what he can not see.
He tapes the stick upon the ground.
He is in such a foreign place,
now searching for what he can not find.
he wanders a few feet to the north,
seeing clearly that this may not be the correct direction.
East feels better, he strengthens his stride in that direction.
His staff hits pavement, then stone, then gravel
which soon turns to ash.
South then, or west perhaps he thinks silently...
or southwest, but first he must find where he began from.
Aimlessly he wanders,
eagerly searching for something he will never lay eyes upon.
But look! who are all those people following his every move?
A sea of men and women who can all see on their own, but they are all silent,
They do not turn in any direction other then this blind man with an elegant title!
Who is he?
Then i noticed the black thick book in his hand that seems sacred yet unread.
Then catharsis sets in, and the enigma fades,
and i realize this man must be a Pastor.


Anonymous said…
Hmm...this is very interesting and saturated with truth. Pastors are people like everyone else. They are not gifted more, they do not have a greater capacity to be more spiritual than anybody else, yet somehow culture and trend lead some to believe subconsciously that we are expected to follow their every move. Clearly, pastors have great responsibility in caring for those who are hungry for spiritual things, but for many...they may have no more clarity in life than the people they lead. If more pastors were honest, more people would understand that their own spirituality is just as real and just as thoughtful and they would realize that we each have our own responsibility to the people in our lives--to be honest and to love and to care for them. We would point to the greater Truth, the greater Way...and willingly admit that on our own we are destined for wandering and disillusionment, but that is not the end of it. While humans are imperfect, spirituality is the very core of who we are. If we look to find purpose in following man, we will ultimately fail. If we search for something deeper, let us find the Truth and the Way...
Story of a Girl said…
I agree with anonymous. Very important to point to who is the Source of Truth. Always, otherwise, it's a scary thing.

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