she knows my name.

oh how failure knows me by name.
she follows me from street to street.
her lipstick traces stain pillow cases,
and yet she, relentlessly places my face
upon gravel, and broken glass made of words and deeds.
while bleeding i find friends vanish as ghosts
and the corpse of loves past turn up missing.
realize this;
it is not the success that measures the worth of a man,
but how and if he learns from his failure that set him


April said…
hey... its april (apes... you know ashleys roommate)
anyway yesterday I was doing a search for some anberlin wav's to put on my xanga (you know... to pimp your music) well i ran across "peta-tv" and they had an interview with you... so we watched it.
i didnt know you were a vegeterian........
hope you're doin well.
we're OK over here... but ash's been havin some crappy luck. so you should send her some love!

- apes
laurafee said…
i enjoy seeing your lyrics for songs develop on here... clearly there are some lines you have written that mean a great deal to you or you feel are especially fantastic. i enjoy it :)
Story of a Girl said…
so wonderful with words. and encouraging.

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